CONTRIBUTED BY SARRA MCMILLAN (additional photos by Angi Brzycki)

Rize View
Rize View (photo by Angi)

RIZE Rooftop Terrace Restaurant has only been open since December, but I’ve already declared it my favourite place to eat in Okinawa and a must-try dining experience for all. Located in a former penthouse apartment on Kokusai-dori, RIZE has an amazing view that is only topped by the culinary masterpieces emerging from the kitchen.

Rize Food
Rize Food

The menu is divided into Small Food, Pizza Food, Big Food, and Sweet Food. From the Small Food Section, we tried the trio of house made dips and toasted flat bread, though I will definitely be back for the sweet potato and green pea spice samosa and coriander, cucumber raita and the rare beef and salted black bean salad, with baby corn, vermicelli noodles, and peanuts.

Rize Pizza
Rize Pizza
Rize Decor
Rize Decor

For our main course, the four of us split three pizzas and we all felt adequately stuffed. There are five pizzas to choose from but we went with the potato, chorizo, caramelized onion, rosemary and feta, the cotechino sausage, chili, lyonnaise onions, basil and mozzarella, and the bacon, blue cheese, spinach, and Spanish onion (aren’t you drooling?!). The pizzas range in price from 650 yen for a garlic and cheese pizza for 650 yen to 1200 yen for the fancier choices.

The Big Food portion of the menu looks incredible and I can’t wait to go back to try the hand made potato gnocchi, rich red wine napoli sauce, basil and pecorino or the Italian pork and veal meatballs, soft organic polenta and grana padana or the crispy skinned salmon stakes, creamy mash, sautéed spinach, lemon, caper, and parsley sauce… the list goes on! Prices range from 1200 yen to 1950 yen.

RIZE is the perfect date-night spot, when you’re craving class and a non-chain, non-base, non-Japanese restaurant. The international staff speaks English and Japanese and the menu is designed to please every appetite. Check out their website here, where you can make reservations or search for them on facebook.

Rize Seating
Rize Seating (photo by Angi)

Directions:  RIZE Rooftop Terrace Restaurant is located across the road from the new shopping centre on Kokusai-dori, with the Red Lobster restaurant. If you look up, you can’t miss the giant, colour-changing, neon sign. If you are walking from Makishi Monorail Station, you will walk towards Sand’s Burger Restaurant, with the large cactus sign. There is an elevator in this building, which you will take to the top (the sixth floor.) Remember to enjoy the view!!

Address:  Taiei Building, 6F. Asato 1-1-60, Naha-shi

Phone: 098-868-4770


Payment: Cash accepted; VISA machine available soon

Menu:  Click for larger view

Rize Menu
Rize Menu


  1. Just to clear things up – Rize is definitely not closed, I was there two nights ago and they have a new chef and new menu and heaps of new wine. The changes that they made are great (cheaper menu and more tapas-style food), and after speaking to the owner it seems there are more in store. I give it 4 stars and counting. Will definitely make it a regular haunt whenever I find myself in Okinawa.

  2. My husband and I went here last night for our anniversary- it was amazing! The atmosphere, music, and decor had an upscale feel, and the view was one-of-a-kind. Our server was very knowledgeable and explained each one of our dishes as they came out. We had the special pizza of the day, along with 2 appetizers, an entree to share, and a dessert pizza made with bananas, caramel, and cream (wonderful, not on the menu). It was all tasty, but the pizza was exceptional! The food was fresh and probably some of the best I’ve had while on Okinawa,and well worth the price. I highly recommend this place for date nights or going-aways, or just for the experience if you are on Kokusai St. for the night. The server/host spoke English and reservations were easy to make. The seating did not seem kid-friendly (no booths, all tables), but we don’t have kids so we didn’t ask if they have boosters or high chairs, etc.
    Overall I highly recommend this restaurant!

  3. Due to building maintenance we will be closed for 1 week from Feb 6 – 13, opening back up for a special valentines day course on the 14th. Over the break will be prepping the terrace for summer, and having a weekend of celebration as a grand opening with a new menu!! Hoping the weather is great to enjoy the views and atmosphere outside!! Bring on summer! It’s going to be the place to be in Naha!!

    • I’m not so great with directions, but both the 58 and the 330 will take you straight from Foster to Naha. Once you are in Naha, you want to go to Kokusai-dori (see the google map posted above). Sorry it’s not so great, hopefully someone who will drive from out of Naha can provide more insight.