Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


I have no clue what time it is — my brain has jumped forward to Okinawa, but my body, my luggage, my kiddos and husband are all still in Seattle at the marvelous little USO in the family room complete with beds, crib, changing table, toys, videos, etc.  If we make the Patriot Express Space-A in the morning (Thursday) we will be back on Kadena at what should be Friday afternoon, but wanted to get these TO DOs out to ya before then…

Had this questions from Stephanie whose brain is also jumping forward to Okinawa while her body and family are still stationed at Luke.

I am an artsy actor type who currently takes ballet at a local college. I was wondering if there are any adult ballet classes available in the area. Also, is there a theatre community in Okinawa? Any information would be much appreciated.

I know I’ve seen posters for theatre performances on Foster, but don’t have any detailed info.  And I’m only familiar with the kids’ ballet classes offered at the Kadena Youth Center.  So hoping some of you out there know of possibilities for adults wanting to pursue dance and the arts!!


  1. I am a dancer of 18 years who lives on island. I can teach ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, modern, and improv. I’m also a member of the Pacific Okinawa Player, the local theater group on island, so if you’d like to get involved with us I can help you there too!

  2. To Cherrin,

    I will be arriving in Okinawa soon and I would love to be apart of your dance class. I’m trained in Ballet but I’m really a modern dancer. As we all know, the ballet is more than necessary. I’m really looking to get back into it and if you have started your classes, please respond back! 🙂 Thanks.

  3. are you all still looking for adult dance classes or have you all found something? i just moved here a month ago with a degree in dance and was looking to start teaching some adult dance classes at the USO on kadena, but i’m trying to spread the feelers to see who is interested and if anyone even wants to take adult dance classes. respond and let me know!

  4. Hello everyone. Hopefully someone can help me out. I am in search of a ballet dancer who would be interested in being the subject of a music video. I wrote and recorded a song recently and I think someone who could express themselves through the dicipline of ballet could really compliment the song. I have a vision, however I am very open to improvision. I’m looking for someone who can “become the music”. If your reading this and you think this might be you please feel free to contact me

  5. I too have desperately been looking for ballet in Okinawa. As a formal professional dancer who became a Marine I have not danced in almost two years and miss it terrible. I am only familiar with bases south of kadena like foster futenma and kinser. Can someone tell me how do I get to “bc” street? And did anyone ever find out about studio 123? How much are their open classes?
    I took classes at the Leon Eri school for a while but had to stop because of the dent it was putting in my wallet. A couple hundred dollars for only 15-20 minutes of instruction is hardly practical. I miss new York city because you can find dance schools everywhere and take an hour and twenty minute ballet class with a skilled teacher for 15bucks.

  6. Wow, I was just saying today how much I wanted to take ballet but could not figure out where on island I could take it. I hope with at least 3 of us looking for it, it will be found!
    Best of luck to us…

  7. I too would love to get back into dance either adult ballet or adult jazz. My husband and I expect to be at Kadena in June 2010. Any info as to whether or not the Studio 123 mentioned above is still open and prices would be helpful.

  8. I’ve heard a few people mentioning the dance school Studio 123 over on BC Street outside of Kadena. I’m looking for adult Jazz classes and it seems like this is the only place I’ve heard of around here that has them. Only problem – I’ve been searching up and down BC street and cannot seem to locate this place. I am unfamiliar with “Mickey’s Restaurant” (which it is supposedly above). I’ve also seen no signs for Mickey’s OR for Studio 123… maybe I didn’t go down far enough?? Anyway, I’m wondering if anyone on here has seen it or has any idea of a more specific location (BC Street is pretty long!) or even if you have an idea where that Mickey’s restaurant is – that would be a great help! I’m wondering if the place is even still there, since the comments made about it were from back in 2008… Any ideas anyone?

  9. Hi last time I was on i was asking about gymnastics so this time I was wondering if ANYONE knows were I can take hip hop dance lessons I’m 20 years old now sense I can’t do the gymnastics out because of my age why not try and find some where on this island that teaches adult hip hop classes sense it’s also another passion of mine. if anyone could hook me up with some info I would really love it thanx

  10. I’m involved with POPS and have been since I first arrived on the island. POPS is an all-volunteer community theatre group. So everyone involved is doing this simply for the love of theatre and performing. We are not paid. That said, I think we as a group can always benefit from criticism and help from the community. However, criticism is only useful if it can result in a real change. Making broad and general statements about the quality or professionalism of POPS productions doesn’t help too much. POPS puts on shows for the community so the best way to improve them is to have people from the community volunteer their talent, skills, and time.

  11. The Okinawa City Ballet looks amazing and I’m sure it is. However, our family can’t afford nearly 250 a month on one daughters ballet classes and that’s only for one class a week. Does anyone else have kids in a ballet class that’s a little more affordable?

  12. To “no name” who posted on August 18, 2008.

    So the local group is not up to your elitist standard. Why don’t you get involved and by working with the group, without additional insults to them, to up-grade their preformances by working quitely working with them.

  13. Okinawa does have a community theater…POPS. Here’s an honest opinion, I did professional military theater back in Europe with the army. I’ve worked at/with award winning theaters, directors and actors for the past 7 years, which has given me an extensive knowledge in theater. I am also a 2 time nominee at TOPPERS for my performance, which had judges that worked in highly respected community theaters in the US. They would come around every spring to judge shows in Europe. I was (and still) very angry when I found out I was moving to Okinawa a year ago, because they do not have a strong theatrical community what I am use too. Before I left, well…I’ve heard mix comments. Some okay. Some really bad. I went to see a few of their shows and found them to lack quality and professionalism. As an actor, I’ve learned to take criticism and opinions, it helps me improve my skill. I believe that’s what makes you professional, if someone from POPS reads this. I do not mean to offend them. I bet they are doing the best to their ability. Who knows, maybe their next show will change my mind (which I doubt it…I’ve been saying that for the past few shows)

  14. There are other ballet classes other then Okinawa city ballet school out in town. And there are also dance classes for Kids 3-18 on foster. you can email me for details at
    For more info for the community theatre Pacific Okinawa Players
    go to our website

  15. I take a adult ballet class off base, It is on BC street. If you can find Mickey resturant take the staricase to the 3rd floor, studio 123 is there, They dont speak much english but I love the ballet class

  16. POPS – Pacific Okinawa Players – is the community theatre group. We’re currently in production for “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” which will wrap up this season. Each season 6-8 shows are done and it’s a great group of people! Definitely come out for auditions and fun when you arrive!