Sidelines Outside
Sidelines Outside

Since we have been here in Okinawa we have been looking for that restaurant that reminded us of the sports bar and grills that we were use to in the U.S. In the the back streets of Okinawa near Kadena we have found that place. It is off the beaten path but close enough to walk to without having to pack a bag in order to get there.

Sidelines Bar
Sidelines Bar

It doesn’t take much to find it. Once you get inside you will get the feeling that you are no longer in Okinawa and that you have been transported to the States just for a little bit. Inside there are wall to wall televisions, Karaoke, video Texas Hold em’, electric darts, pool table and the atmosphere is very friendly. There is a outside terrace as well as an upstair balcony.

Sidelines Breakfast
Sidelines Breakfast

The only thing that is not going to remind you of the U.S. are prices. My husband and I went with our son and paid less then $30 for a big breakfast that consisted of two eggs (cooked) to order, hash browns, toast, and 3 huge pancakes. Breakfast is the best time to go there if you have little ones as they get busy later in the day. And baby seats are provided there.

Sidelines Pancakes
Sidelines Pancakes

Later in the day, they serve mainly finger foods like nachos, chips, fries and chicken nuggets.. 

Hours: Monday thru Friday 11 a.m.-midnight, Saturday and Sunday 6 a.m.-midnight (breakfast from 6 a.m.-2 p.m.)

Payment:  They accept Yen, Dollars, Credit Cards

Directions: From Lester Gate1 : Drive North towards Kadena on 58, at the fourth light turn left, this is the light just before Kadena Gate 1 (Family Mart or Lawson should be on your right once you turn left) go straight all the way till you hit the seawall. Sidelines Restaurant is on the corner, on your right hand side.

Phone: 098-923-0076


  1. This used to be my favorite bar to frequent on the seawall when it first opened, but similar to everyone else’s complaints, the service is consistently terrible and the drinks are over priced. The excuse I got for the prices was “you’re not on base anymore honey”. I’ve never gone drinking at the on base clubs so I wasn’t sure what this lady was talking about, but I walked upstairs to coconuts and got a liter of beer for the same price as a mixed drink at sidelines. It’s sad to see how far that place has fallen.

  2. Been there twice. The service is aweful – either from poor servers, bad organization, bad management or some combination of the three. The first time was for a major PPV event and the manager had “no idea that many people would show up.” Our food order took about an hour, not to mention the 30 minutes we were waiting just to have a waitress come around. Second time, I waited at the bar for twenty minutes, not even acknowledged by the bartenders. Waited at a table for twenty minutes, no waitress came by. Went back to the bar again, got a “Just a moment”. Ten minutes later, same thing. I finally just left for another establishment. The food is good and beer prices fine…once you actually get someone to acknowledge your presence.

  3. We absolutely love Sidelines and I was surprised to read some of the comments below. They must have made some major changes as the staff is amazing and always very helpful as much as they can be with the crowds that are packed in there now that the curfew has been lifted. The prices are decent – I mean they are located off post and as such must purchase items on the economy and the food is pretty great. Their philly cheese is one of the best I’ve ever had. You all should check it out once or again and give them a second chance. They have live music some nights and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. It’s the main reason we hang there.

  4. My husband and I have been here 5 times every time we hope that it will be different but we are always disappointed. The service is horrible. The wait staff act like you’re wasting their time. They don’t smile, they don’t greet you, don’t come to see if you need anything and they are allowed to sit around and gossip and eat food while working. I’ve been in customer service a long time and have worked in the food industry along the way so it really surprises me that the waitresses here are so untrained in good customer service. To top that off, I get really mean looks from a woman I assume to be a manager every time I go there. Second, the food. Mediocre at best but I’m not here to complain about that. I did however Order a club sandwich once that said it was chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese and bacon with ranch. When my food got to me, it was pulled apart chicken, grilled onions and buffalo sauce. I called the waitress over and asked about it but the women I spoke about earlier piped up from a few tables away and tolde that I got what I ordered. Without even looking at it or anything. It was not what the menu said. I just do not know how this place stays open. I hope they someday decide to train their employee a little better. Until then, I won’t be going back.

  5. Pretty consistent w/ other comments…

    (1) Utterly ridiculous prices for drinks (700¥ /beer).

    (2) Poo Poo service (extremly rude brazilian bartender). What do you call the female version of a D-bag?

    Left after 30 waiting min for a cheese burger and a refill for a beer (on a sat @ 1700 five (5) pn in the bar).

    • the bartender is actually the owner! and i agree, way too crappy for the price. The drink menu doesnt give you the price for the cocktails, i was shocked when two drinks ran me $21!!!! yikes, so not worth it!

  6. This place has made a lot of improvements over the past year. Not only is the food dramatically better, but the drink variety has also increased since I was last here. The service staff is extremely nice and accomodating as well because of how well it is managed by the owners and management staff. If you’re on Okinawa, I would highly recommend this place to anyone if you’re looking for a great night out with friends or even if you’re looking to take your family out to a great dinner and have a few beers. Come check it out for yourself before you go basing your decision off the other reviews. I love this place and have come here every day I’ve been here on vacation and have never had a remotely bad time.

  7. I think this place is absolutely amazing. Fantastic food, great drink specials and the service is the best I’ve seen in Japan. I’ve tried the burgers, pizza and wings and there is no place on island that even comes close. The new outside patio is awesome and the live music every weekend makes this place a destination. Best restaurant on island!

  8. I went in October with a friend for breakfast. We asked if it was okay if we sat upstairs and the lady said yes. We were outside for about 20 minutes before we decided to just eat inside and when we went in the girl said “oh, well I was just about to come up there” but then didnt come ask us our order for another 5 minutes after we sat down. I ordered the breakfast sandwich and my friend got the omelette. The menu said something along the lines of it ‘came with bacon and sausage patty’ so I assumed both would be on my sandwich. When it came out it had a sauage link cut in half and I asked the lady where the bacon was and she came back a few minutes later and said the person who made the menu isnt good with english and it comes with one or the other (kinda stinks i was never asked that) and my friends omelette had egg shells in it. Bad service, crappy food, and way too overpriced. I could have got a few sausage/egg biscuts from BK for the price I paid for a mushy one here.

  9. Beers are really expensive here, so I would recommend drinking your beers at home. The servers are nice and it’s a nice place to hang out with friends and get some nachos once in a while. I’ve heard from a few people their breakfast is good. We really only go when we feel like hanging out by the sea wall and don’t plan to eat/drink much.

  10. My experience with Sidelines Bar and Grille has been more than satisfying. I have been there multiple times, for different reasons (lunch, dinner, drinks) and have never felt that the wait staff was rude or inattentive. They have always had every game on, which is hard to find in Okinawa, and if they have not had what I am looking for, the staff has been more than willing to change the channel. Please think about what you people post on here, if it is not positive or something that the bar can change, positively then please do not post. I know the management staff personally, and I can say, without a doubt that they would love to hear what the needs of their customers are because they care THAT MUCH so give them some credit before slandering their name.
    To all who have tried Sidelines Bar and Grille and have not fully come out satisfied, try the place again, with an open mind, and see what you discover.

  11. I love Sidelines (I work there also). Yes, the prices are a somewhat steep, but being run by an American we get charged like crazy for food. As for the food taking a while to get out, we have a very small kitchen and when we are busy, it takes awhile. We strive to keep everyone happy. I love serving and meeting everyone that comes in. We must be doing something right somewhere because we have several regulars. Come in and give us another chance! 🙂

  12. My husband and I were so excited when we stumbled across this place. We are obsessed with the wings (hot)! And love the American atmosphere. They even have pocketbook hooks at the bar. Much appreciated. Hands down, the BEST and nicest bar we’ve seen in 2 years.

  13. I did not like this place at all. The service sucked even though it was not busy. The wing where nasty to me. They had us waiting a long time. I really did not like it But other have told me there burgers are good. But everyone has there own opinion. I don’t think they are worth the $ to be honest.

  14. I have been to Sidelines many times with my husband, and once with a friend, although I have never eaten there, I do have to agree that the wait staff isn’t very friendly, nor attentive. We usually have to go to the bar to order our drinks ourselves, especially when upstairs. But, it has a nice view! I also agree that their prices are a bit high, but what place isn’t here?

  15. THE FOOD IS GROSS!!! breakfast burrito(tiny), bfast sandwich, and pizza were so PLAIN! NO FLAVOR! CARDBOARD would be better.(im dead serious)
    The wings were okay, average.(if you must go and eat, stick to wings)
    Drinks were okay, kinda pricey.
    The bartender, some blonde, was rude and stuckup. Our waitress was nice though.

    • Al,
      We are very sorry you had a bad experience. We strive to ensure everyone gets the very best on every visit. Even under the best circumstances things can still go wrong. Please give us an opportunity to make your next visit remarkable! Ask to speak to a manager and we will be sure to discount your check on your next visit.