Editor’s Note: Primo Kitchen was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on June 18, 2009; you can read a PDF copy of that original review HERE. The post below is an updated take on this restaurant, published April 8, 2015.
Picture #1(Primo Kitchen)
Every time I drive to the veterinary clinic, I always think about two things: what will the enormous structure being built off of 330 end up being and what type of food does ‘Primo Kitchen’ serve? Last weekend, I decided to put one of these answers to rest. My fiance and I hopped in the car and headed to Primo Kitchen for lunch.
Picture #2 (Exterior view with Blue Lagoon Ice Cream sign)From the onset, the location is quite inviting. They have ample parking, two outside sitting areas, and a sign advertising that they are proud servers of Snow Lagoon Ice Cream. As you enter the building, you feel like you are being transported to a Japanese version of The Olive Garden or another Italian-type restaurant.
The warm, wooden interior, the family-friendly atmosphere, the view into the kitchen, and the chalkboard menu are all very welcoming. There is plenty of seating, making this location great for a date, a family meal, or even a large group event.A hostess brought us to the crowded seating area which had an open-space atmosphere. Although there were many people seated, the noise of the crowd did not feel overwhelming. Two things that we were not too fond of were that the tables for two were rather small and the smell of the fish dishes was rather strong. (With that said, I might be biased in this department, as I am not a fish eater and find the smell rather nauseating.)
However, once we were given the menus, these minor issues quickly dissolved.Primo Kitchen |Okinawa HaiWe were astounded at just how extensive their menu was. In fact, the number of choices was so vast that it took us much longer than usual to decide on something.
Options include pasta, risotto, hamburgers, curry, steak, fish, pizza, kids meals, a la carte items, coffee, soft drinks, beer, cocktails, wine and parfaits. Most options also come with sub-options! Basically, no matter what you are in the mood for- you can find it at Primo Kitchen.
Again, my distaste for fish and seafood makes me biased against this, but I will mention that one thing I was not fond of is that many dishes included some type of fish or seafood. For example, almost all of the risotto options came with shrimp or something similar.

However, even for a non-seafood eater, there are still plenty of options.When we finally decided what to order, we rang the the beautiful bell on the table. Our waitress quickly came to take our order and then dashed off. Along with the extensive menu, Primo Kitchen also offers a Primo Set which gives you the option to add little extras to your meal for 390 yen. We both decided on this option and were glad to have done so.With the Primo Set you have access to the buffet area which includes salad, soup, drinks, scones and ice cream. The salad bar is extensive and offers soy beans, onions, corn, cabbage, vegetables and a few different dressing options in addition to your typical salad bar features. Iced tea, hot tea and coffee are some of the drink options; and there are a variety of scone flavors, including maple and chocolate. While we awaited our entrees, we happily feasted on the appetizing buffet.

Primo Kitchen |Okinawa Hai





Despite the large number of patrons, our food was prepared quickly. Sooner than we expected, we were presented with two delicious looking dishes. Our eyes did not disappoint. Both of the meals we ordered: the four cheese pizza and garlic chili spaghetti, were incredible. Although the four cheese pizza was incredibly cheesy, it was still quite tasty. The spaghetti had a great blend of garlic and heat, making it difficult not to lick the sauce from the bowl.

Picture #10 (Garlic Chili Spaghetti)

**Picture 4** Curry Menu **Picture 5** Pizza Menu **Picture 6** Parfait Menu When we finally decided what to order, we rang the the beautiful bell on the table. Our waitress quickly took our order and dashed of


After the meal, although we were quite full, we decided it would be a shame not to take advantage of our last Primo Set option. So, off to the Snow Lagoon Ice Cream bar we headed. There were roughly eight to ten different flavors of ice cream available to try. Paired with another maple scone, it was quite the delectable dessert. Full and satisfied, we finally made our way to pay. It was a very enjoyable Saturday afternoon lunch.

Information for the Awase Branch

The Awase branch is only one of several locations that operate in Okinawa. For more information, visit their website: http://primo-kitchen.com/index.html

Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Everyday

Phone: 098-923-0835

Address: 6 Chome-36-7 Hiyagon, Okinawa-shi, Okinawa, 904-2173

GPS Coordinates:  26.3185173, 127.8187714


  • From Kadena Gate 2, head straight out the gate and follow the road until you come to the large intersection beside Koza Music Town
  • At this light, turn right onto Route 330
  • Follow 330, just past the Plaza Housing Shopping Center
  • Turn left at the light onto Route 85. (The large construction site will be on this road.) Continue along 85, over the bridge and through the tunnel
  • Primo Kitchen will be on your right (Follow 85 to the light to make a u-turn)


  1. Just ate here with my hubby and it is one of our favorite restaurants on the island. I felt we got a lot of food for the money and my kids would actually eat stuff that they served. It is a winner in my book.

  2. I went here today with my 9 year old for lunch. FYI, all the restaurants in this section of the shopping center have their menus out front with English. Ring the bell in the middle of the table to place your order. I had the cheese pasta and was prepared for a unique/different taste but it was very close to alfredo sauce. Nothing off or weird about it. It was a hit with both of us and we picked up a bag of 8 assorted scones for Y500 to bring home and share with the rest of the family. I like that there is parking and so much to choose from in this area.

  3. Primo is right around the corner from our house in Okinawa City. We decided to try it out tonight. I wish I would have thought to check for a review before I went; it might have made ordering smoother. Yet, figuring things out made it a fun adventure. We had an all around enjoyable experience. The food was tasty. The service was friendly. The chance to get a little taste of many things was a bunch of fun. I didn’t read all of the many reviews. Sorry if this was already posted… they now have an English menu available.

  4. This is one of my favorite restaurants here! We have only been to the one near Torii Station in Yomitan, but we go often. The food is wonderful, especially their pizza and their garlic pasta. They have a good variety of kids meals, which of course come with several food options on the plate which is perfect for picky youngsters. We always get the Primo Set for 399 yen – I love the scones, soup (yummy!) and ice creame. I highly recommend you give the Yomitan branch a try (since I haven’t tried the others, I would assume they’re the same but you never know). It’s near Toguchi Park.

  5. I went to the Ishikawa branch once with friends and the other time with my daughter this last week and she loved the soup so much she had 5 bowls of them. I had a bit of a cough and saw that they have Apple Vinegar and Mixed Berry Vinegar for drinks and wanted to try some and it was delicious. I love the noodles from the salad bar. And there are 8 different kind of scones and 10 different Blue Seal Ice cream flavor for you to choose from. We had the Terriyaki Chicken Don for $680 with the $399 to make it into a set and we paid Yen 1115 in total. For the amount of food that me and my 2 children ate and the taste and quality of food. I thought it is well worth it. I would go there for a late afternoon lunch though as you can choose the option of just doing the salad bar with drinks, scones and ice cream for just Yen500 all you can eat. Now where can you find that?

  6. We went to the location on 329, on the way toward Hansen. I was prepared to send in a post until I saw this one was already up. We weren’t impressed with our food, at all. I did like the option of the primo set for 399 yen (drinks, salad bar, scones, & ice cream) but the rest of the food wasn’t good (especially the spaghetti with cream cheese sauce)

  7. I just had to vent a little and googled Primo Kitchen Okinawa… this is what came up….
    My husband and I LOVE trying new restaurants and we went to this place two nights ago. I ordered the Salmon, which was over 1200 yen, and it was teensy weensy! It was probably an appropriate “serving size”, but I was highly disappointed. If you go here, don’t order fish, as you can read… order Italian!

  8. I recently went to the one at Ishikawa circle. My friend and I thought for the price it was pretty good. I had the seabass which was prepared well and my friend had a curry which she liked.

    We went back and got a pizza to go another day and it was tasty. One half was seafood…which was a little too seafoody. But the other side I think was a meatlovers type and it was decent for a pizza around here.

    We live near by so it is not hard to get to this place. I would recomend it for a nice lunch out on the pation on a sunny day.

  9. We ate here once when Biosmile was closed. It was okay, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to go there again, especially with Biosmile across the street. The pizza was pretty good, and there was enough food with the buffet that we didn’t need a kid’s meal too.

  10. HAHAHA Dasha! I’m with you! There’s just something a little too fishy about fish!! When my hubby goes out deep sea fishing we end up giving most of the catch away. Yuck! River caught trout on the other hand….Yummy!

  11. My family and I love this place! I love the all you can eat salad and soup bar and my husband and son love the all you can eat ice cream bar! We always seem to be the only ones going up there 2 or 3 times. The added perk is they take credit cards! Enjoy!

  12. Thanks Dasha…looks like they still changed a few things after I typed it up. That’s the Japanese for you, they always know better than you! lol Anyway, the one in Ishikawa is off of 329, just follow 329 North until you pass the Ishikawa pedestrian circle, Primo will be on the left about 1 km, just as you are leaving town.

    For fish, you need to try the butter battered sea bass at The Beach House. It’s located in Onna just past the Renassance (going North) on the left hand side. Just take the first right after the hotel. Looks run down, but the food is awesome.

  13. This is 1 of 4 restaraunts side by side. The one a few doors down does similar for the same price and gives a kid’s set for FREE!!

    And then go a little further into the parking area and it’s a Shopping center with alot to offer: Outlet J(love their clothing), 100 Yen, a shoe store, a game store, Max Valu, a Mos burger and more!

  14. The street name is Mizugama.

    Another set of directions to the Yomitan location is to go up the 58 and turn left on the 16. Primo Kitchen is right behind Starbucks and you’ll see the Torii field to your right.