The 2013 calendar was only available for a couple of short months at the end of 2012 and the beginning of this year.  In case you missed the opportunity to purchase one for yourself, we’d like to show you what you’re missing. 

This was February’s page:

Yomitan Pottery Village
Photo credit: Aviva Bowman; Aviva Photography, New Orleans

February 2013 Calendar; Photo credit: Aviva Bowman |

“We start with: ohayou gozaimasu, konnichiwa, arigatou and sumimasen. Then we graduate to bigger words so we can do more than just smile and nod to the locals we’ve grown to love. Out comes: genki desu ka?, oishii desu, kawaii, daijoubu and jah mata ne.” – Calyn Paquin

Photo credit: Pamela Oliveras;

February 2013 Calendar; Photo credit: Pamela Oliveras |

See each of our 2013 calendar months HERE (each month’s calendar page published in that month).

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  1. Jennifer – we’re sorry you didn’t get the chance to get one this year; we sold out of our 2013 calendar several weeks ago. We actually sell about 80% of our calendars online each year, normally beginning in November and selling out shortly after the new year. Please watch for our announcements here on the blog, as well as on our Facebook Page, this fall.

  2. I tried to get one but ability to leave the flight line ever the tiny time they had them proved impossible at Kadena. If EVER you can purchase on line please let me know. I love Okinawa and all of its beauty!!!
    Jennifer Malone