Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?

Diann wants to know. You want to know. We want to know.

I’ve been wanting to ask. Indian is usually a slam dunk for vegetarians, but is anyone able to suggest other restaurants offering vegetarian fare? My experience during my two months here so far has been that menu items such as tofu and okra tend to be tofu and okra smothered in pork. Has anyone stumbled across some veggie delights during their culinary adventures?


  1. Hey guys! I am sooooo excited to hear all this great info about the vegan/vegetarian restaurants on Okinawa. We have four kids (three teenagers) on the island w/us and it’s hard to find a restaurant to satisfy six vegans!!! We eat at home most of the time. If anyone would like to join the group, we do have a vegan/vegetarian group on okihaisociety. thanks for all the awesome info!!!

  2. Someone asked why you are a vegan. I know its silly, but I read the Skinny _itch diet and the only reason I am is completely for aesthetic reasons. I winged myself off of red meat for a week, chicken the next and then slowly worked my way to milk products and egg. I still struggle with milk and egg. I know I might get based for that being my reasoning, but hey, I am being honest!

  3. hi! My husband and I have been living in Okinawa for almost a year now. We are vegetarians, so we had been eating at home…
    I am so excited to find that there are restaurants we can try!
    If anyone would like to get together and check some places out, I am a stay at home mom and always looking for something new to do!

  4. Why do people decide to become a vegan? I have always wondered it and when people find out what I eat they wonder if I am also(I hate red meat and only eat a little amount of different meats). What was your decision about becoming a vegan and what exactly is a vegan?

  5. Hello all,
    My husband Rob and I will be PCS’ing in May. Both vegans, we look forward to meeting and feasting with like-minded people. John–We think forming a group is a great idea, gatherings have such incredible power in them (who couldn’t use the support of a community of people making the same choices!) My online searches have uncovered what looks to be a fantastic vegan/macrobitic cafe in Naha. Check out their website at Let us know how it is! We look forward to meeting you all soon…In the meantime if you haven’t tuned in yet, don’t miss Colleen Patrick-Goudreau’s regular podcast “Vegetarian food for thought”. It has changed our lives. You can find it on her website

  6. I had found the link for Warahondo — but didn’t know anyone who had been. So thanks for the info, Amanda.

    Today I went down to the Jusco “mall” off of 85 and tried the Japanese Restaurant (no clue of the name) that is just past McD’s. They had lots of vegie-like options: goya champura, tofu champura, wheat gluten champura — each of the sets was served with tofu soup. They also had vegetable soba. (But, as Martha mentioned above, there were meat bits in my tofu champura — but I just ate around them.) YUM and reasonable.

    So if you go in the middle (?) entrance that is next to Blue Seal Ice Cream, it’s down the little hall on your right. (Jusco would be to your left.)

  7. We were actually supposed to go today on our way back from Okuma. I know they do it on Motobu!! If you go up the road that takes you past the Pineapple Park and over to the Aquarium there are a couple places along there were you can supposedly stop. I think the season is NOW because we bought some from a road side stand today. But if anybody has been I’d love to hear!

  8. SomChai Info.

    From Gate 2 Street (Kadena Air Base Gate 2), take a left onto 330 (this is a big junction). At Park Avenue (2nd Stop light), turn left. Take a left onto the first street on the left and the red roofed restaurant “SomChai” will be on your right about 50 meters after your turn.

    Open: Tuesday through Friday and Sunday Hours: 11:30-15:00 and 17:30-21:00 
    Saturday Hours: 11:30-16:00 
    Closed: Monday and the 4th Saturday

    If you would like to see some pictures of the restaurant, click on this link. It’s in Japanese, but you should be able to see the pictures.

  9. Why don’t we create a vegetarian society in Okinawa?

    What were the reasons for you choosing to become a vegetarian? Health, religious, or moral reasons.

    I believe in animal rights, so my becoming a vegetarian was out of moral reasons.

  10. Biosmile Cafe serves organic food, although not entirely vegetarian. It’s located close to Toguchi Beach, across from the gas station at the intersection where you turn to go towards Toguchi Beach. It’s only open during the day for lunch (11:30 to 4:30 during the week I think), and it’s not the restaurant on the left; it’s located in the apartment complex on the first floor (there’s a sign in English). Menu is in Japanese, but the lunch set-to is very good (around 1000-1400 yen) – just don’t eat the pork croquette if you’re vegetarian. I am sure you could order a strictly vegetarian meal. There is also a selection of Japanese organic products you can purchase, try the black sesame seed salt that they sprinkle on the brown rice. Oiishi desu!

  11. It is very hard to eat vegetarian here in Okinawa. Many Okinawian dishes are prepared with meat stock. Even vegetable curry! The soba is soaked in meat stock. The dahl curry at Krishna is excellent. There is supposed to be a vegan restaurant out gate 2.

    Good luck!

  12. I’ve eaten out in Okinawa w/ vegetarian friends. One thing I learned from them is that, when you eat out w/ non vegetarians at non vegetarian places, you need to specify very clearly to the waiter that the veggie dish you chose not be cooked in the same pan as meat items. You might want to learn the Japanese words for “no meat” because one friend ordered a vegetarian pizza and it came garnished with bacon.

  13. What about the garlic restaurant down by Kinsor? They have a radish salad that is great! It is the Japanese radish (the long white one)…and the pesto garlic pizza is YUM-O! Pizza in the sky has a good salad.
    Jai Thai has papaya salad, pad thai noodles, maybe you can ask them to make it vegetarian. Good luck!