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Have you also ever wondered about the big tomato on your way to Hansen?  Wonder no more.  It’s a karaoke and restaurant/bar.  And don’t let the bar part  keep you from taking  your kids.  Totally family friendly, with a play area in front and various kids‘ needs (menu, changing area, cartoons).  In fact, during the weekday lunch crowd, you’ll be in good company with the grandparents!

Tomato Interior | Okinawa Hai

My four-year old daughter and I stopped in for lunch, but I wasn’t ready to try the karaoke yet.  (Also, we had to be back home before my son got home from school.)  But for Y290/person (kids free), we’ll be back with the rest of the family.  We passed the karaoke rooms to wash our hands (nice big bathroom with several stalls), and saw some groups eating a huge spread of food across their tables: looked like a great time of eating and singing!  Incidentally, you can find English songs and lyrics, if you’re not up on your J-Pop.

Tomato Cashier | Okinawa Hai

If you’re too shy to sing, you can eat at one of four tables in front.  You order at the counter from a full glossy menu, many traditional Japanese main dishes and sides, also pizzas, salads, French fries, etc.  I didn’t see how much drinks cost, but it looked like they do have a full bar.  My daughter and I shared a Japanese salad with big blocks of tofu, yakisoba, and a Korean pancake, which totaled Y1500.  And we took most of it home, there was so much!  It was good food; you get just what you expect.  And I’m a big fan of yakisoba.  The next time you want to make an event out of dinner, give it a try — you may just be humming all the way home.Tomato Meal | Okinawa Hai



Phone:  098-963-0122

Hours:  Sunday-Thursday 11:00-03:00, Friday-Saturday, and days before a holiday 11:00-05:00.

Payment:  Yen and credit cards only.

Directions:  Take the 75 north towards Hansen.  Make a right at 329, and drive about 3km.  And yes, you’ll see the big tomato on the right, across from Family Mart.  You can park in front of the building, or in one of several parking lots down the small street to the right of the building.  (Several other locations can be found on their website.)


Tomato Menu | Okinawa Hai


  1. Thanks for the review! I live in Ishikawa and can never figure out what it was! Even when I passed by the doors to peak in, I still didn’t know. Too chicken to walk in all the way. Ha. Can’t wait to try this out!

  2. I went to Tomato today and I will be a returning customer. My daughter and I went at lunch time today…she loved the play area and watched a Japanese cartoon. The prices were very reasonable for the quality and amount of the food. My daughter ate the pizza and loved it. I had many to take home for leftovers. The bathrooms was really clean and the restaurant was also. The only thing is when you go place an order to ask for the food to come out all at food came out well before my daughters.