This is for all the folks up by Camp Courtney and McT.  I’m not sure what the official Japanese name of this market is, I think it is commonly called the fruit market.  It’s loaded with fresh fruits out in the front, recently there have been beautiful, delicious strawberries.  And I seem to have better luck with the avocados I buy there vs those at the commissary.  Inside the the building there is a large assortment of vegetables and greens.   It is a little hidden.  Coming from Courtney, south on 75 turn right in the little alley immediate after Tsutaya, and you’ll be looking right at it.

There is also a little sushi go round located in the Tsutaya building at the end.  In the picture it is shuttered because we were walking by pretty early in the morning.  There isn’t always a huge variety there going around, they do a HUGE takeout business and those seem to take priority over keeping a variety going around in the restaurant, although the guys preparing the sushi are pretty fast when you make a request.  We like that it’s within walking distance (if you like walking) of the base.

Address: Uruma, Midorimachi, 4 Chome−12 県道75号線

Google Coordinates: 26.376941, 127.854890


  1. Sushi Go Round seems to be a local spot. It is sometimes full at dinner time, and most of the patrons are locals (both times I went I was the only Westerner in the place). The food is tasty and of good value but the portions are understandably small. That being said it’s neat that you can go and order 10 different things at have a $11 bill at the end. I plan on making it a regular visit of mine because the sushi is fresh and the value is good.

  2. Great Place for about Y 105 a plate its the best price out there. For 2 adults we spend about Y 3,200 . Great Sushi and other items like Miso Soup, Udon , Pineapples etc. Just a great atmosphere and super fast service since the food is there already or you can order it from the touch screen menu. Getting there is pretty easy too. Just go to Google maps and enter this: ( 26.376941, 127.854890 ) in the search bar it’ll come up as Tsutaya but its in the same parking lot.

  3. We went today and it was perfect. Those who say it was a basic menu are maybe people looking for rainbow rolls and complicated stuff and such. If you are looking for super fast service, casual dining, family friendly (there were families all over the place and they had fries and fried chicken to order if you have non sushi eating kids) and your basic rolls to fill you up it’s perfect! We can’t wait to go again!!!! I would consider it to be like the “American diner’s answer to sushi”. It’s not the Ruth Chris of sushi, just a good old fashion sushi hole in the wall diner. 🙂 We went at lunch and it was pretty busy too but we got in without a wait.

  4. We love this place! We go here almost every other weekend. As a matter of fact, we’ll be coming here for dinner tonight. But there are no high chairs or booster seats. So, we started bringing our own bumbo seat for our toddler. I would recommend to come in before 6:30pm during weekends as it gets packed really fast. Love this place!!!

  5. WHAT???? OMG, this is the best sushi house on the island and the cheapest. Okay, where do I start. They had a remodel and now are state of the art like Tokyo. There are about 8 large booths for 6 adults comfortably and a sushi chef at the front with bar stools (about 20) for his service.

    At the booths there is touch screen. You get to see (and read in english) all the choices. You touch the picture and build up an order. 1 plate to 6 at a time… then whoosh, the boat (on one side) or the train on the other comes out of the kitchen to your table. Take your plates of FRESH made for you shushi and hit the button to send the vehicle back. There is also some fried food (ie, chicken nuggets or octopus) and soups (ramen and udon) that can be ordered.

    Are you ready for this? Every single plate is Y100. That’s it. Soup, sushi, rolls, chicken, octopus, fatty tuna, salmon with cheese, don’t matter. I rarely break Y1,000 and I eat a lot. Each plate is two pieces too.

    How can you go wrong? Give it a try, you wont’ be disappointed. Oh, they are open at 11:30am to 11pm i believe. ENJOY ! ! !

  6. Thanks for all this info — I’ve been trying to buy organic, but they just don’t have more than 5-10 items at the Co-ops. Local would be my next choice. I’ve heard there’s a market down Gate 2 street but don’t know where. Any clue?

  7. Prices vary, more than the commissary, but fresher than we get at our commissary. Strawberries have been running around 390Y a package, less than the price I had seen in Maxvalue a few weeks ago. Avacados 120 Y each, small package cherry type tomatoes 130Y. I believe there is another market on 329 between 85 and 23, on the left side and you are heading north.

  8. Another way to get to the fruite market is to turn off the 75 onto the 8 (if coming from courtney it is a right turn). Then turn right at the KFC (into the KFC parking lot). You will notice at the end that it has an exit. Go park at the end by the exit and the fruit market will be on the left side! That way you don’t have to worry about parking on the street.