Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

Editor’s Note: Restaurant Salsa is in the same location as the restaurant formerly known as La Tejadita Ichiban. Thanks to Alissa for sending us this update!


Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

My family and I like this place, so we want to share our thoughts with you about Salsa.

Salsa has many new additions to their menu. Now they serve juicy local roast chicken and other Peruvian foods.

Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

We have tried a few of the new choices, including the coriander pilaf. This came with homemade salsa that went extremely well with the pilaf.

Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

We also tried the lomo saltado which contains beef sautéed with onions, tomatoes and fried potatoes, and for flavor they added vinegar and soy sauce. Once we tried it, we couldn’t stop!

Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

The chicken they use is fresh, local chicken. They make their chicken very juicy and use original Peruvian spices. They also have a few side orders such as french fries and fried chicken.

In addition, they serve some famous drinks from Peru. The photo below is called Chicha it is made from purple corn.

Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!

Restaurant Salsa l Okinawa Hai!Directions: From Gate 3 of Kadena Air Base, turn right to get on route 74 to Ikento east, then turn left to route 85 at the Misato intersection. Then turn right on route 329. From there, Salsa is on the left about 100-150 meters down.

Hours: Thursday-Tuesday 11:30a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (last order 8:30 p.m.) Closed on Wednesday.  Lunch is served until 2:30 p.m. and the set includes soup, drink, and dessert for ¥900

Payment: Yen only (no credit)

Phone: 098-938-6950


  1. The food here is outstanding. I tried just about every dish and have not been disappointed yet. The pizzas, which I normally would never go for out in town, are phenomenal and would rival most high end places in the USA. Usually my wife and I go for dinner but Saturday we were in the area for lunch and had the lunch set. It was delicious and generously portioned but what blew everyone at the tables minds was the chiffon cake as a desert. The cake was so moist and soft with a creamy buttery taste. If you have not had this cake you are missing out!

  2. I think it’s impossible to order a bad thing on the menu with this restaurant. We’ve dined here almost every Monday night for the past two months (due to our kids taking a 2 hr. karate class at the nearby Nix Dojo) and have ordered practically everything on the menu by now. The pizzas are indeed awesome, as is every dish featured in the review above and more. And Patty and Cecilia (the owners–who are sister’s by the way) are so nice! If you speak even a little Spanish, switch out your “arigato gozaimus” for “gracias” and see how instantaneously they light up with smiles! They smile and give excellent service whether you speak Spanish, English, or Japanese. But their roots are Peruvian and you can’t help but notice how encouraged they are to see their customers trying to interact with them. Lovely restaurant, lovely owners!