Sometimes I feel like I could do just fine as a vegetarian. Other times I eat Wing King. Something about that little plastic box ‘o saucy wings brings out the animal in me and before you know it I’ve got nothing but a plate of meatless bones.


But who can resist, with flavors like spicy coconut, honey BBQ, lemon pepper, Hawaiian heat, and more? Plus, it’s oh so easy. They’ve got takeout. Call your order in, pick it up (you can pay in dollars or yen), get your paper napkins, and bam – dinner on the table. They even throw in a little baggy of carrots, so you can feel healthy.

(top # is for Kadena Wing King, bottom for Foster)

I have to admit, I’ve never actually been the picker-upper of the Wing King. (Although I tried on Monday. And waddya know it was closed.) So the only info I can give you about its interior is what I saw as I peeped through the windows – functional, fastfood looking dining room – what you’d expect a wing joint to look like.

Below, we have a picture of the menu. As you can see, very English friendly. Also, you might notice that there are actually two Wing Kings. One near Kadena and another near Foster. I only have the directions to the Kadena one, since I didn’t even know there was one near Foster previous to today. But, I guess you can figure out how to get ther from the picture (it says “Convention Center bottom left). Or just call and ask.


So, now that we are on the subject of takeout, I’m hoping that someone might drop a suggestion or two for other takeout options on the island? Uh-hum…anyone?!

DIRECTIONS (to the Kadena one, for the Foster WK, see map pictured or just call ‘m and ask):

(From 58) Turn onto Rt 23. Look for an AU building on your right. Wing King is just after that on the left hand side of the road, right after “The Eagle Lodge”. It’s in a little strip mall thing.


Kadena WK: 098-936-8986
11am-9pm CLOSED Monday

Foster WK: 090-2855-0102
Tues-Fri: 5pm-10pm (last order), Sat-Sun: 3pm-10pm CLOSED Monday


  1. Since they’re called Wing King, I’d expect just that…wings. Nope! They only serve drumettes. My family are wing people…not drumettes. I couldn’t even express how disappointed about this I was. The sauces are meh. The lumpia were a disappointment as well. Went once and never again.

  2. Just went here for dinner tonight. I have been before many times, but this is the first time going back in over 6 months. It’s still just as good! I highly recommend the spicy coconut sauce. Also, you can get the wings without the breading, just ask! Both options are super delicious! I have heard that the pork sandwich is good as well. Will be going back soon!

  3. Friendly Staff, however the wings were disgusting. The lemon pepper was not good. I’m glad I asked for it on the side. The chicken itself had a breeding that crumbled right in your hands. My 13 month old, who will fight your over a piece of chicken, took one bite and spit it on the floor.. This is def not the king of wings! I was very disappointed!!

  4. Wing King was a big disappointment. The wings are breaded but so icky under all of that breading. I asked for them to be cooked longer as i was placing my order but that didn’t happen. I took the wings home to put them in the oven to cook a bit longer because i dont’ like slimy wings and it was still crap. I fed them to the garbage, what a waste of $$

  5. I have to say I have not had them in awhile, but a friend just dropped off a platter of the 60 pieces and I must say they are pretty damn good. They are all large drumettes and no wings even though I like the wings. The flavors were Sweet BBQ, Med Hot, Lemon Pepper, and Oriental and I really thought they were all good. I wish they had a Mango Habanero sauce like Buffalo Wild Wings. For the price and convenience I will be going back again. I have plenty of Blue Cheese dressing and cheese in the fridge.

  6. I went and had the hawaiian heat and the spicy coconut and was not that thrilled. They both tasted about the same and I even asked to be sure they didn’t give me the same wings. They were not spicy at all. I got one little package of carrots w/ ranch sauce. I wouldn’t make a special effort to go again.

  7. Brianne,
    My husband and I went for the frist time the other day and yes they are Breaded, not crispy, served with a ranch type dressing,:)
    greasy..we ordered the hot and there not really all that hot to us and we love hot wings …..these wings are not Buffalo wings

  8. Brianne –
    Hmmm…I will admit that I myself am not a wing connoisseur, so let me see what I remember. Breaded. Not crispy. With ranch.(Karen, if you’re out there, maybe you can confirm?!) As a woman who likes her wings, would love to get your feedback on the place. For the good of the Oki Hai reader!

  9. The term “wing snob” has been thrown around in my presence on more than one occasion…so before I go ahead and try them, I have a very important questions. Are they breaded or naked? Are they crispy? Are they served with blue cheese or ranch?

  10. We went here because we went with some friends. The friends ate here weekly and have not returned since 🙂 It was nasty only because my husband is the real wing king. He puts Hooters wings to shame. This is a good resturant if you don’t know any better.

  11. I’ve driven by this place what seems like a million times and never gave it a second thought. My husband and I used to get wings all the time when we lived in Louisiana and were just reminiscing about that the other day. It’s definitely on our list to go now!

  12. WING KING ROCKS!!!!!!! This place is SOOOOOOOOO Friggin’ Delicious and I have NEVER been a wing eater really. Until I had the WING KING.
    There are two locations actually. The newer local on 23 is open for lunch and dinner. Then just off 58 near the Foster Commissary Gate, is the older local. They don’t open till 3pm though.
    They do carry out platters for great prices too. With football season just around the corner this review couldn’t have come at a better time. Thanks Kelly!!!