I know I have said this before but I love eating out in Okinawa – it makes me feel like my life is so interesting.  I asked the hubs recently, “Will our lives be this interesting when we return to the states?”   And to this he says “Is our life interesting now?”  The urge to strangle him grew, as it always does, when he answers me like this.  To this I say “Yes, it is!” and I continue to offer evidence to my argument – we were eating chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken off-base.

Back to my point – eating out in Okinawa is always entertaining and usually yummy.  Stir in your first time eating at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi with friends and you have a recipe for a great meal.  This was my first experience at what I like to call a “Ticket Restaurant” – you make your food choice by inserting Yen, pressing a button from the choices on the machine, and then sit at a table to wait for your food.  Why do you think they do this?  I have no clue, but it sure is fun to order your food like you select a soda – yet another interesting aspect of life on Okinawa.

So, ordering is that simple:  You check out all the choices on the machine, pictures included, or check out the enlarged menu looking sign near the machine.  There really isn’t much of an explanation to any of the items.  This is the kind of place where it is assumed that you know what you are doing or you have come with a friend who knows what they are doing.  Remember, I said life is interesting here.  Then you take the ticket that the machine “spits” out to the counter to hand it to an employee.  Then find yourself a comfy table to sit at and wait for your waiter or waitress to come to you.

If you are looking for fried rice that is garlic-yuminess then this restaurant should be your next stop.  If you are looking for good gyoza or a million choices of Okinawa Soba or want to try a place near base then this should be on your list of must-eats!!

I have only eaten here twice and I’ve ordered the same thing twice.  I may not be Okinawa’s expert fried rice taster but I have eaten my fair share and this tops the list.  And if eating great food isn’t enough for you than the fact that your rice comes on a sizzling iron skillet-type plate that you have to finish mixing may just be the ticket!    This dish is called Teppan Rice (New style of Fried Rice) and if you are not a fan of garlic you can say “NO” when they ask you if you want garlic added – I love having options!  And at Y500 this experience is a deal.  I believe you are getting at least two servings on this skillet so you can take half of it home though I have finished my meal both times – ugh!

When you come really hungry you can order gyoza for Y300 and enjoy it with an endless supply of sauce located on your table.  And if you are anything like me and my friends you will enjoy easy access to your own pitcher of water to wash down all that wonderfully sodium-laden food.

For those who don’t think rice is a meal in itself or it’s not your favorite then try one of their many choices of Okinawa soba ranging from Y620-Y820.  Since I order the same thing whenever I return to a new favorite eatery I have to rely on friends to tell me what the other foods are like.  I have heard, on good authority, that the Golden soba, with a creamy base, is fabulous.  Another option is the Douton Bori Ramen with sweet pork and soy sauce.  As I said, the options are endless.

My biggest recommendation is to arrive early for lunch since this place is very popular with the non-Japanese population and at one point there was standing room only!  Who can argue with that kind of popularity?  Happy Eating!!!!


Ramen Kagetsu Arashi

Payment:  This restaurant takes Yen only.

Hours:  They are open 7 days a week from 11 a.m. until midnight.

Location:  2 Chome-1-4 Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3052119, 127.7625253

Directions:  Ramen Kagetsu Arashi is located between Camp Lester and Kadena Air Base Gate 1 on 58 next to Obligatos Mexican Restaurant and Kababs and across from Fadtech.  If you get to the Goodwill sign then you have passed it.  Traveling South, on 58, from Kadena Gate 1 the restaurant will be on your right.  You will pass both Obligatos and the Kabab restaurant and then you’ll see the ramen place.  The challenge is that you can’t turn in here; you’ll need to head to the next light and make a u-turn or take the back street, the one that takes you to Ona Kau Kau.

They offer parking in both the front of the restaurant and behind it.  If you want to park in the back then take a left out Gate 1 of Kadena.  Turn right at the 2nd light (where the Sega store use to be). Make your very next left.  Follow down the street a ways until you pass Ono Kau Kau on your left.  At the first small street that does not go all the way through make a left and then you’ll be forced to make a right.  The restaurant is on your left and there are a few spots to park here or you can drive through to the front and park there as well.


  1. I here you JJ! I would like to know the recipe for both the noodle broth and their fried rice in a skillet. My favorite flavor was “Black.” Anyone knows a recipe even close, please share, I don’t live there anymore so, I have to learn how to make it.

    • I just left Kadena 2 days ago and I’m already missing Arashi fried rice skillet.I have to find some way to make it here stateside. If any one who speaks Japanese could find out what ingredients they use and post it that would be a great start. It will take some time to learn how to make that rice so perfectly brown on bottom though.

  2. I lived at Camp Lester from 2008 – 2012 and it was the best years of my life. The wonderful people, the beautiful beaches and the best food. This was my favorite place to go for either noodles or rice ( so yummy.) My husband and I lovingly referred to it as (please pardon my yelling) NOOODLES. Yes, you must say it loudly and you must drag out the “O.” 😉 Does anyone know the real name of this restaurant? I looked online forever until I finally found this article. I consider Okinawa to be my soul’s home and I will miss it every day until the day I either get back there or I die. It was a high of 21 degrees today and the nearest ocean is at least 1000 miles away… Yea, I miss it!

  3. Arashi just opened up new a new area of parking behind and to the left of the restaurant. Plenty of spaces and easier to park. Seats are still limited so get there early for lunch or dinner before the rush.

  4. This is a great go to place for our family of three to enjoy a hot bowl of ramen. My husband and I enjoy the golden miso, and our son especially enjoys the fried rice. It’s also a great place to take family when they are visiting on island.

  5. i just wanted to respond to the veggie options question above. i went there today for the first time based on the yes in the comments. the rice does have shrimp in it for those veggies out there who don’t eat seafood as well. they had an ad for veggie goyza as well, but it wasn’t on the machine to order.

    also, customer service. when the server came to get our tickets i politely said “sumimasen, watashiwa..” and was cut off by him putting his hand in my face (you know, like “talk to the hand style”) without looking at me, he then asked my husband about garlic for his dish and then walked away. so, in short i couldn’t ask about veggie goyza and couldn’t make any special requests.

    i’m sure the food is delicious, so i’m certainly not saying anything against that, i’m just not so sure it’s as easy to make special requests as some have suggested.

  6. My husband and I went here today for lunch (got there around 1345 (so late lunch), lots of tables left though so not too crowded, however by the time we left I think all the tables were full!
    We LOVED the food! I was very surprised as I am not a very ‘adventurous’ person when it comes to trying new food, but after reading the reviews I knew I HAD to! We both ordered a different rice dish, not completely sure we ordered actually, just went off the picture! I think mine had some little pieces of pork, and hubby’s had little micro shrimps in it. We also ordered the gyoza, and they were delish! I was very happy with the price as well!! For two entrees (with soup) and gyoza our total was only 1350YEN! Right around $16, awesome price!

  7. If you’re going to eat there during your lunch hour, make sure to be there right BEFORE it opens. Seats fill up fast in the first hour, and there parking lot is small. Also a few spots in the back for parking sometimes.

  8. Husband and I tried this restaurant today for lunch. Wonderful food, great service. Each table has a pitcher of water but neither of us could resist the “real” Coca-Cola in a bottle. He had the garlic fried rice and I chose the smaller set of pork rice and 3 gyoza with a side order of spicy pepper paste (thanks to the two young men in front of us who suggested the spicy condiment-look for a button on the left side of the machine that shows a tiny dish of red looking paste for 100 Yen). Neither choice disappointed and we both left with full bellies, albeit stinky breath. Total bill was only around 1300 Yen. Will definitely be going back!

  9. I took my three kids to Ramen Kagetsu Arashi to help break up the monotony of yet another rainy day. They thought it was fun to order their food via vending machine. My boys ordered ramen, while my daughter ordered the fried rice without garlic. I ordered fried rice as well (with garlic) and a small order of gyoza. The portions were large and none of us could finish what we ordered, although we were trying to! The restaurant was full of happy people enjoying their food- about half locals/half American. I will definitely be going back there to eat. And, as a side note, I give this restaurant a big ‘thumbs-up’ for cleanliness

  10. Brianna – Yes, there is a vegetarian option. One of my vegetarian friends has joined us and enjoyed the vegetarian rice. You just need to make sure you press the vegetable rice which I think is to the left of the regular rice option and when they ask you if you want garlic on your rice make sure you confirm that you do not want any meat in your rice. You can also order vegetable gyoza. Let me know what you think!!!!

  11. Janet – I can name some only. The one with garlic is soy sauce w/garlic. We use this with a little bit of the orange oil for dipping the gyoza in. The little jar with green onions is some sort of spicy and salty condimet. My husband loves this one.

    They always have a new ramen or seasonal ramen. In the summer, they have this cold ramen with cucumbers, chicken breast, ginger, egg, etc. I have no idea what it’s called, but it’s really good!

  12. I was there twice already with my husband and toddler. The food is really good and they serve you pretty quickly. I tried that fried rice with garlic and gyoza and I left pretty happy:) The only thing that I was not happy about —> second hand smoke. 🙁 They allow others to smoke all over and that was a major turn off for me because I don’t want my little one around that. The first time I was there no one smoked. So I guess it depends. when I go to a restaurant I like it to be smoke~free.

  13. Tried out this place today~enjoyed it for the great price! Had the garlic rice/gyoza, bean sprout dish..will try the Teppan skillet rice next and one of the sobas. I will be bringing my family here again very soon. Great post.

  14. Loved this little place! Definitely took a shot in the dark with ordering but my husband and I had everything from the gyoza to an egg fried rice to a ramen soup to the hot sauce and it was all delicious. The price is right, too, great big portions for the money you spend. Recommended ^.^

  15. Went today for the first time. Kids loved it. Service FAST, which is great with toddlers. I had the “MENU” item that comes in the hot skillet. Hubby had Golden Ramen, kids had garlic rice/gyoza. All happy and budget is happy too!

  16. Great write-up; can’t wait to give this place a try!

    For those who think the ordering from the ticket machine is fun, be sure to take some Yen to Ryukyu Mura (off of 58 – there’s an OkiHai post about it). They have a meal area where you do this, though there’s not quite as much to choose from. I had my first Japanese-style curry there and loved it. My (notoriously picky!) 8yo daughter even tried their seaweed salad and enjoyed it so much she asked to buy a container of the topping over in the gift shop. Ryukyu Mura has its own wonders, of course, but the ticket restaurant is a fun thing to check out even if you don’t want to go “in” and see the other sights and events. I’m sometimes tempted to drive up just for lunch and the entertainment they offer over the meal hours. LOL

  17. I will admit we eat here probably once a week! We love it that much. Good food at cheap prices, what else do you need. The rice is TO DIE FOR!!

    Oh and I would say it is popular with ALL PEOPLE! Every time we go we see a mix of Japanese and Americans. So I would not categorize this as a place just popular with Americans…not by any means. We have had to wait for seats quite a few times when the entire place was full of NON Americans.

    Oh there are also a few of these around so keep your eyes open…we saw one down in Naha on the way to Peace Prayer Park and also on the way to Kinser too.

  18. Paul – thanks for the celebrity heads up. I had no idea!! Not only is the food good but it’s a fun place to eat!

    I’m glad to hear that several of you have also tried this place and enjoy it. Thanks for posting comments and sharing your great experience – I love hearing from you all!!!!!

  19. Huh? Did you miss the above comment posted by Alicia? I think this is what Kirsten was posting about.

    “I had been thinking about this place for a couple of months. Thanks for this post and specifically that it is popular with the non-Japanese population. I now know to stay away.”

  20. Totally don’t understand the above comment. I read the other comments twice and am completely lost. No one above seemed to be stating any attitude on anything so I have no idea what that was about. Anyway, let’s keep the comments geared toward the actual post and topic shall we? With that being said,this place is Yummy! Go try it if you haven’t!

  21. Alicia- What an unfortunate attitude to have concerning dining establishments off base, or any other place of business for that matter. I think it’s good to try both types of restaurants, both popular and unpopular with Americans. You’re missing out on some good food. Oh well! More for everyone else!

  22. We at here on Christmas Day! We were looking for a fun place to take the kids for dinner, and this was the first post! The food was absolutely wonderful, and very well priced, we have four kids and everyone was stuffed when we left, all for under 3000Y. Check it out! You won’t be sorry!

  23. ohhhh, the secret is out! Well, at least out on here! I know and have taken lots of people to Arashi’s and it is GREAT food. Their gyoza is my favorite so far and the garlic rice rocks my socks off! Guess I need to be on the lookout for celebrities next time we are there. And, just because it is popular with the “non-Japanese” doesn’t mean to stay away. If you want a restaurant not populated with Americans you better try places a little further away from a base…..

  24. The first weekend we got to the island we went to a different ticket restaurant outside gate 2 on 330. It only had 4 choices and no pics so each one (my husband and 2 friends) of us pushed a different button and sat at the bar. Being new to the island we didn’t know what to expect. They had Japanese style curry there…beef or pork, full and half sizes. It was pretty good…definitely an experience. I’ll have to try this restaurant. The food looks awesome. Thanks for the post.