Ploughmans Food
Ploughmans Food

The term “Ploughman’s Lunch” is a British phrase for a plain and simple, cold lunch. It usually includes a piece of meat, salad, cheese, and bread. Ploughman’s Lunch Bakery is true to the name and the general idea remains the same, but the meal is anything but plain and simple.

The restaurant only serves one plate. Once you decide where you will sit, you go up to the register and pay the set price for the plate (1100 Yen). After a few minutes you get what everyone else is served. A metal tray consisting of a delicious salad plate accompanied by an assortment of cheeses, marinated vegetables, fruit, pumpkin soup, and a small slice of cake. On the side of the plate is a basket of assorted sliced bread. The bread is baked fresh daily and there are unlimited refills.

It seems to me the only choice you do have is what you will drink. I recommend getting the coffee (free refills). Although there are other options including a variety of juices to choose from.

Ploughmans Front
Ploughmans Front

Since Ploughman’s Lunch Bakery is an old home converted into a restaurant, the place is fairly small and the hours are limited. I recommend making reservations or arriving a few hours before they close. It does get crowded on weekends and usually they have to turn people away. There is a small waiting area with art books and magazines, but it only seats two or three people.

Ploughmans Inside
Ploughmans Inside
Ploughmans Sign
Ploughmans Sign
Ploughmans Stairs

Directions:  Take the Toll Road to Exit Kitanatagusku. Take a right and continue to the 29. Then turn right on to the 81. Then turn right on to the 146. After going over the toll road on an overpass make a right turn and continue for about .6 km. Look for signs to Ploughman’s Lunch Bakery and make a left into drive way and park. Parking is limited. Go up the set of stairs and Ploughman’s will be at the top of the stairs.

Address:  901-2316 Adaniya,Kitanakagusuku village Okinawa 927-2 #1735

Phone: 098-979-9097


Hours:  8:00 am – 4:00 pm — Breakfast served 8:00 – 11:00 am, Lunch served 10:00 am – 3:00, Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays


  1. I’m happy to report that the bakery is still there. And it’s quite an experience, in a very subtle, quiet way. I felt like I was in a movie. Hard to explain. The lunch and bread we bought was wonderful and reminded me of the kind of breads we get in San Francisco Bay Area, but it also felt Japanese in a good way.

  2. Can reservations be made for special occasions like Birthdays? I tired the online messaging from your website, but when I clicked on ‘submit’, an error message came up. Thank you ahead of time.

    • McClains – This blog post is just a reader review of the restaurant; we are not affiliated with it and unfortunately can’t help with reservations or glitches on their website. I’d recommend calling (the number is listed above) to ask this questions of the restaurant staff. Thanks!

  3. Both th adress and the map are incorrect. I used both and they took me to two places and both were not correct. Also, you should give directions from kadena or foster.

    • Hm, I’m sorry that happened P. Since the post is almost two years old, I’m wondering if this establishment is still there. Does anyone know? And if so, can anyone provide better directions? I’ll be glad to update the map!

      • P, I just checked the address on the business’s website and I updated our map using the Japanese address, so that moved the pin slightly. The map had been saved with the English translation of the address. In any case, the map pin is in the place where the bakery says it is located. Here is a link to an alternate map as well:


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