One of the greatest things about Okinawa is the opportunity to find a new little restaurant, shop, or store hiding out in almost every city block. One such new haunt for me is Sunabe Gyros. Gyros (pronounced yeer-ohs, or gear-o, depending), refers to the way the meat is cooked, on a spit upright (from the word gyrate possibly?). It also refers to a darned fine way to eat a Greek lunch on the seawall.

I recommend starting your meal with a falafel set, which consists of fried balls of spicy chickpeas, pepper, and other spices dipped in tzatziki (a cucumber, garlic yogurt sauce) or a spicy salsa. For a main course, try their #1 seller, a Beef Gyro Combo, which you can get with either chips or fries. The sandwich, a mix of warm pita bread, fresh sliced strips of beef, crisp lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, and the tzatziki sauce mentioned above. I also like to add a bit of the salsa, as it “kicks it up a notch”. You can also try the chicken gyro which features roasted chicken.


The Falafel Set


The Beef Gyro

Great vegetarian options include warm pita bread and hummus (a spicy chickpea spread), or Greek Salad, which is a fresh blend of lettuce, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and feta cheese with an olive oil/vinegar based dressing.

My favorite way to end this, so I ensure I’m stuffed to the hilt, is to have a piece of Baklava, a pastry made with phyllo dough layers intermixed with nuts and honey. Gyros does it even one better as their version also features a dose of cinnamon. In the south, we’d call this dang good eatin’. Gyros doesn’t do complicated dishes using lots of weird ingredients. What they do is rich flavors, clear ingredients, each of which leaves you with a great appreciation of greek food as a result.


The joy that is baklava

The restaurant itself is small, about 15 seats in all, but they just opened a roof top terrace which offers another 12 seats and a great view of the Seawall.

Hours: 098 936 8817

Address: 2-99 Miyagi, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.329265697922008, 127.74433811246627


To get the Gyros, take Hwy 58 toward Kadena. At the stoplight right before Kadena Gate 1, take a left. Go through all the stoplights. After the last stoplight, Gyros is about half a block down on the right on the 2nd floor.


A sign of something good to come


The inside


  1. I’ll have to agree with Kody above.

    The meat was much like meatloaf. I think (I know) that the meat didnt’ come off the spit and therefore quite dry.
    when I got home, the beef gyro only had feta cheese on it and therefore the entire thing was dry!
    Loads of Sauce may have helped it.

    Not the best Gyro by a long shot and to be honest, I was very disappointed!!! Pity, coz I love gyros!

    Really nice fries though!

  2. I haven’t been to Sunabe gyros yet but I’d like to soon! To be honest I enjoy the lamb wraps around the corner at Istanbul Kebab house (not so much into beef), so this should be an interesting outing!

  3. I tried this place yesterday for the first time. Good stuff! Tried the goat gyro with fries…yummy. You’re not suppose to park in the street but lots of people do. Appears the police only give tickets rarely. I didn’t want to chance it, so I just parked along the sea wall.
    Just plug their phone# 098 936 8817 in your iPhone maps app for directions.

  4. i love these gyros! chicken is my fave. each gyro is about 500yen, and a set with drink and fries is about 750yen. good prices, plus ocean view if you eat on rooftop.

  5. Went here tonight and it was so good! I got the chicken gyro combo and my husband got the goat gyro. We also got a piece of baklava. Everything was great, we will be going back soon

  6. Just to clear something up.

    #1 – Hummus is NOT a Greek dish.

    #2 – This does not taste like real traditional gyro. It may be good if you have never had it, but this does not even come close to the real thing.

  7. There was a time when I ate here pretty often. My favorite menu items are the pita falafel, greek pizza, and chicken salad. The beef gyro actually tastes a little weird, IMO. In any case, the food is generally good and filling.

  8. The chicken gyros is better than the beef one. I enjoy this restaurant. Best is when you buy your food and eat it by the sea wall!!!!!

  9. Sunabe Gyros is probably the worst Gyro I’ve ever had. In no way is it authentic greek food. You’ll find a better Gyro at the Tee House on Kadena although that honestly is not that much better. Real gyros are lamb or lamb and beef not beef or chicken. If your looking for a good ouzo though they do sell bottles of Ouzo 12… a great tasting ouzo at a reasonable price.

  10. We’ve been here several times & it’s always great. The falafel pita is a great vegetarian option. They sell the pita plain with tzatziki on the side for picky eaters, as well as fries & salad if kids aren’t into the gyros.

  11. Oh this place is amazing. Yeah, parking kind of sucks but just look for a legal spot and walk a little more. My fav there is the Beef Gyro set. I thought this place would be “just ok”, but to my surprise it was amazing and I go back there all the time now.

  12. My husband and I tried the chicken gyros today. It was our first time here. We really enjoyed it! It was really tasty! We had the two gyros combo, 2 gyros wraps, 2 drinks and chip/ fries. All for only 1300-1400 yen!!!
    Oh and the restaurant is in a no parking zone! So you have to park in the adjacent street or get a ticket!

  13. Aimee,

    According to one of their ads they are open Tues-Sun from 11 AM – 9 PM and closed on Mondays.

    I love their Greek pizza with chicken and Greek salad. I don’t think they have gyros with lamb though. If you’re around Kadena, Platters at Schilling Community Center has a decent lamb gyro. They also have gyros at the Tee House restaurant near the golf course on Gate 1.

  14. Does anyone know the hours they are open. I saw this and now I HAVE to have some. I have not had gyros in the 2 years I have been here.

  15. Thanks Aviva! I can’t believe we’ve lucked out everytime we’ve gone and avoided a ticket thus far. We just assumed you could park there b/c there were other cars there. We were so lucky! I’m def. going to park along the wall from here on out.

  16. park along the sea wall somewhere & walk it, NOT on the street that cocok’s & sunabe gyros is on. sorry that had to happen the hard way, marlene, that’s awful!

  17. Re: parking tickets
    My husband got one parking on the street outside of Cocoks for about 10 minutes and it cost us $150.00!!! Michelle, do you know what your friend was charged? Anyone?

  18. Glad you liked it, Aviva. Must give credit where credit is due though…Sunabe Gyros comes to us compliments of Ashley!

  19. the falafel here is about as good as any i’ve had – and my picky kid eats the chicken gyro, it’s really delicious. good call, kelly!

  20. This is such a wonderful place to eat. We love it. Be mindful of where you park though. My friend got a ticket when she parked right across the street from Sunabe Gyros.

  21. So glad that you guys liked the post 🙂 I’m stoked it’s on here :).
    They don’t have lamb, unfortunately, but it’s good, good, good anyway.

  22. Soooo glad to see this place on here! It’s one of our favorites. I love the chicken gyros!! I highly recommend them. Their hummus is fabulous too. It’s the only hummus that I’ve found that’s really good around here in fact. Oh geeze, I think we’re going to have to drag the kids out there tonight now:)

  23. OH.MY.GOODNESS. That looks so very good right now. How did I miss this place? It is right around the corner from me! I see gyros in my very near future.


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