With our extension paperwork finally filed we have been voraciously exploring the island just in case we get some bad news (knock on wood.) This month we made it our mission to explore places we had promised we would try during the almost four years we have been here.  While this one was not on our list, I admit I judged. Having taken one look at the location, (it’s located right next to U-Time) I cringed at the thought of even stepping inside. However, I am happy to announce that I’ve been missing out!

Once you get past the location and actually walk through the doors you’ll fall in love with the cozy almost 90’s style Pizza Hut family restaurant vibe. Inside the Hostess will ask you if you want to order off the menu or if you want the buffet. If you choose the latter, she will hand you a slip of paper, which you give back upon check out. Booths and tables and highchairs are available.

We have always opted for the buffet, but the menu has some great affordable options if you have smaller children.

Pizza In Salad Pizza In Taco
For the buffet price of $9.80, (that’s right, dollars!) you get an endless assortment of Okinawan style (thin crust) pizza, a full salad bar, spaghetti and garlic bread, yakisoba, taco rice, curry and dessert.

Pizza In Drinks There is also a drink bar with the usual favorites like Coke and Sprite.

I love being able to try all the different combinations of toppings that they bring out.  My husband on the other hand, is more traditional and they have yet to disappoint.  They have everything from meat lovers, pepperoni, Hawaiian, cheese, to that famous corn pizza we see all over the island, as well as seafood pizza, and a delicious broccoli pizza. I love being able to try all the options while still being able to fall back on the classics.

Pizza in Pizza 1 Pizza In Pizza 2Pizza In Pizza 3
 As for the side items, my husband swears by the spaghetti and I love the salad bar, especially the potato salad. YUM!

Additional Information: They are associated with Ocean’s Pizza located by Gala.  They Seat 100, high chairs are available.  They also deliver around the Seawall Area.

Hours: 11:00-22:00 (21:00)

Phone: 098-936-7060

Address: 368, Sunabe, Kitayacho, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa, 904-1212

Directions: Located right next to U-Time & GI Bill Pay behind Johnny’s Used Cars out Kadena Gate 1.
From Kadena: Turn Left out KAB Gate 1 and make an immediate right at the light. Head a little ways down the road turn right into the entrance. Park anywhere.
From Foster: Head North up the 58 toward Kadena, you will pass Camp Lester, Toyo Haten, AU, and GLBB. At the Light directly before Family Mart & Johnny’s Used Cars make a left, go a little ways down and make a right into the parking lot. Park Anywhere.

Payment: Pay in dollars, the exchange rate here is better than anywhere off base. They do take yen.  I don’t believe they take Credit Cards.  Don’t forget to ask for a member’s card.


  1. Hubby and I tried this place for the first time yesterday, which was a Sunday around 6pm. We were very disappointed with it. We decided to get the buffet. There were four types of pizza available..all cold. The pizza is VERY thin crust, almost like a cracker, so if you like a normal-to-thick crust type pizza, this is not for you. Also the cheese is just wrong, it was definitely not mozzarella and tasted like more like cheddar. We didn’t like the flavor of the pizza itself either. The sauce was much too sweet. I also got a salad with the italian-style dressing. The dressing was like salt and oil, very strange. We didn’t try any of the other side items because we were pretty turned off by what we had already eaten. We will not be eating here again. If you like pizza, try Primo Kitchen in Yomitan. Their sausage pizza and potato pizza are my two favorites. My name is linked to their Okihai page.

  2. There is something wrong with the cheese on the pizza. Wrong meaning it is not mozerella. Reminds me of kaseri but as i doubt they are importing greek cheese, I cringe thinking it has just gone bad. Yaki soba was cold. Won’t be back.

  3. In response to Just me’s comment: As I have stated in a previous comment, I have never been to Pizza In, but at Ocean’s Pizza (which is owned by the Pizza In folks) if you come in and do not see a pizza that you like on the buffet, you just ask for it and 10 minutes later they put it out and let you know its up there. We always walk in, pay, and immediately tell them that we would like a cheese pizza, a pepperoni and mushroom pizza, and a Hawaiian pizza and the pizzas come out as soon as we are finishing up our salads. They always accommodate us. As for NJ’s comment, I have heard that Shakeys is good and will definitely be trying it soon, just not on a Sunday! That place is packed inside and there are two rows of 10 or more chairs right outside the restaurant and they are full of folks waiting to be seated. It seems to be a VERY popular joint!

  4. I have been here. While it is decent, Shakeys is way better. If you get a chance go to Shakeys in Naval Kadena. They also have a pizza buffet with curry and 3 different pastas and fried potatoes. One of my favorite places to eat on the island. Y980 for adults and children have a lower price. If you like it, let me know!

  5. I’m usually the type to arrive early and beat the crowd when eating out… Don’t do that here. Since it’s a buffet if there isn’t a pizza up you like and the place is empty you’ll just be out of luck. On the other hand, when it’s busy you almost have to race for a slice when a new pie comes up.

  6. We were there for dinner and they had the buffet. It was pretty good food…my kids especially enjoyed the curry and rice. The salad bar and pizza were also pretty yummy. We’ll definitely go again.

  7. I have not been to this location, but Ocean’s Pizza in Yomitan (which is owned by the same people) is an all day buffet. I would assume that Pizza In is too, but you know what they say about assuming! 🙂

  8. The buffet is just as fresh if not fresher than ordering a meal at chilis. While I was there… at least 30 minutes. There were 8 new pizzas brought out, they take back a pan with pizza on it or not after just a few minutes. Basically showing everyone they do not serve old, cold pizza. The up keep on the buffet is spot on as there are at least 3 workers watching it simultaneously.

    If your so grossed out about what ‘could or might have happened’ at U-Time remember you could possibly be sharing a wall with a neighbor who who the same if not worse things than that AND it can happen at ANY massage place on island.. even at Cocoks. I’ve been there and listened to a man moan for the last 10 minutes of my massage while he was getting his. I was not too happy. But what can ya do?!

  9. Ive wanted to try this place for awhile and finally did today. Its decent pizza for the decent price. I do want to add that they do offer children buffet prices. 3 and under are free 3-4yr are 300yen 5-6yr are 500 yen 6-7yr are 600 yen 7-8yr are 700 yen 9-10yr are 800 yen 11-12yr are 900 yen.