My husband was craving pizza and I just couldn’t justify another night of eating on base when we are still so new to the island. The need to explore was just too great and if I couldn’t get him to go out any try new and exciting food I could at least get him to try old favorite foods with a new twist. So begrudgingly (because he really wanted Pizza Hut) we headed out to Pizza House Jr. We’ve passed this restaurant several times while heading over to Ono Kau Kau, and it always looked bright and friendly so I was excited to try it.

When we first walked in the aroma of pizza was wonderful but I was a little surprised because I had to search to even find the pizza on the menu! There was a lot of food and surprisingly few pizza options for a place called “Pizza House”. There were tacos and beef stew, curry and baked lasagna, coffee and ice cream desserts. The variety of choices was great because I wasn’t on a mission for pizza like my husband was. I ended up with the Mexican Doria for 600 Yen, which I would tentatively describe as “fancy taco rice.” It had beef, mushrooms, tons of melted cheese and half a taco shell tucked in to give it character.

My husband got a small pepperoni pizza for around 900 yen which he said was delicious with “really good cheese”.  And when I say small, I do mean small. Think Pizza Hut personal pan pizza small. Don’t expect to be splitting this one between two adults if you’re hungry.

Pizza Inside

They have plenty of indoor seating along with two outdoor tables.  There is a drive through and it looked like people were getting “to go” boxes from the register. There is also a small coffee bar.

Pizza Outdoor I’m sure we will be back, I really want to try some of the ice-cream deserts and coffee!

Phone: 098-936-6767

Address: 368 Sunabe, Chatan, Nakagami District

Google Map Coordinates: 26.33092013031414, 127.75076019040648

Directions: From Kadena Gate 1 turn south (left) onto Hwy 58. Turn right at the 2nd light.” You will see Pizza House Jr. on the left. There was plenty of parking wrapping around all sides of the building.

Payment: We paid in Yen. I didn’t ask if they take dollars or credit cards.  Does anyone know?

Menu:  Click for larger view

Pizza Menu


  1. We were just there tonight (we drove past it and our son wanted to try it, so we stopped) and they do not take credit cards. I don’t know if they take dollars because I only ever carry Yen and plastic anymore.

    The place was cute but dated, the menu selection was pleasantly surprising (since we each were in the mood for different things), and the food was tasty and inexpensive. Good place for a casual dinner when you don’t feel like cooking. 😉

  2. Recently, visited here and was surprised with the Mexican plate!! Love it!! They are open daily from 11:00 to 10:30 pm. It’s worth the trip to try something new, but not the best I’ve had but I enjoyed it.

  3. Wow, thanks!! Don’t apologize for the novel, I like to be thorough too. That was really kind of you to take the time to answer my post:) We will definitely try it. That is awesome that they will make requests as well!
    I love finding new places to try!

  4. Jules-I know you were directing your comment at Shopgirl26, but thought I’d help, since I live so close to this place. From Kadena Gate 1, turn right onto 58 and stay on 58 for a while until you see Route 6. Turn left onto Route 6. I will have to give directions from here using lots of landmarks so bare with me: After passing Torii, you will pass a San-A on your right, a Max Value on your right, a Family Mart on your left and then shortly after the Family Mart, you will see a white building with a large Fisherman’s Resturant sign on top. Turn left at this building and go down to the first street on the right (we call it the Farm Road). After you get on the Farm Road there will be red circular signs with white numbers along the side of the road. After sign #4, there will be a stop sign, be careful, it sneaks up on you. Stay straight and take the first road on your left, after the stop sign. This will be the road that takes you to the area where Ocean’s Pizza is. There are signs from that point directing you where to go. You will be entering the resort property of the Hotel Nikko Alivia and Ocean’s Pizza is located on the right hand side in the Gala Plaza. There is a great little ice cream shop there and a souvenir shop and a place called SeaSeed is close by (there is an article about it on OkiHai). Also, if you pass Ocean’s Pizza and go down to the hotel, there is a beautiful, new white Wedding Chapel right after you pass the hotel, if you’d like to see it. As fas as the food, they have a great little salad bar, curry, taco rice, and spaghetti on the buffet as well as many thin crust pizzas. When you get in there, they may have pizzas that do not appeal to you, such as curry pizza, mushroom pizza, etc. If you want something and do not see it, tell them and they will make it for you in about 10 minutes. We always walk in, pay, and tell them that we would like a cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza and a ham and pineapple pizza and they always make it for us. My family of 6 eats there for 3900 yen. We live right down the road and LOVE this place! Shopgirl26 is right, the view is awesome and I highly recommend as well. Sorry for the novel, I like to be thorough 🙂 Hope you find it and enjoy!

  5. Do you have directions to Oceans pizzaria, say from Kadena? Should we expect pizza like what we ‘Americans’ are used to? Or is it really something different?
    Hubby has really been wanting to try!!

  6. They have really good beef tips and taco rice! I am not sure if they take dollars and cards. I always try to carry yen with me. The taco rice is only 600 yen for a HUGE portion! Welcome to Okinawa!!!

  7. you should try “Ocean’s Pizzaria” out past Torii Station. Their pizza is better and it is all you can eat buffet with salad bar, curry and your drink included all for 900 yen. Plus a beautiful view of the east china sea. They have all kinds of pizza…including seafood pizza!! I highly recommend this place!!