Editor’s Note: Ichiban Tei was originally reviewed on Okinawa Hai on May 14, 2007. The post below is an updated take on this restaurant, published June 24, 2015. 


Did you know that one of Japan’s answers to “fast food” is the sushi-go-round? Kaiten-Zushi is a Japanese phrase that is translated literally as “rotation sushi”, and in such a restaurant, the sushi actually rotates around the room on a conveyer belt (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conveyor_belt_sushi).

Ichiban Tei | Okinawa HaiWhen I first heard of these restaurants, I was intrigued because I like sushi, and I love the idea of food continually rolling out in front of me. I also have a small child, so a restaurant close to where I live that serves good food fast is definitely appealing.

Ichiban Tei | Okinawa HaiIchibantei is a Kaiten-Zushi, located in American Villiage, directly across from Makeman (aka The Monkey Store). On the store front there is a sign that displays samples of their creations as well as a price list.

In traditional Kaiten-Zushi restaurants, the plates you collect from the conveyor belt, as well as any you special order, are tallied at the end of your visit. The pricing of each plates is determined by color and design, but don’t worry: there is a “cheat sheet” of plates with corresponding prices displayed on the walls of the restaurant. At the end of our visit, it was very gratifying to be indulgent as we piled our plates high. We left feeling pleasantly satiated, and hadn’t paid too much to do so. It was a win, win, win for us! 

ichibantei-14As far as selection of sushi is concerned, most of what comes down the belt is shrimp and tuna- but there are other varieties that come through as well. Plus if you special order any other sushi roles, you’ll still get your sushi fast!

Ichiban Tei | Okinawa HaiThere is a hot water spout at each table with complimentary green teas so you can brew tea to your liking on demand.  You can also order a variety of soft drinks, beers and wine. They also offer curries, chicken nuggets, and desserts, making the restaurant friendly for the whole family. I highly recommend this place for a fun, casual and quick dining experience.
Ichiban Tei | Okinawa Hai

Hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm

Phone: 098-983-7656

Address: 2 Chome-1-6 Mihama, Chatan

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3154445, 127.76014250000003

Directions: RIGHT out of the Foster Commissary Gate and head north on 58. Turn LEFT at the light outside Camp Lester’s Gate 1 and the drive-thru Starbucks. Take a RIGHT at the second light. The restaurant is located on the RIGHT just past the intersection after the JUSCO department store and across the street from Makeman. Free parking is located behind the building.



  1. Best sushi place on the island. If you don’t go when they are busy then order off the menu. I went when no one else was there around 3 and the sushi on the conveyer was old. But now I just order off the menu and it is amazing. Try the umeshiso it is cheap and taste great.

  2. My bro and I went to the sushi go round next to the Ferris wheel tonight. It was great! My faves were the salmon w/ onion previously mentioned and also some sort of tempura fish nigeri. Everything we tried was delicious….even if we weren’t always sure what it was! They do have a menu with pictures and the English translation, but it’s not always easy to tell things apart. Depends on what you choose. Our total was about 1400Y, and I was sated but not stuffed. Great place to try things, as most plate only has 2 pieces.

  3. Mishka, The one you are talking about is called Gurume Sushi Go Around. It is the only one we ever go as well. They have a few stores around the island and you can also pre-order party tray to go as well. If you go there for your birthday and book it ahead of time. They even give you a cake for free. We stuck with this store ever since we tried their fried fish neck and their fish soup. hmmm yummy!

  4. I have tried Ichiban Tei now and I don’t like all the mayo they put on the sushi….I still think the one I mentioned above is better, but I am sure everyone has their own preferences. You turn off the 58 like you are going to the Ferris Wheel and the Starbucks across from Tony Roma’s. At the first light, on the left side of the road, is parking for this sushi go round. It has a Karaoke place next door and upstairs. It is very popular with the locals so it can be very busy at certain times of the day.

  5. The best one I have found is the one near the corner of the Ferris Wheel road, and the first light off the 58 going towards the water. It is the only one we ever go to…the salmon with onions is awesome. I don’t know the name in romanji but it is hard to miss.

  6. There is aother sushi go-round in Awase. It is on Rte. 85 (there are four Rte. 85’s if you look at a map) just down the street from Toys-R-Us. It is on the street level and shares a building with a large karaoke box place.
    It doesn’t have California Rolls but plenty of other goodies.