Stripe Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

What do steak lovers, vegetarians and ramen lovers all have in common? They can all eat at Stripe ramen! It’s a new ramen shop on 58 by Lester. When I entered the store, it was clean, bright and had rap/R&B playing on the radio. You order through a vending machine, but it has pictures, an English translation next to the vending machine, and one of the employees helped us.

Stripe Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

Stripe Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

They have four types of ramen: steak, vegetarian (tomato), spicy vegetarian and soy broth. I went with their specialty, soy, and my husband got the steak. Both were quite tasty and I don’t think I’ve ever seen steak in ramen before! The sets sell for around 1,300 yen and include a very small side, ramen and a drink.

Stripe Ramen l Okinawa Hai!

Once we got to the table, I looked through the menu and saw they offer more sides and steak with rice. Also, it looks like if you order the vegetarian ramen, you can get risotto instead of noodles! Ok, ok, ok…so how was the taste? VERY good! The steak was cooked to order and the gyoza was fresh. I enjoyed my soy broth and the steak ramen, too. We plan to go back to try the tomato-based ramen as well. I almost want to go back and just order the sides since those sound so good. Words can’t express how much we enjoyed stripe ramen!

The owners said they’re from Tokyo and wanted to bring Tokyo ramen to the area. They’re closed Monday, but are open for lunch and dinner on the other days of the week.

Hours: Sunday, Tuesday-Thursday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Lunch) & 6:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m. (Dinner – last order at 10:00 p.m.)   Friday-Saturday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. (Lunch) & 6:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m. (Dinner – last order at 10:30 p.m.)  Closed Monday.

Stripe Ramen l Okinawa Hai!
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Payment: Yen only

Phone: 098-923-2227

Directions: Make a right out the main gate of Lester. It’s between the Family Mart and McDonald’s on the right hand side of the road.


  1. I went today with my daughter and this place was great! I had a little trouble since its a ticket machine and I was a bit confused with the portion sizes but the staff was very helpful and I finally got the hang of it. It’s a great place to try and yes the steak is definitely steak strips and they were fabulous! Would definitely recommend this place to others.

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    From bill anders on 9/15/13:
    “Haha, thats classic!”

  3. Second time was even better! The first time, I had the steak ramen set and it was delicious. The second time, decided to go with the garlic fried rice set. I was not disappointed because it was so good, if you like garlic, you can really taste the garlic on this dish. YUM! This was my husband and son’s first time at Stripe and they really liked what they ordered. We will definitely be regulars 🙂

  4. Great place! I’ve been 3 times so far and keep wanting to try something new but can’t help getting the steak ramen every time. So good! We get the set including gyoza..those are good also. We’ll be back 🙂

  5. My family of 6 visited here for a late lunch today and we loved it! My husband and oldest son got the steak ramen and we were able to easily convey to the staff that they only wanted meat and noodles, no veggies. I got the steak ramen the regular way. My second son got the kids fried rice and he LOVED it! My two daughters got the kids chicken set and some curly fries. Everyone was very happy with their meal. The decor is awesome, the seating is comfortable and the place is soooo clean. The gentleman that greeted us at the door spoke great English and was so helpful in helping us choose what we needed from the ticket machine. If you are a ramen fan, check this place out!

  6. Got here when they opened. Greeted and seated. They helped us select our food since it was our first time. Ambiance and service is great!!! Food was even more delicious. Prices reasonable. Will come here again.

  7. I went here today for lunch with my daughter. It was fantastic! The steak ramen was delicious, as was the gyoza. Like Trish said, the spicy sprouts really added something to it. The staff was helpful and friendly too. We will definitely be going back!

  8. This place is amazing! The staff spoke very good English and explained all the menu options. I have never felt more welcomed at a restaurant from staff. They were not very busy at all so I urge people to go check it out! The steak Ramen was probably the best ramen I have had on island! I cannot say enough good things about this place and will definitely be going back.

  9. Great review, but it was even better in person. Steak ramen had steak strips that were actually seasoned and seared properly to maintain flavor…not this “steak bits” business than many places do. Also, the decor is funky fresh, very hip and after a couple of hours ont he beach I welcomed the fact that it was actually cool inside there–whereas many of the other ramen shops (whom are also quite good) gets to steamy from cooking to enjoy int he summer months without sweating bullets. Of note, the parking situation–through no fault of the their own, but rather the access road’s ongoing construction–is not ideal if you own something other than say, a yellow plate vehicle. I parked at the McDonalds 100 meters away and just walked.