River front

River Dart board and table If looking for a place to throw some darts or play some pool, there is a great bar that recently opened up in Uruma City, near Camp Courtney, on Route 329.  The River-Rock opened in mid-April 2011 by a very friendly Japanese fellow, Ichiro Ohama.  These games translate around the world, plus he speaks decent English, making this place very comfortable to hang out for an evening.  The atmosphere is low key, and the music is a mix of hits.

There is one large high-end pool table and 2 high-end electronic dart boards.  You can rent the table for just $5/hour.  Being new, the bar menu is simple with the offerings of pizza and pasta.  The draw here is the chill atmosphere and the games without a rowdy crowd.  He plans to have pool and dart tourneys in the future. Give it a go.

River Pool Table Directions:  5 minutes from Camp Courtney. Travel north on 329 from Kadena through Uruma city.  River Rock is located on 329, on the right side just before Coco’s which at the corner of Route 329 & Route 6.   If you are coming from Route 58, take Route 6 east until it dead ends into Route 329, there you will see the Coco’s on the right.  Turn right onto Route 329, River Rock will be almost immediately on your left. Park in front of the building.

Hours: Sun-Thur 6pm-3am, Fri-Sat 6pm-4am

Phone: 098-989-7399


  1. Really chill place. I enjoyed it for a night out with my husband. It would be more fun to hang out with a group of people and have fun. I wish more people came and made it more of a loud place. Really nice though, Spread The Word!

  2. Don,nt be surprised if Paul has ever been in there!!.I go there every weekend I have yet to meet a guy named Paul.Of course he can hide behind the interet and change his name,Just the kind of people River Rock does not want.!!

  3. I also find this a relaxed place to play a game of pool or darts. There is plenty of seating all around the pool table with a low bar around the wall. There are a few tables to the one side near the dart boards. The staff was very chill and the music was good. Most importantly the beer was cold! I am not much of a pool player but I had a great time hanging out.