Who Cleans Your House?


That’s easy.

No one really cleans at my house. We do basic maintenance but to call it cleaning is a stretch. So I sent out a plea for help recently and got some great leads.

Initially, I hesitated to post this on the blog because I didn’t want to put out individual names and numbers which I assumed was how most of you all were getting your house clean. Alas, there are other options. I know doing it myself is one option but I don’t like that one so please don’t bring it up again.

The most promising option for me is Good Keeping Okinawa. Their website melted my heart. The pictures seem to promise to banish the cooties and deliver the crisp, lilac-scented purity that my house is missing. I’m easily persuaded by pictures and websites though. I could barely wait to get them in my house. Tomorrow at one, we have a date. Will report back later.

Also caught wind of a cleaning service started by mothers called Express Cleaning Service. Contact them at [email protected]

ALSO got another suggestion to post an ad through Japan Update stating explicitly what you want and need.

And you? Anything to add?

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