Sapporo ramen

Before coming to Japan, ramen was a 20 cent package that I scarfed in college. Rubbery noodles lying in super salty and resuscitated chicken broth were hardly something I craved, but simply satisfied the hunger of a broke bachelor.  When I came to Japan, I knew I’d find fast food noodle shops providing a quick and cheap meal.  What I didn’t expect, though, was sophistication.

Though ramen is technically Chinese, the Japanese have made it their own and every region of Japan has it’s own style, ranging in taste and noodle style, that reflects an attitude and preference of the locals.  In Tokyo, they even have a ramen museum.  The varieties in broth and toppings make it so that I could probably eat ramen everyday.

One of my favorite varieties is the Hokkaido salt ramen; so when a location named Sapporo Ramen(さっぽろ らめーん) opened up near us, I knew it only be a matter of time before I was slurping noodles there.

Sapporo front

Although the menu is only in Japanese (see pop-outs below), they have some friendly sets and pictures that will get you going. Mostly, you need to know you can choose between three broths:  しょゆうshoyuu (soy sauce), 塩 shio (salt), みそmiso (like the soup), and とんこつtonkotsu (pork broth).

Sapporo set 1
The sets come with rice, and a different selection (pork cutlet, gyoza (pan fried dumplings), kimchi rice). They give a good variety that pairs nicely with the salty ramen dishes.   The sets run about 780 Yen (they only take yen), but there is a discount at lunch (680) if you are with a partner.  The menu also has some a la carte items and individual bowls of ramen, if you aren’t interested in an entire set meal.

Sapporo set 2

Photos by Shu Lan Tang

Sapporo Ramen

Hours:  They are open from 11:30 to 3:00 AM.

Address: 2 Chome-4-1 Awase

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.31839130317573, 127.83146833075784

Directions:  Driving down the 229 (past Comprehensive park) toward Gushikawa Justco or the Awase Fish Market, you’ll find Sapporo Ramen across the street from the Four Seasons Steakhouse.  There is a stoplight directly in front of the Four Seasons in Awase, so you can turn right easily and park right next to the ramen shop.

Sapporo menu 2    Sapporo menu 1





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  1. This place is great!!! There is no english menu and not many pictures but the staff comes over and explains the menu in a combination of Japanese and English as best she could. She explained the sets and the 3 types of ramen. They do not have kids sets but my kids shared one with no problem. My family of 4 ate for 2600 yen and we also got gyoza. She even gave the kids some Japanese yogurt on our way out!!! My family and I love our ramen/soba places and we will be returning to this spot!!!

  2. Jen-Just past Comprehensive Park, the 227 becomes the 85, not the 33. The 20 that runs out of Kadena gate 2 becomes the 33. The 33 and the 85 intersect. Hope that makes sense.

    If you’re coming from Kadena, you can take the 20 (33) and turn right onto the 85. It will be on your left, like the author wrote, across from Four Seasons.

    From Foster, take the 81, which becomes the 227, which becomes the 85. Whew! Why are these roads so dang confusing?

  3. Maybe he meant to say 227? I know approximately where this is, but it is on my to-do list for the map project, so I’ll find it soon and post it on there. 227 turns into 33 somewhere in Awase, just past the Comprehensive Park.