Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


From the reader mailbag, we found this one about adoption. Maybe some of you readers out there can help shed some light.

From Janeth:

We are new to the island. One of the things my husband and I have been discussing is adoption.  I have a history of complicated pregnancies and delivery so we have concluded that may be a risky route to take again.  Do you have any information on the adoption that you may guide me to?

And the second question from Beth:

I’m an adoptive mom of a five week old baby boy in Northern Virginia. My husband has been in his new Navy job in Okinawa since June, and we can’t wait to join him when Joshua is 2 months old on October 26!  I’m writing to you to ask if your site on Okinawa Hai would be an appropriate place to connect with moms who have an over-abundance of breastmilk and might be willing to share it with my baby.  I am trying to induce lactation, but so far have not been able to produce much. Fortunately I learned about a wonderful website where mothers from all over the country donate or request breastmilk for free.  Most of the donors produce much more than their baby can consume, and instead of it going to waste, they prefer to help another baby in need.  My little Josh has been thriving on the generous donations of these terrific women.  I would hate to have to put him on formula when he doing so well on breastmilk.  That’s why I’m hoping I can find some donors in Okinawa.  I’m sure there are women who are pumping out of necessity, and would want to help my little instead of throw away their precious unused milk!

Can anybody out there help these women out?


  1. Beth, first I’d like to say WAY TO GO for you, it’s heartwarming to hear you want the best for your baby 🙂 I’m currently lactating, although my child is 12mos and nurses occassionally, I don’t know if I’d be a good candidate since my milk composition is for a 12 mos old, I’m absolutely willing to help you out when you get here, I’m on Okinawa hai society if you’d like to contact me, Good luck with everything!!

  2. Beth, I hope you do find some wonderful donors in your area. I am currently donating through MilkShare and love to meet others involved in both sides of this process. There was another mom who recently blogged about having extra milk in Hawaii. She keeps offering her milk on milkshare, but no one can afford to ship it to the states. It makes me so sad to hear of moms who can’t find milk AND moms who can’t find someone to take their milk.

  3. There is a wonderful group here on Okinawa. They are full of international adoption information and more recently domestic adoption information. There are seminars offered through both Kadena and Camp Foster on this issue. If you check out Adoption Okinawa on Yahoo groups you will find them. We have adopted domestically before we arrived in Okinawa and while here. Good luck!