Japanese Appliance Translations


So i was wrestling with my air conditioner remote the other day, and thought of something I could do that would be handy for the masses who read Oki Hai.

When we first moved in, I got some photocopies of translations for my Japanese appliance buttons. I put the dryer one on the fridge right next to the dryer. And though I now have the AC remotes memorized, those things were my best friends for our first summer! (I have two different remotes in my house.)

Dryer Remote:

Dryer Translation
Dryer Translation

A/C Remotes:

AC Remote Translation 1
AC Remote Translation 1
AC Remote Translation
AC Remote Translation

These are just the remotes I have in my house.  If you have a different one, and have translations, please email them to [email protected] and we’ll add them in!

The following remotes were submitted by Natalia:

Air Con Translation 1
Air Con Translation 1
C 1
Daikon A/C
C Cover Open
Daikon A/C Cover Open
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  1. Lindsey-I would not take that for an answer from your housing agency. If they can’t figure it out they need to find someone who can. Were there any manuals left in your house for your appliances? If so they should be able to use those to help you. If you do not have any manuals to show them, then they still should call the owner of your home or apartment and tell him or her your situation and of your frustrations of not being able to use or correctly use your stove. If they still give you the run around, call the Family Housing Office on Kadena and tell them your problem. I would imagine that a call from Kadena Housing to your housing agency will get things moving. No agency here wants to be known as an agency that does not go out of its way to help its renters.

  2. Take a photo, print it out, go to your housing agency and they will translate them for you. Laminate it and leave it in the house when you move. Pretty simple. Much easier than looking it up each time on the computer.


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