Photo credit: Chris G. Rose;

The 2012 calendar was only available for a couple short months at the end of 2011 and the beginning of this year.  In case you missed the opportunity to purchase one for yourself, we’d like to show you what you’re missing. 

This was January’s page {Click on photos to enlarge}:

Shurijo Castle Park

 Photo credit: Chris G. Rose;

“The words feel cumbersome on your tongue, and bowing feels like a charade, but you keep trying and hope it shows the respect you have for your new neighbors. You don’t know exactly how to get there and never know if parking will be available, but still you leave your house and go explore new ground. They only gave you chopsticks and asking for a fork seems a little like cheating, yet the whole meal still makes it to your mouth. It takes a little courage. It helps to have curiosity. But Okinawa is out there, waiting for you.” -Sarah Forte

Futenma Shrine 

 Photo credit: Rebekah Wheeler

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