Today I am writing about an organic store in town called “anew”.  I know two in Okinawa City.  One is located very close to Kadena Gate 2 and the other one is located near Camp Butler.  Please see below for the directions.


All the labels are written in Japanese, but I don’t think it’s hard to figure out what they are.  I buy stuff like eggs, soy sauce, cooking rice wine, vinegar, Japanese mayonnaise, noodles, margarine, flowers, sugar, some vegetables, snacks, etc… at this store.  There is not a wide variety and the price is a bit high, but all the products they sell are organic, so for the sake of health and safety sometimes I pay the price.   It’s a cute little organic store.  It’s no “Whole Foods” in the U.S., but it works for me.  Do you know any other organic stores?

Speaking of organic food, have you been to Daikon no Hana?

Daikon no hana uses organic food. Their lunch buffet is 1,400 yen per person.  Everything they serve is delicious and their dessert is awesome, too.  They serve some Okinawa dishes, so if you are interested in trying Okinawa food, that’s a good place to go.

This review looks like I just wanted to add some more to my organic store entry here?  Correct.   Hope some of you thought that this was helpful.

anew near Kadena Gate 2: As you leave Gate 2, continue straight and cross 3 stoplights.  After the 3rd traffic light there is a pedestrian’s stoplight.  Take a left here.  There is a sign for Monster Inc tatoo parlor at this junction.  Pass one stoplight and the store will be on your left.  Parking is available in the parking area next to the anew building.

anew near Camp Butler:  After you leave Camp Butler, take a right at the T-junction to go toward 330.  Take a left onto 330 towards Okinawa City.  You will drive pass Plaza House Shopping Center on your right and still continue.  You’ll come to a T-junction with Route 24, which is before a big pachinko parlor on your left.  Take a left here and the store will be on your right soon after your turn.  Parking is in front of the store, and it’s really tight.


  1. Thank you for posting this Kaho. I love this little chain and try to buy some of my food staples, when possible, from here.

    You can find all the locations on this map and see clearly how to get there and what the shop looks like from the outside from this link (if it will work):アニュー+沖縄&fb=1&hq=アニュー&hnear=0x34f57062eeab5be7:0x35bb617286fdd1ef,Okinawa+Prefecture,+Japan&ei=wdU8T_TzC-nKmQXb74HdBw&sa=X&oi=local_group&ct=image&ved=0CAgQtgM

    Alternatively, searching the store name will give you all addresses. You can just cut & paste the text in these brackets (アニュー 沖縄) into Google and it will throw up the map on the right hand side….

  2. Coming from Kinser to the one that says that is closest to Camp Butler: I would take 58 North and turn right onto 81 (Isa Intersection). 81 will be the major intersection before you get to the Foster Commissary gate. Stay on 81 and it will become 330. There will be an intersection where it says to turn right to stay on 81, but you need to stay straight (on 330). You will pass the Foster PX gate on your left, a McDonald’s on your right, then Plaza Housing on your left. Shortly after Plaza Housing, you will see the Plaza House Shopping Center on your right (it has a KFC in it). Keep going on 330 until you reach Route 24. Turn left onto Route 24 and the store will be on your right soon after you turn. Hope that helps!

  3. Evie: It looks there are several locations. Near Kadena/Foster/Courtney/Yomitan. Which one or ones are you interested in? I have never been to any of them, but should be able to give you directions to some of them.

  4. There is actually an ANEW store in Yomitan. As you are coming out of Kadena rotary, look on the left side (you will still be on route 58). ANEW is right past Hotto-Motto. You can park in front of the store.

  5. I just wanted to let you all know that a new “A new” organic store has opened by Camp Courtney for all of us out here in the country 🙂 Coming from McT and Courtney area, you go down on 75 towards Gate 2,not far down its in the new plaza that has been built on your left hand side..Lots of other goodies there too 🙂