Porky's sign

Walking around Okinawa City one night, my husband and I wandered into Porky’s. We expected a 50s theme bar, and we were not disappointed.  The small space is decorated like a retro soda fountain with red checkered tablecloths and 50s paraphernalia on the walls. Servers wear baggy mechanics uniforms. Think “Greased Lightening.”

Porky's elvis

But Porky’s is more than just burgers, fries, and beer. They offer unique musical entertainment on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Porky's band
Porky's leadOn Wednesday and Saturday nights, a lively Oldies band in costume sings American hits from the 50s and 60s. On Sunday nights, a different group plays favorite music from the 80s. The bands perform several sets about 30 minutes each starting at 10:00 pm, 11:30, and we assume 12:30. (We left at midnight, but the place showed no signs of slowing down). Between sets, the musicians come out into the bar and interact with patrons, taking photos and having conversations.

The band was really entertaining, and it was fun listening to Japanese singers take on American classics. Revving up the crowd, the big hit of the night was their rendition of the Elvis classic, Blue Suede Shoes.

Porky's barWhen we arrived at 10 pm, the bar was empty except for a few patrons. However, it quickly filled and was jamming by midnight. There is a small area at the front for dancing and a quite a few people were cutting a rug by the time we left. If you’re looking for an offbeat outing one weekend in Okinawa, check out Porky’s Live Bar.





Porky’s Live Bar

Cost: 1,000 per person to watch the show plus drinks and food. Drinks started at 650 yen. We didn’t order food, but the plates of burgers, salads, and pizzas passing by us looked great.  They accept yen only.

Hours: 9 pm to 3 or 4 am. First show at 10:00 pm

Phone: 098-934-1610

Address: 7 Chome-20-3 Hiyagon

GPS Coordinates: 26.3200613, 127.80820010000002

Directions: Take a left turn out Sgt Major gate on Camp Foster (where Westpac is) and keep going downhill. Turn left at the 329 intersection and go straight. You’ll pass Living Design Square on your right as well as Comprehensive Park. You’ll come to a big intersection with McDonalds on the right side and Hotto Motto on the left. Turn right at that intersection and go straight to the end of the street. You’ll pass the Toys R Us shopping center and an organic market on the right. At the end, turn left. You’ll see a Family Mart on the corner. Porky’s is in the building next to the Family Mart. There is limited parking in front of the bar.


  1. Just to clarify, Porky’s definitely is more of a bar than a restaurant/burger joint. Not for children, and unfortunately when we were there they didn’t even have burgers that week and only had appetizer/finger foods on their menu which was disappointing because we came with appetites. We also had to pay as we ordered, so if we chose something off the menu, we had to pay immediately. The appetizers we did get were delicious, we were just super disappointed that there was not an actual menu/meal since we were hoping to do dinner and a show.

    If I recall correctly the prices have changed and gone up. Also if one person at the table decided to do the cover/drink combo everyone at the table had to. The cover/drink rules were interesting. They are written in English and the staff is very patient and tries to explain it all if you have questions.

  2. The phone number for Porky’s Live Bar is 098-934-1610. They do take reservations, and I think they do allow smoking.
    We recently made this place our last stop on a Saturday Ladies night out, and had a fabulous time. The band is really quite talented, we were amazed at how well they covered American classics. I can’t wait for the next Monday holiday, so I can take my husband on a Sunday night for some 80s music!