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We all have our list of the things we miss from the states. For me, one would be shopping malls where I can go browse & find the perfect items and check out, rather than the usual online shopping I do while being on the island. Next would be authentic Hispanic food! Growing up in New York finding diversity in Hispanic cuisine was never a problem. One day it was Colombian food, while the next it was Dominican or Salvadorian. I love me a good plate of Hispanic soul food. When I don’t feel like cooking and want something different, eating out comes to mind. But being out here it’s either Fast Food on base or some of the food that we can find at our local off-base restaurants. But where’s the Hispanic food?

Well, after two years on island I can say I have been to one in Okinawa. After a GREAT recommendation from a friend I walked into the perfect place to meet my desire. I satisfied my taste buds at Titicaca, a Peruvian restaurant off gate 2 street. Titicaca is named after a river that lies between the borders of Peru and Bolivia.

After my friend mentioned this place to me a few times, my family and I, together with some friends, decided to check this place out! After getting lost a little, we found Titicaca. Good thing the Peruvian flag was hanging outside the restaurant! (There’s a Bolivian flag up, too.) We had never had Peruvian food before so we stood outside and read their menu to make sure that this is where we were going to eat dinner. To our surprise their menu was in English & Japanese with Spanish dish titles. After getting hungry from reading the menu and looking at the pictures of the dishes, we decided we had to go in.

Titicaca Front

Once we went in we were greeted and welcomed by the owner and his wife, a sweet couple. After arranging tables and chairs for our big party, he asked us if we knew Spanish. With much delight we all said, “SI!!” Right there we knew this was it, a true mom & pops spot. They have many dishes — twenty-four — to choose from. With so much excitement in us we didn’t know what to try. I decided on the Lomo Saltado, which is meat with tomatoes & onions mixed with French fries and served with rice…Delicioso! Within our group other things were tried which were all yummy too.

Titicaca Lomo SaltadoWe also tried their tamales and empanadas. They were so good; we ended up ordering seconds on those. With each meal we had the option of choosing a set, which brings soup & a drink. I ended up getting the set with my meal and tried their blue corn drink, Chicha. It was good, similar to horchata. They also have Inca Soda, their traditional soda, or Coca Cola as a side order. They sell homemade pastries. Even after being extremely full we tried their cocadas, a small cookie made out of coconut. No disappointment there either. They also sell some Peruvian spices and canned foods to take home.

Titicaca TamalNothing about the place or service disappointed us. The restaurant is decorated with Peruvian & Bolivian décor & frames. The owner speaks Spanish, Japanese, and we heard him speak some English too, so ordering should not be a problem. Being so far from home it was nice to be able to order our food in Spanish. The restaurant is small but has about 6-8 small tables and there’s a section with tatami mats. It is also very kid friendly; I noticed a kid set on the menu.

Their prices are very reasonable and you get plenty of food on your plate to satisfy you. My dish set was 950 yen, without the set it’s 800 yen. We love this place. We’ve been back several times. During lunch hours they do have a set price on certain dishes which includes dessert, with a smaller portion but still enough to have you leave with a smile.

Titicaca Peruvian Restaurant

Hours: 11am-8:30pm. Closed Sundays & Mondays

Phone:  090-1344-3688 and they have take out.

Payment:  Only yen.

Parking: The owner mentioned to us that the restaurant will provide you with free parking for an hour in the parking garage located in the left corner before you reach the restaurant, (the parking garage that electronically moves your car up & down). Just make sure you mention it to them before you leave the restaurant so that they can give you a ticket for free parking. Before knowing this we parked on the lot next to the restaurant and paid about 350 yen, not too bad.

Directions:  From Kadena Gate 2: Go straight ahead, you will make the last left possible on gate 2 before reaching the 330, you will see Mayco Optometry on the left corner. Once you make a left continue straight, after a few stores and restaurants, you will see the restaurant on your left, right after a parking lot across a sporting goods store.
From Foster: Exit the PX gate onto 330, make a left and head towards Gate 2 Street. Make a left onto Gate 2 Street and make your very first right possible, you will see the Mayco Optometry on the corner, turn there. Continue straight, after a few stores and restaurants, you will see the restaurant on your left, right after a parking lot.

Menu:  Click for larger view

Titicaca Menu 1
Titicaca Menu 1
Titicaca Menu 2
Titicaca Menu 2


  1. I love this place, it’s still there, taking from a guy who married a Peruvian woman. This food is excellent quality. By far the best Peruvian restaurant in Okinawa. All others serve less quality and quantity.

  2. I live this place, it’s still there, taking from a guy who married a Peruvian woman. This food is excellent quality. By far the best Peruvian restaurant in Okinawa. All others serve less quality and quantity.

  3. We just ate here today and it was AMAZING!!! Best food we’ve had here so far, it’s very authentic and the owners are so polite and helpful. We tried the lomo saltado, pollo a la brasa (roasted chicken), empanadas and chicha morada. Everything thing was so delicious. The chicken was incredibly moist and seasoned to the bone. The lomo saltado was so flavorful and tender while the fries were perfectly crispy. I’m sure the fries are homemade as everything else. The empanadas are perfectly seasoned and scrumptious. We wanted to try the tamales but sadly they didn’t have them till next month because they’re waiting on some ingredients. This will definitely be our to go spot.

    • I have to disagree I am Peruvian and I have pictures at Tiitcaca lake. Is a big lake on the border between Perù and Bolivia. It is the highest navigable lake of the world and one of the biggest lakes of South America!

  4. One of our favorite places to go here on the island! Great treat after having a successful PT test! Hahaha 🙂

    Must try the lomo saltado, tamales and chicha morada at least once in your life! 🙂

    Please change in the article that you can park in the lot right next to it. For free! Just get a ticket from the Titicaca cashier and remember not to stay parked for more than an hour.

  5. Ate there last night, It wasn’t horrible, but I was Not real impressed, Thought we would try something different, I ordered the Roasted Chicken (very Dry), and my Wife had the Beef Stew (I’ve had better from a can). Best part of the meal was the french fries 🙂 The Hot sauce was really good. We won’t be going back.

  6. Great price, great food! I went with friends for lunch. Not very busy, so the service was quick. The staff is very nice. I had the Pollo Asado set meal. The dessert was flan that day and it was good. If you park in the lot right next to the restaurant, take your parking ticket inside and they will validate it for you. We ended up only paying 100 yen to park and we were there for 1.5 hours (because we stayed to talk a while!)

  7. Thanks for the review! My family and I tired it A couple of weeks ago, and we are hooked. I couldnt believe how affordable it was and delicious. They also have a little play area with kids toys. It’s great for younger children. My husband is from Mexico, and he really enjoyed being able to speak Spanish with the owner.

  8. the tamales are excellent !
    so good i ordered one to go.
    as for meals #3 is def. a dish i would order over & over again.the green rice may appear a bit to get past but its so good .
    the flan was also excellent .we had 3 orders along with 2 orders of the chocolate cake for desert.
    the owners are so polite & welcomeing you want to return.
    our dining experience was pleasant.
    great for any family w/ or w/ out children.
    we’ll definitely return : )

  9. Went there this past weekend with my family. My husband loved the Lomo Saltado and my daughter ate everything on her kids plate. Their empanadas were also really good. We ordered some to go. I’m so happy I found this post! The food definitely reminded me of home =) We will be going back on a regular basis!!

  10. This is the best place on Oki! They also speak spanish for those that miss the language. For the starters I would suggest the “papa ala huancaina” it’s great trust! And for those, if its your first time, can’t go wrong with a Lomo or Pollo saltado! Try the Inca cola and the chicha, great drinks! Also try the Green rice!! Anything here is GREAT!!!!

  11. There’s actually a pretty decent population of Okinawans who were born in or have family in Peru! The owners are SO kind, and it’s delightful to spend time in their restaurant. The food is fantastic – the empanadas are to DIE for…delicious and a great find for something different!

  12. Cultural mash ups – Love it! This a is a great place where you can hear Japanese, English, and Spanish all at once. Great food too and love the Chicha! Well-worth the “exploration” it might take to find it.