Okinawa Hai fallback

Editor’s Note, from a comment below: “Sky Parking has changed their name to Honest Naha Airport Parking Service. Same great people running it. This Article is current as of 12/2017


It’s always nice to have a friend drop you off and pick you up at the airport. But let’s face it, sometimes here in Okinawa, that’s just not possible.

That’s why I’m sharing Honest Naha Airport Parking Service. During the last year whenever we’ve taken a short trip off island, we’ve used their service.  Since travel season is upon us, you might also want to give them a try.

Here’s how it works:

1.    Make a reservation in advance. Basically, they just want to know your flight information, what time you’ll be at the airport, and what your car looks like.

2.    On travel day, call them about 5 minutes before arriving at the airport.

3.    Go to Departures drop off point and wait.

4.    A Sky Parking representative meets you there and you pay the bill at that time. They drive your car away and you catch your flight.

5.    When you arrive back in Okinawa, call them and they bring your car to the airport.

Having used this service for a year, I think it’s genius. It’s super fast and efficient. Arriving back in Okinawa, we’ve never waited more than a few minutes for our car. In fact, because they’ve known our flight details, more often than not, they’ve actually been waiting for us.

I was especially impressed with their service once when we were leaving Okinawa and accidentally left our camera in our vehicle.  We called them before our flight and they brought our camera to us at the airport no problem.

The pricing is competitive and maybe even less expensive than taking a taxi. I know some travelers leave their cars at Camp Kinser and take a taxi roundtrip from there. But depending on the length of your trip, Sky Parking may be the cheaper option.  For example, a 3-day weekend trip costs 2,100 yen.

An added bonus is that if you leave your car for 10 days, they will wash and wax your car.

Phone: 098-891-8670

For more information and rates, check out their website and their Facebook Page.

Address: 3 Chome-7-2 Tabaru, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 901-0156, Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.1949647, 127.66566369999998


  1. I have used this service before but I won’t use it anymore!
    I had horrible experience with this company.
    The person who make reservations don’t know what is customer
    service and is very rude. I won’t recommend to friends
    any more. There is many parking service available there.

  2. I Use Honest Parking every time I travel and they are excellent. This past trip I made a mistake and we arrived home a day earlier then planned on a very busy holiday. Honest parking went above and beyond by pulling my car out behind 80 other cars because I wasn’t scheduled to be in for another day. No extra charge and they even tried to refund the extra day even though it was my mistake. They were very very fast for as super busy as they were. I can’t say enough about how great this company is.

  3. Great service. You simply call and make a reservation (english speaking staff), call again when you’re about five minutes away from the airport, and then drop your car off at the departure terminal. A very nice attendant will meet you there. When you return, simply call from baggage claim and they bring your car back to the terminal.

    It couldn’t be easier or friendlier. I use it for all my TDY trips. You can even claim it on your travel voucher as a parking fee.

  4. Been using SkyPark (now Honest Parking) since 2009. Great service. Never have had any damages, etc (although, let’s face it: we all drive Oki beater cars). The wash & wax is great too. Highly recommended if you go TDY often.

  5. We used them last minute when we went to Fuji and Tokyo in July. It was so easy! We just called them the night before to see if they had availability. They did, so we told them our flight info. When we were about 5 minutes out we called to let them know and they met us at Departures. When our plan landed and we got our bags we called again to let them know we were there and they dropped our car off within 5 minutes. We will use them everytime!

  6. Cross-posting, courtesy of Justin on 4/20/2012 (on the “options for your car flying out of Naha airport” post):

    Sky Parking has changed their name to Honest Naha Airport Parking Service. Same great people running it. Their number is still 098-891-8670, new website is being created in the mean time go to their facebook page at The facebook page has all the details you need payment info, etc.

  7. Chiming in with another recommendation for Sky Parking. I read about them on Okinawa Hai (Thank you!) and decided to give them a try a couple weekends ago. I had a great experience, and plan to use them again when I leave the island for a long trip in a few weeks. They were polite, professional, and efficient, and I’ll have all the convenience and control of parking at the airport at just a fraction of the cost.

    For anyone who might be concerned about calling to make the reservation: don’t be nervous, English is fine. The phone number in this article is their English line. If their English speakers aren’t able to answer, you may get voicemail. Just leave a message and they’ll call you back shortly. And they’ll make sure an English speaker meets you at the airport both times.

  8. I have used them for 4 years and never had a problem. The other impressive service they provide is they keep your car clean and make sure it stays running while your away on long trips. On one trip my alternator had gone out and the battery died so they replaced the battery with a used one at no charge so I could drive it home and to Typhoon motors to get it replaced.

  9. Thanks for the information in this post. We used Sky Parking while on a short trip this week. It was fast, easy and the most convenient service. We will recommend the service to our friends and plan to use them again.