To Eat Index: By Location


    To-Eat-by-LocationYou’re hungry.  You’re looking for somewhere good to grab a bite to eat and you’re hungry NOW… but where do you start?

    Thankfully, Okinawa Hai has an extensive collection of posts detailing the many restaurants, cafes, and sushi bars here on island.  This is an index of all the food establishments we have reviews and information about, grouped according to its location on the island*, with the type of food served and the general location indicated next to them.

    But maybe you don’t care how far you (or your cab driver) have to travel; you’re craving that something special. Tonight you only want sushi.  Or curry.  Or Italian.  Fortunately for you, we’ve got an index listed by type of cuisine, too.  And if there’s a restaurant you heard about from a friend of a friend, but you can’t remember where it is or what they serve… well, that’s why we also have a complete alphabetized index as well.

    You’ve got three great ways to figure out where you’re going for dinner tonight!  Kompai!

    American Village/Chatan Town/Camp Lester area
    Agu House Okinawan BBQ; near Camp Lester
    American American Japanese-style American food (steak & pie); Chatan
    Arigato Apparel and Dining izakaya; Chatan
    Bollywood Dreams Indian; American Village
    Burger King (off base) fast food; American Village
    Cafe Buho cafe-style food; near Kadena & Foster
    Casa de Dragon Chinese; Mihama
    Co-Lab ribs & burgers; Chatan
    Corrente Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort Italian; Chatan
    Crocodile’s Restaurantseafood & steak; American Village
    Depot’s Garden Restaurant & Cafe cafe-style food; American Village
    Double Decker Cafe Bar diner-style food; American Village
    Four Seasons Steakhouse Japanese teppanyaki; various locations
    Gado Ramen ticket-style ramen; Chatan
    Genki Izakaya izakaya/Japanese appetizers; American Village
    Gourmet Kaiten Sushi Ichiba sushi-go-round; American Village
    Hoshida Japanese; American Village
    How Tsu steamed buns; Chatan
    Ichiban Tei Sushi Go Round; Chatan
    Ishigakijima Kitchen Bin burgers; Chatan
    Island Terrace Cafe & RestaurantJapanese; American Village
    Jai Thai Thai and curry; American Village
    Jetta Burger Market burgers; American Village
    Jumbo Steak Han’s steak; American Village
    Kabab’s Indian Restaurant Indian and curry; between Kadena and Camp Lester
    Kalbi-no Tsubo Korean; American Village
    Kami Sushi sushi; American Village
    Kinpa Ginpa Okinawan, ramen; American Village
    Linya Ramen ramen; Chatan
    Marukame Noodle Japanese/Okinawan; American Village
    Maybe Bakery bakery; Chatan
    Myung Dong Korean barbeque; across from Camp Lester
    Ono Kau Kau Hawaiian; Chatan
    Osakanaya Chatan “Fisher’s Kitchen” seafood; Chatan
    Partyland (formerly Yogurtland) frozen yogurt; American Village
    R-Cafe breakfast and cafe-style food; American Village
    Ramen Kagetshu Arashi Japanese, ticket-style; across from Camp Lester
    Rye’s Dining Chinese; Chatan
    Seaside Cafe Hanon pancakes; American Village
    Sai Nam Japanese wraps; American Village
    Shabu Shabu & BBQ Mongolian BBQ; American Village
    SURIYUN at Hilton Okinawa Chatan Resort Okinawan buffet; Chatan
    Stripe Ramen Tokyo-style ramen; near Lester
    Tacorice Cafe taco rice; American Village
    Tenkaippin Ramen ramen/Japanese; chain restaurant in Chatan, Urasoe, & Naha
    Tihar Indian & Nepalese; American Village
    Tonkatsu Taro Okinawan/Japanese; Chatan
    Toyo Hanten Chinese; Chatan
    Trattoria d’Italia Italian; American Village
    Yakiniku Goen Korean BBQ; Chatan and Camp Courtney locations
    Yamachu-Honpo coffee beanery; Chatan

    Awase/Camp Butler area
    Awase Sanchome ramen; Awase
    1756’s Cafe Sweets Factory bakery; Awase
    Airdoi Thai; Awase area
    Ajitoya curry; Awase
    Anzuya Japanese; Awase area
    Awase Fish Market fresh fish and seafood market and restaurant; Awase
    Cafe Lollipop cafe-style food; Awase
    Cafe One Bar cafe-style food; Awase
    Cafe Casa cafe-style food; Awase
    Cafe Restaurant Gusto Japanese; Awase area
    Casa Verde Restaurant organic and local food buffet; Awase area
    Garyu-ya ramen; Awase
    Gyu-Kaku izakaya; Awase
    Hanta Baru Italian cafe; Nakagusuku
    Izakaya Jazzra izakaya/Japanese appetizers; Awase Shopping Center
    JiJi Cafe Japanese/curry; near Awase golf course
    King Kong Paradise yakiniku; Awase
    Kramp Coffee coffee bar; Awase
    Krishna Indian Restaurant Indian and curry; near Awase Golf Course
    Laxmi Indian curry; Kitanakagusuku Village near Awase golf course
    Miche Miche Cafe cafe/British tea; Awase
    Milk House Ice Cream Stand (EM Milk) ice cream; Nakagusuku
    Olive Batake (Garden) Italian; Awase
    Peter’s Place Chinese; near Awase
    Sai Kyou Japanese ticket; Awase
    Sam’s By the Sea seafood and steak; Awase
    Sapporo Ramen ramen; Awase
    Soup Soup cafe-style food; Awase
    Sukiyanen Okonomiyaki Japanese; Awase area
    Wadaya Japanese; Gushikawa

    Courtney/McTureous/Hansen area
    2 JerksCaribbean; Uruma
    Agena Soba soba & Japanese; near Camp McTureous
    Ajinokura Ramen Shop Japanese/Okinawan; Camp McTureous
    Aloha Restaurant Okinawan; near Camp McTureous
    Amelia: Tapas Italian; Ishikawa
    Cafe Blue Shore cafe-style food; near Camp Courtney
    Cafe Gold Hall museum/cave with cafe food; Camp Hansen area
    Cafe Gyutto cafe-style food; Motobu
    Cafe Holoholo cafe-style food; near Camp McTureous
    Cafe Kelp Okinawan, cafe food; Camp Courtney
    Cafe Pipi Neo cafe-style food; Uruma
    Café Seseragi cafe-style food; Motobu
    Cafe Ukelele cafe-style food; near Camp Courtney
    Dragon Chinese Chinese; Camp Courtney area
    Dreaming Angel (Christmas) Restaurant  Japanese; near Camp Hansen/Ishikawa
    Exit Cafe cafe-style food; near Camp Courtney
    Garden Restaurant Taurus Italian; near Camp Hansen
    Green Mama Cafe cafe-style food; near Camp Courtney
    Good Company coffee coffee beanery; near Camp Courtney/Camp McTureous
    Gushikawa Soba soba; near Camp McTureous & Camp Courtney
    Hamazushi sushi-go-round; Near Courtney
    Hinata Cafe cafe-style food; near White Beach
    Hiro’s Coffee Farmcoffee farm and beanery; northeast side of Okinawa
    Hungry Tacos taco stand; Uruma area
    Igokochiya Izakaya izakaya; Uruma
    Ikesuno Ginji Japanese; near Camp Courtney
    Kaisen Sumibiyaki Shinsenmaru izakaya; near Camp McTureous
    Kanna Drive Inn Okinawan cafe-style food; Ginoza
    Kari-Ya Japanese/American food; near Camp Hansen
    Khrua Thai Thai; Camp Courtney area
    Kitchen MaGee! Japanese (and tacos); near Courtney & McTureous
    Mont Creabakery; near Camp Hansen
    Motherleaf Shave Ice shave ice; near Camp Courtney
    Nigiri Uminai Sushi sushi-go-round; near Camp Courtney
    Obbligatos Mexican; Uruma
    Ohana Hawaiian Restaurant Hawaiian; Ishikawa
    Petits Fours bakery; Ishikawa and Camp Courtney locations
    Priveta Beach Cafe cafe-style food; Ishikawa
    Ramen in Uruma (aka Flame Ramen) ramen; near Camp Courtney
    River Rock Billiards & Darts bar; Camp Courtney area
    Salt Factory Nuchi Masu cafe-style food; Uruma
    Santorini cafe-style food; Hamahiga Island
    Seaside BBQ BBQ; near Courtney
    Seasonal Foods of Okinawa Okinawan; near Camp Courtney
    Soleil bakery; near Camp McTureous
    Soul Kitchen pizza; Uruma
    Taiyo Steakhouse steak; Taiyo golf course near Camp Courtney
    Tomato karaoke bar/Japanese; Uruma
    Toride izakaya/Japanese appetizers; Camp Courtney/McTureous area
    Very Berry Cafe cafe-style food; near Camp Courtney
    White Kichen Okinawan; Camp Hansen area
    Yakiniku Goen Korean BBQ; Chatan and Camp Courtney locations

    Kadena Air Base area
    American Kitchen fast food – pizza, curry, tacos, sandwiches; near Kadena gate 5
    Ayurveda Indian; Kadena Gate 2
    Bamboo Cafe Caribbean/Jamaican; Kadena Gate 2
    Banyan Tree pizza, bakery; Kadena Air Base
    Birdland Cafe cafe-style food; Kadena Gate 2
    Boulangerie Gidon Bakery bakery; between Kadena Gate 3 and Kadena traffic circle
    Bungalow Filipino Restaurant Filipino; Kadena Gate 2
    Cafe and Bar Associa cafe-style food; near Kadena Gate 5
    Capital Steakhouse teppanyaki; Kadena Gate 2
    Charlie’s Tacos Mexican; Kadena Gate 2 area
    Chili’s and Chili’s Too American chain restaurant; Kadena Air Base
    Daikon-no Hana  (and HERE) buffet-style organic and fresh foods; Okinawa City and Naha locations
    Daruma Japanese/Okinawan; Kadena Gate 5
    Dokamea Ticket Restaurant Okinawan; Kadena Gate 3
    Dos Manos Mexican/near Kadena Gate 2
    Entremets bakery/desserts; near Kadena gate 2
    Eternite Bakery Kadena Gate 3
    Four Seasons Steakhouse Japanese teppanyaki; various locations
    Fujiyama’s bar/club; near Kadena Gate 2
    Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ Kadena Gate 1
    Green River Cafe cafe-style food; near Kadena
    Hanabi Japanese/Okinawan; Kadena Gate 3
    Ima Cafe cafe-style food; Kadena Gate 2
    Indira Indian Restaurant Indian; Okinawa City
    Kaca-fe cafe-style food; Kadena Gate 2
    Kaneku soba; near Kadena AB
    Kitakaisen sushi and Japanese; near Kadena Air Base
    Kintsuki izakaya; near Kadena Air Base
    The Loop cafe-style food and beverages; near Kadena Air Base
    Marino’s Italian; near Kadena Air Base
    Meguro Torimaki Yakitori House yakitori; near Kadena Air Base
    Mother Coffee coffee/limited breakfast items; near Kadena
    Newport Sushi Japanese/sushi; Kadena
    Peace Restaurant (in Southeast Botanical Gardens) cafe-style food; near Kadena 
    Poco a Poco izakaya; Okinawa City
    Porky’s Live Bar burgers, pizza; Okinawa City
    Ramen Kameya Japanese/noodles; near Kadena AB
    Ramen Motonari Okinawan/noodles; near Kadena AB
    Samurai Sushi & Izakaya sushi/izakaya; Kadena Gate 2
     Shakey’s Pizzapizza & curry buffet; 2 locations near Kadena
    Shiva Indian Indian; Misato/Okinawa City
    SomChai Thai; Kadena Gate 2
    Tacos & Coffee Okinawan; near Kadena gate 2
    Taj Okinawa curry; Kadena Gate 2
    Titicaca Peruvian Restaurant Peruvian; between Kadena and Foster
    The Tropical Moons bar; near Kadena Gate 1
    Tsuru-Mi-Ya Ramen Okinawan; Ishikawa area
    Tus Amigos Peruvian; near Kadena gate 2
    Wing King chicken wings; locations near Kadena and Foster
    Yakiniku King Korean BBQ; near Kadena AB
    Yazaemon sushi and Japanese; near Kadena Air base
    YoshiHachi sushi bar and Japanese; near Kadena Air Base
    Zazou Bakery bakery; outside Kadena Gate 2

    Aeon Rycom Mall
    Earth Hammock Cafe cafe-style food; Aeon Rycom Mall
    Orion Beer Hall specialty beer & bar food; Aeon Rycom Mall
    Roy’s Okinawa Hawaiian fusion; Aeon Rycom Mall
    Wild Oceanseafood & steak; in Aeon Rycom Mall

    Foster/Futenma area
    A Danian Cafe soup curry/Japanese; near Camp Foster
    American Pizzaman pizza; near Camp Foster
    Bali Noon Bali Moon Thai; near Camp Foster
    Bambohe  buffet-style Korean BBQ; Kokusai Street and Futenma locations
    Bangasa Japanese; near Camp Foster
    Barbeque House An An Korean BBQ; Camp Foster area
    Bian Relax Dining izakaya; near Camp Foster
    Bikkuri Donkey Hamburger Steak Okinawan burgers; near Camp Foster
    Boo Boo The Kitchen healthy smoothies and drinks; near Camp Foster
    Boulangerie Epi de Ble bakery; near Camp Foster
    Bovino’s Brazilian BBQ Brazilian; Araha Beach area
    Cactus Eatrip bagels, bread and coffee; Camp Foster area
    Cafe Green Green cafe-style food; Camp Foster area
    Cafe Mofgmona cafe-style food; Ginowan
    Cafe Natura cafe-style food; near Camp Foster
    Cafe Nicoli cafe-style food; Futenma
    Cafe Orleans Cajun; near Camp Foster
    Cafe Unizon cafe-style food and drink; outside Camp Foster
    Cat Cafe (Neco Cafe) drinks/cafe-style food with ability to socialize with cats; near Camp Foster
    Cho-Cho-Rino Hawaiian Cafe Hawaiian & burgers; Camp Foster area
    Chorou Ramenramen; near Camp Foster
    Climax Coffee breakfast, burgers, cafe food, coffee; Araha Beach area
    Dae Jang Geum Korean; Ginowan
    Daisy’s Cafe cafe-style food; near Araha Beach
    Dining Nan’s Japanese/sushi; Ginowan
    Dress Diner Buffet buffet-style dining; near Foster
    E & C Turkish Kebabs Turkish food; Hammy Town (between Foster & Kadena)
    Gajiro Ramen and Vintage Shop ramen; Ginowan
    Gen sushi; near Camp Foster
    Getsuen Hanten Chinese Chinese; near Camp Foster
    Guacamole Food Truck Mexican food truck; near Camp Foster
    Hale Noa Cafe Hawaiian cafe-style food; near Camp Foster
    Hanakinah Okinawa Soba House soba/Okinawan; near Camp Foster
    Hinoe Restaurant izakaya; near Camp Foster
    Honey Cafe cafe-style food; inside Yakumitsu Hompo/Plaza Shopping Center near Foster
    Ishigufu Soba Restaurant soba; near Foster
    JiroCho Sushi sushi; near Camp Foster
    Kastahamandap Nepalese; near Camp Foster
    Kame Sobasoba; near Camp Foster
    Karen Taiwan Bistro Taiwanese; near Foster
    Leonardo’s Italian Rose Garden Italian, breakfast/lunch/dinner; Camp Foster area
    Liberal Sushi all-you-can-eat sushi; near Okinawa Convention Center, south of Camp Foster
    Lierre Blanc French fine dining; near Foster
    Local Honey local Okinawan honey; Camp Foster and Yomitan locations
    L’Orange Patisserie bakery; near Camp Foster
    Mahou Coffee coffee and dessert; near Camp Foster
    Mike’s Tex-Mex Mexican; Camp Foster area
    Monoca Cafe cafe-style food; near Camp Foster
    Munakata-do Bakery organic bakery; Ginowan
    Neko HouseJapanese food and smoothies; near Camp Foster
    Ocean Grill (inside Moon Ocean Ginowan Hotel) steakhouse food; Ginowan
    Okinawa Brewing Company craft brewery & bar food; Chatan
    Palmetto Cafe cafe-style food; near Araha Beach
    Pan Ya & Tida Cafe cafe-style food; Urasoe City
    Peacock Chinese; near Futenma
    Petit Sweet, Patisserie Okinawa bakery; near Camp Foster
    Plaza House Chinese Chinese; near Camp Foster
    Ploughman’s Lunch Bakery set menu cafe-style food; Camp Foster area
    Ramen 7 ramen; near Camp Foster
    R-Cafe cafe-style food; Mihama
    Roguii cafe-style food; near Camp Foster
    Ryu’s Café (and HERE) Chinese; Chatan
    Sam’s Anchor Inn teppanyaki; between Kinser & Futenma
    Sauce New Orleans-style BBQ and drinks; Araha Beach area
    Seaside Jet City Burgers burgers; Araha Beach area
    Sheesah LoungeOkinawan; near Foster
    Sourire bakery; Ginowan
    Sushi ShunaOkinawan/Japanese; near Foster
    Tantantei Chinese; Pipeline area past Futenma
    Tetera Mexican Cafe Mexican; Foster
    TOGO Pizza pizza; Ginowan
    Tortilla Factory Mexican; near Foster
    Trattoria Ancora Italian; near Camp Foster
    White House Restaurant French cuisine; Camp Foster area
    Wing King chicken wings; locations near Kadena and Foster
    Yakiniku Viking TRY Korean BBQ; near Foster
    Yakumitsu Honpo local flavored honey; near Camp Foster
    Yujiro soba; Araha Beach area
    Zumi Cafe Japanese & American diner-style food; near Camp Foster

    Naha/Kinser area
    A-Danny Indian and curry; Naha
    Akebono Ramen OrokuJapanese; Naha
    Angina Beach Cafe cafe-style food; Naha
    Arin Krin (The Garlic Restaurant) tapas-style garlic themed food; between Foster and Kinser on 58
    Ashibiuna Japanese; near Naha
    Bacar Italian/pizza; Naha
    Bambohe buffet-style Korean BBQ; Kokusai Street and Futenma locations
    Black Cat Cafe coffee & cafe-style food; Naha
     Asian fusion; Naha
    C&C Breakfast breakfast cafe; Kokusai Street, Naha
    Cafe 1-or-8 cafe food and drinks; Naha
    Cafe Street Chatan Coffee coffee & beverages; Kokusai Street
    Cheers!!! specialty cheese shop and Tingara cafe and bar; Naha area
    Côte D’or specialty wine shop; Naha
    Cucina Cafe & Restaurant Italian; Naha
    DAO Vietnamese; in Kokusai Street market
    Daikon-no Hana  (and HERE) buffet-style organic and fresh foods; Okinawa City and Naha locations
    Go!Go! Curry curry; Naha
    Gokarna Spice Curry Indian curry; Naha
    Haebaru Drive-In Japanese; Haebaru (southeast of Naha)
    Hateruma Resturant Okinawan; Kokusai Street
    Ice Cafe -18º ice cream; near Camp Kinser
    Imai Pain bakery; Naha
    JyoGoo Roaster Cafe coffee & small cafe menu; southern Okinawa
    Kama – Hide’s Bakery bakery; between Urasoe and Naha
    Ken Blend Coffee coffee bar; Naha
    Kerebekki Turkish Restaurant Turkish; Naha area
    La Fonte Italian buffet; near Naha
    Le Patissier Jyo-gi bakery; Naha
    Little Greek Kitchen Greek cafe-style food; Uruma
    Maguro Tei
    fresh fish dishes; Naha
    Meera Indian Restaurant Indian; Naha
    My Blend awamori tasting bar; Naha
    Napoli Pizzaria pizza; Naha
    Noi Caphe Vietnamese; Kokusai Street/Naha
    oHacorte Patisserie tea & tartes; Urasoe
    Okinawa Beans Shop coffee beanery; Naha
    Okinawa Cerrado coffee roaster; Uruma
    Paopaocha Bukubuku Tea
    Japanese tea service; Naha
    Penguin Bar Fairy bar, light food; Naha
    Pine Tree Bless Curry Cafe curry and cafe food; near Naha
    Pineapple Kitchen Japanese and pineapple-themed food; near Naha
    Perestroika Russian; Naha
    Red Lobster seafood; Naha
    Rich Epi cafe-style food; Urasoe
    Sam’s Sailor Inn teppanyaki and steak; Kokusai Street, Naha
    Sweets Cafe O’Crepe crepes; Naha
    Tachigawa Waterfall Cafe Okinawan; northeast Okinawa
    Uema Okinawan/Japanese fast food; Naha area
    Ukishima Garden vegetarian; Naha
    Vita Smoothies smoothies and cafe-food; Kokusai Street
    Vivace cafe-style food; Naha
    Volare Cucina Italiana Italian; Naha
    Watami Japanese; Naha

    Hamahiga Island
    Hamahiga Food Cafe Okinawan/soba; Hamahiga Island
    Ippukuya Cafe cafe-style drinks & desserts; Hamahiga Island

    Nago and Northern Okinawa areas
    Beach Rock Village pizza, curry, salads; north of Nago in Nakijin
    The British Wine and Tea Shop English tea service and meals; near Nago Pineapple Park
    Caanan Slow Farm Cafe cafe-style food; Higashi Village
    Cafe Cahaya Bulan Okinawan; Nago
    Cafe Captain Kangaroo burgers; Nago
    Cafe Ichara pizza & cafe-style food; Motobu area
    Cafe Ishigufu Japanese cafe-style food; Nago area (east side of island)
    Cafe Kokuu vegetarian Okinawan; Nakijin
    Cafe Kurage cafe-style food; near Okuma
    Cha-Bira DiningOkinawan; Nago
    Chura-Hana Japanese/Okinawan; north of Onna Village
    Colombin steak, Japanese sets; south of Nago
    Green Tea Shop and Cafe pizza, bakery; near Nago Pineapple Park
    Forest Guest House Japanese/Okinawan; northern Okinawa/Mt Yaedake
    Fuu Cafe cafe-style food; Northern Okinawa
    Green Room Cafe and Restaurant cafe-style food and pizza; north of Nago
    Gilead Hearth Cafe (formerly Herb Vegetarian Restaurant) Japanese/vegetarian; Motobu
    H & S “Healthy and Smile” Burger burgers; Onna
    La Cabana Peruvian burgers; Okuma
    La Tilla cafe-style food; near aquarium
    Mukashi Mukashi soba & Japanese; Nago
    Muran Cafe cafe-style food; northeast Okinawa
    Nagumagai Japanese; Nago
    One Life Cafe smoothies & vegetarian fare; Nago
    The Orchid Okinawa-style buffet and performances; Onna
    Pizza in the Sky pizza; near Churaumi Aquarium, northwest Okinawa
    Pizzeria Bar Lecca pizza & cafe-style food; Motobu
    Restaurant Flipper cafe-style food & homemade hand pies; Nago
    Restaurant Kuina Okinawan; near Okuma
    Shima Donuts donuts/bakery; Nago
    Shrimp Wagon shrimp food truck; Kouri Island
    Toto La Bebe Hamburger burgers; near Nago
    Ufuya soba; Nago
    Wine & Pizza 58 (formerly Pizzeria Il Piccolino) pizza; Onna Village
    Yachimun Cafe cafe-style food; Motobu

    Okinawa City area
    Cafe Flamenco Cada Dia bakery; Okinawa City
    Chinuman Japanese with kid play area; near Kadena Air Base
    Daikon-no Hana  buffet-style organic and fresh foods; Okinawa City and Naha locations
    Gueuleton Japanese; Mint House area
    Salon Cuttho vegan; Okinawa City
    Senor Taco Mexican; between Kadena and Foster
    StacksRibs; near Okinawa City Zoo
    Tonneau (The Barrel Restaurant) Japanese; near Kadena Air Base

    South Okinawa areas
    Be Natural Cafe cafe-style food; Nanjo
    Cafe Bree Garden cafe-style food; South Okinawa
    Cafe Caracuma Thai; south tip of island
    Cafe Kugafu coffee shop & Japanese cafe-style food; south of Naha
    Café Yabusachi Japanese; south tip of islandCafé Yashinamiki cafe-style food; southern Okinawa
    K’s Town Cafe Restaurant and Barcafe-style food; southern Okinawa
    Machu Picchu Peruvian Restaurant Peruvian; Itoman
    Resort Cafe KAI cafe-style food; southern Okinawa
    Shokudo Karika Nepalese curry; southern Okinawa
    Vegetarica cafe-style food; Nago area

    Beer Rize craft beer and bar food; Sunabe Seawall
    Bella Napoli pizza; Sunabe
    Breeze Cafe Sea Glass cafe-style food; Sunabe
    Cafe Cielmer cafe-style food; Sunabe seawall
    Captain’s Inn teppanyaki; Sunabe
    CC’s Chicken & Waffles US southern-style food; Sunabe
    Coffee Casa bakery and cafe-style food; Sunabe
    Fujiya shave ice/Zenzai; Sunabe
    Gordies Hamburger burgers; Sunabe
    Hearth Cafe cafe-style food and drink; Sunabe
    Hokulea Hawaiian/Japanese; Sunabe
    Infinity Bar & Grill cafe-style food/Bar & grill; Sunabe seawall
    Istanbul Kebab House Turkish and Halal; Sunabe
    Kouwa Sushi sushi; Sunabe
    Miya is Heart Japanese; Sunabe
    Me Kara Uroko Okinawan; Sunabe seawall
    Mote Martini Lounge bar; Sunabe
    Olive Berry Cafe cafe-style food; Sunabe
    Onamatsu Izakaya izakaya; Sunabe
    Orange Diner Japanese; Sunabe
    Osaka Osho Chinese; Sunabe
    Pizza House Jr pizza; Sunabe
    Pizza In pizza; Sunabe
    Restaurant FAB curry; Sunabe seawall
    Rollup! Mexican burritos; Sunabe
    Sea Garden Restaurant European-inspired food; Sunabe
    Seaside Terrace cafe-style food; Sunabe seawall
    The Shack burgers & milkshakes; Sunabe
    Sidelines Sports Bar & Grille bar/American grill food; Sunabe
    Sunabe Gyros Greek; Sunabe
    Sushi Zen sushi; Sunabe
    Thaicoon Thai; Sunabe
    Transit Cafe cafe-style food and beverages; Sunabe
    Tsuki to Utsuwa Okinawan; Sunabe
    Upuraya Italian; Sunabe

    Yomitan Village/Cape Zanpa/Onna Village areas
    “Auberge” Bonne Chere Raout French; Onna
    Bakery Suien bakery; Yomitan
    Bar N Grill SMOOOTH burgers; Yomitan
    BioSmile vegetarian/macrobiotic; Yomitan/Torii Station area
    Boulangerie Couques bakery; Yomitan
    The Café light cafe fare; Yomitan/Cape Zanpa area
    Cafe Boulangerie de Paris bakery and food buffet; past Renaissance Hotel north of Kadena
    Cafe Do Ka Do Ka cafe-style food; Onna Village
    Cafe Naturacafe-style food; near Torii Station
    Cafe Tiffany cafe-style food and baked goods; near Torii Station
    Chakashiya Okinawan; Yomitan
    Champion Tacos tacos; Yomitan
    Decibica curry; near Torii Station
    Doka Doka Cafe cafe-style food; Yomitan
    Four Seasons Marriott Renaissance Hotel Restaurant Japanese buffet; Onna
    Gate 1 Tacos & Antoshimo Ticket Restaurant tacos; Onna Village
    Gosamaru teppanyaki; Onna Village
    Gozza fine dining/world cuisine; Onna
    Hachiren Ramen ramen; Yomitan
    HanaHou Island Style Cafe cafe food; Cape Zanpa
    Hanaori (Purple Flag Soba Shop) soba/Okinawan; Yomitan
    Imagine Mountain Tea for Two Japanese; Yomitan Pottery Village
    Jakkepoes Pancake House pancakes and breakfast; Yomitan
    Jam’s Steak House Japanese steak house; Onna Village
    Kinshasa Dim sum Japanese buffet; Yomitan/Cape Zanpa area
    Kitchen Dining Toki Japanese; Yomitan
    Kokopelli Pizza pizza; Nakagara
    Le Cafe Blanc Japanese cafe; Yomitan
    Local Honey local Okinawan honey; Camp Foster and Yomitan locations
    Maeda Breeze Cafe cafe-style food; Maeda
    Manza Sub Shop sandwiches, etc; Onna Village
    Maruki Pizza Italian; Yomitan
    Marumenya Japanese; Yomitan
    Mintama Italian Restaurant Italian; Yomitan
    Nana Iro no Niji (Colors of the Rainbow) Japanese/Okinawan; Yomitan
    Ocean’s Pizza and Cafe pizza and cafe-style food buffet; Yomitan
    Ofukuro Italian; Yomitan
    Okashi Goden (Castle of Sweets) Japanese; Onna Village
    Onna Station Nakayukui Market soba; Onna
    Ootoya GohandokoroJapanese; Yomitan
    Onnaton Japanese; Onna
    Paanilani Pancake House Hawaiian breakfast foods; Onna
    Patisserie Porushe bakery and cafe; Yomitan
    Primo Kitchen Japanese; Yomitan
    Sea Time Sunset Dining Okinawan; Onna Village
    Songbird Cafe cafe-style food; Yomitan
    Thai Food Yomitan Thai; Yomitan
    Toguchi Beach & Cafe Japanese; Yomitan
    Toytoy Bakerybakery; Yomitan

    *Your Content Editor has done her best to place these restaurants in the appropriate areas, but her knowledge of Okinawa’s cities and towns isn’t as reliable as that of the locals.  If you notice an error, please send her an email so she can correct it.  Your help is definitely appreciated!

    On-Base Dining Establishments

    Kadena Air Base

    Camp Butler

    Camp Foster

    Bama’s BBQ & Grill (formerly Nap’s Southern Grill) southern-American food; Camp Shields & Kadena

    Surfside Restaurant on Okuma Recreational Facility

    Also check out a post by Kelly from early in 2008 with some helpful links to Japanese foodie websites, as well as some comments about on-base eateries.

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