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I have been dreaming of Chipotle’s since we moved here. Then just the other day I saw an ad for “Tortilla Factory.” I was super stoked to arrive today with my kids in tow. We were greeted by the aroma of sassy Mexican food and super friendly staff. The owner/manager is such a nice man; he speaks impeccable English which is very helpful when you order your meal because it comes ‘made to order!’

Tort Sign

We had a great conversation together and I discovered he modeled the Tortilla Factory after Chipotle’s in the states. They have bowls and burritos, tacos and they special-made a cheese quesadillas for my daughter! I inquired about the ‘spicy chicken’, how spicy is it? Not too spicy at all.  Come to find out the local Okinawans do not like spicy food; which explains why the Mexican food over here is so mild compared to the states.

Tort Food 1
All three kids gave the place two thumbs up and me… well, I leaped for JOY! So Yummy… can’t wait to take my husband when we returns home from his trip.

It’s super easy to find and parking is very convenient. Make the trip over you won’t be disappointed.

Tort Food 2

Hours:  Open 7 days a week from 11am-10pm.

Phone:  098-892-6200


Address:  38-8, Aragusuku 2-Chōme, Ginowan. On Futenma Diego Street.

Google Coordinates: 26.2884939, 127.768582

Directions:  Take 58 left out of the Kadena Gate 1 (toward Naha), turn left onto Futenma Diego Street (like you are going to the expressway). Just around the bend and you’ll find it on your right! Look for the sign, parking on the side of the building.  Click below for larger map.

Tort Map

Payment:  Yen, dollars and credit card

Menu:  Click for larger menu.
Tort Menu


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  2. Am I the only person that can’t seem to find it?? I have no clue what is considered Futenma Diego St…..All I seen were streets with numbers…..drove around to parts unknown for hours trying to find it……….PLEASE HELP!!

  3. Ate here for dinner tonight. I had the honey chicken. It was yummy- the honey part is because they put honey mustard on it. My husband had chicken and added habanera sauce to it. Said it was very tasty. It was 20 bucks for both our meals but ncluded unlimited refill drinks and chips (or soup). And they have dr.pepper which is always a bonus.

  4. We have been here several times and it is just okay. Too pricey in my opinion but quick for the kids. The food tastes similar to Taco Bell and is Tex Mex, not Mexican. Everything was under-seasoned, even for the kids. For a family of 6 we paid around $60. Another time for a two items to go we paid $20. Not the prices I like to pay for having to re-season my food and load it with salsa for flavor but it is super quick and the drink bar is great.

  5. I constantly eat here and love it. With that said why is there always people commenting on learning the language (both on this website and in everyday life)? Many people are stationed in Okinawa not based on their decision but the US government’s decision. I am only here for two more years and I have no desire to learn the Japanese language. Sure it is useful while you are here but I will have no use for it after I depart the island. I will stick to pointing and the 10 or so Japanese words I know until I am sent back to the country I love, America.

  6. I had the Pork Carnitas burrito set and picked the spicy soup option. The soup was not very spicy and a tiny bit oily, but enjoyable just the same. The burrito wasn’t smoking hot, but I don’t like hot lettuce or pico so… I expect the temperature of the food to come down with the addition of fresh ingredients. Similar to In and Out, fresh veggies are kept cold. Overall, friendly staff, good food, cute atmosphere and we will be back.

  7. To those of you bashing Ashley, you are a bunch of rude and ignorant people! If the owner made this to appeal to Americans, why not have at least one person working that knows English on each shift? And if anyone other then those that prepare the food, touched my food without gloves, I too would be upset. And so what if you thought her comment was ridiculous? It IS HER comment! Oh, by the way, thought it was good and will be going back.

  8. I think that if you lower your standards to expecting bland food (like most food here) and get rid of the idea of it possibly tasting like Chipotle and be ready for cold food, you will LOVE this place. I was not impressed at all. The day that I ate it, I was starving and usually when people are starving, just about anything tastes good. WRONG. If I was starving…I’d opt for a rice patty instead (that would have more flavor). Other than that, I’d rather have the fake meat from Taco Bell until I get back to the states. I’d give the restaurant 1 star out of 5.

  9. Not impressed. My husband and I tried this place since it was supposed to be like Chipotle, but it’s Not at all. Considering the price and low quality of ingredients, we’ll stick to making Mexican at home. Our burritos contained uncooked beans and potato chunks that weren’t appetizing and everything in general was bland and maybe a little sweet. We are serious about our Mexican food, and this is not even close. Let us know if anyone finds some real Mexican here!

  10. The food was just ok. I wish they would keep the food a little warmer bc by the time we sat down to eat our burritos they were already kind of cold so that was disappointing. Also, they don’t put much toppings…we asked for different toppings and she took one tiny spoon full of each but most of it stayed on the spoon and didn’t make it to the burrito. Didn’t think charging us for the extra topping was necessary since most of it didn’t make it onto the burrito : | And I missed having beans on my burrito lol the lady told us they don’t have beans as an option.

  11. I ate here over the weekend and I wasn’t impressed at all. The burritos were of decent size but the chicken isn’t made-to-order. It comes Subway style (i.e. it’s already prepared in little containers) and my chicken was so dry I could barely chew through it. If they prepared their meat(s) when you ordered it would be a million times better!

  12. Just ate here today. I thought that the food was great! The staff was friendly the place was clean. They spoke more english than I speak Japanese. I cant see how anyone could get cold food from here perhaps the warmer was out on the prior comment. Next time maybe you should just ask them to taste it ? I have to give this place a 7 .

  13. I was very disappointed with this place.. I should have known better. If you lower your standards and just want some food reminiscant of a burrito, then its fine. But lower your expectations from the freshness, taste and quality of ingredients from Chipotle. Also, I thought I recognized the photo from the Tortilla Factory’s website and ads in Venture, and it is in fact from Chipotle… dont expect the cilantro lime rice, spicy pico, fresh carnitas or heaps of guac… toppings are limited in flavor, and sparse in quantity… and not very flavorful. Next time I crave a burrito I’ll make it at home.

  14. Let me begin by saying, “Okinawa Hai is great!” I love this site and offer it as an essential resource to all newcomers. In fact, I’d never have known about the Tortilla Factory had I not seen it here on the site. That being said, I took my family there yesterday for lunch. The decor and atmosphere are very nice, as are the staff. We all had Pork Carnita burros. They were delicious; just as good as back home (we’re from El Paso TX so we know a thing or two about good burros). Additionally, the tortillas are fresh and warm as they are made right there as you order. I especially liked the Tortilla Chili soup. It tastes surprisingly similar to menudo or pozole (without the tripe and hominy). My only regret is that they do not offer a large bowl of soup on the menu. However, the burros are huge and the combo meal is more than enough. We all left stuffed, satisfied, and looking forward to our next visit. I definitely recommend the Tortilla Factory to my friends and anyone reading this blog.

  15. Weeeeeell, since they do NOT take credit cards because they have not received their credit card machine yet (comes may 3), me and the wife where unable to eat here, also they close at 10pm not 11pm as stated in above review. Hope its good when we get the chance to head over there again.

  16. Hey people who jumped on Ashleys comment, way to get caught on the wrong details. There are a couple of flaws with your analysis. Just so you know, I am her husband so I was there. What she actually failed to mention was that the woman that touched her food was not one of the food handlers (which, if you noticed, all wear gloves), but the cashier. Additionally, she touched her food straight after fishing around with the dirty dishes in that little side area. I’m pretty sure Emeril, Bobby Flay, the Iron Chef, or anyone preparing food in our house don’t jump from dishes to food handling without washing their hands. To say that perhaps this is a culture thing is just plain ignorant. Have you seen the rather large percentage of locals that wear protective masks? That tells me that they are probably more concerned with germs and hygiene than we are. As far as them not speaking English, that was not meant as my wife expecting them to speak English, it just added to the frustration that she couldn’t express her concern that the lady that she saw come from washing dishes had just touched her food. Perhaps we should learn “Hey that lady just touched my food with her bare hands immediately after she pulled them from the dirty dishwater I see in the sink right there” in Japanese before we go off base again. We understand that she was probably not thinking about it when she touched the burrito, and was probably feeling it to see how long she should pop it in the microwave, but that doesn’t make her dishwater covered hands touching her food any less gross.

  17. Not the best burrito I’ve ever had but they have some great options and I’ll def go back. The people are helpful, food is fresh, soup is addictive! My one con- they need more seating… have to get there early or plan on taking it to-go!

  18. Can’t wait to try this place!! Been missing Mexican food the most since I’ve been here! I’m pretty sure that 90% of the places we eat at people don’t use gloves…and also places here seem to have a higher standard of cleanliness than places you would be eating back in the states! Also, we are in Japan, no one that lives here is obligated to speak English.

  19. Had to laugh at the comment about the owner speaking impeccable English – I would hope so considering his native language IS English.

    I also thought the poor English and lack of gloves comment was ridiculous. Gloves are more likely to be contaminated with germs because people don’t wash gloves once they are on. When you have bare hands in a restaurant you are continually washing them. How often do you think people change gloves during a shift? Do you think they wash their hands with gloves on at all during that time?

    AND I’m glad you like obligado – same owner. I’m sure the hygiene standards are the same in both places – you just didn’t SEE someone touching your food in obligado because the kitchen is not visible from the dining room. You’re in Japan – you’re off base – dont’ expect people to communicate with you in English.

  20. Didn’t wear gloves? OMG! Oh wait… I’ve never seen Emeril wear them, nor Bobby Flay, nor on Iron Chef, and certainly have never seen them when YOU cook for your kids! Ever think for just one second that you are in a foreign country and things might be a tad different from the grease balls working at BK in the states?

    Oh and thanks for just leaving because YOU didn’t take the time to learn THEIR language..make us other responsible Americans look bad. Domo! (it means thanks)

  21. I went there yesterday for lunch and loved it! My kids ate the kids taco rice and were very full. I had a honey bbq burrito and it was great. We will definitely be going back. It was a great lunch for a reasonable price.

  22. Went yesterday, we thought it was very good. Mild yes, I wish they had a hotter salsa option but oh well. They have a combo deal on 2 menus but not able to make a combo with the 3 Tacos that I ordered but the manager said it was a great idea & they’d talk about it at the next meeting. So I liked the fact that they actually took my opinion into consideration. Shows just how much they value their customers:)

  23. I’ve been here once and I really liked it!!! It was SO good! The honey chicken burrito was awesome!! The place was definitely clean and the people were super nice! I don’t remember how their English was, but it was good enough to get my order! 🙂 Also my friend’s child dropped lots of cheerios on the ground and when we were about to leave I was going to clean them up the lady quickly came over and said she’d sweep it all up before I could even pick up one!

    I plan to take my husband here soon! 🙂

  24. I personally loved this place. It’s the closest thing to Chipotle here. I don’t think it beats Chipotle, but it satisfied my cravings for a burrito. The guy who owns this place also owns Obligatos…

    When my husband and I went we didn’t have any sanitation issues like the person listed above. I thought the place was clean as well just from appearance.

    I enjoyed the portion size with the combo meal. It didn’t make you feel stuffed or left you unsatisfied. It was just enough.

    We will be back 🙂

  25. I did not like this place at all. We went one day for lunch, we happened to stumble across it and I had heard good things about it so we decided to try it. When we got in and got our food, I sat down to eat my burrito and it was ice cold! I was so angry, but I nicely asked the lady to warm it up and she took my plate and then grabbed my burrito with her hands (w/o gloves)! I was so disgusted that when she handed my burrito back I just put it on the table and left. The lady that was running the place then, didn’t speak hardly any english so she didn’t understand what I was trying to tell her when I was confronting them about the other lady touching my food, so I wasn’t going to deal with it anymore and just left it.
    My kids had the cheese quesadilla, which they just took a tortilla and put a piece of cheese in it, warmed it in the microwave, and that was it…not my idea of a “kids meal.”
    We will never go back. So far I like Obligatos for their enchiladas and Moe’s Tex Mex for their salsa. :o)