Photo credit: Ashley Sarah Perez

The 2012 calendar was only available for a couple short months at the end of 2011 and the beginning of this year.  In case you missed the opportunity to purchase one for yourself, we’d like to show you what you’re missing. 

This was June’s page {Click on photos to enlarge}:

Sunset Beach 
 Photo credit: Ashley Sarah Perez

“How majestic you are set so gently in the summer sky. I move through life and pay no attention to you, and yet you still stand watch over the people. You slumber as do I, and unwaveringly rise the next morn to usher in a new day. You warm us and give us hope, as you have done since life began on this tiny island. Thank you, sun.” – Beverly Fish

Sunabe Seawall


Photo credit: Chris G. Rose,

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