Vet 22 Outside

During the madness of trying to catch the latest report on television about the earthquake, and trying to get updated information about the possibility of a tsunami hitting the island, our beloved dog, Buckeye, decided to have a “quake” of his own. He was diagnosed with epilepsy a few years ago, while we were back in the U.S. This wasn’t the first time he had a seizure. I knew what to do, hold him, comfort him (they lose vision during the seizure) and walk him through it.

After 45 minutes, and witnessing intensity that I had not previously seen during a seizure, I knew that he wasn’t going to come out of it. I ran to the computer and looked up emergency vets on Okinawa. I knew that Kadena would be closed, and even if open, they don’t treat emergencies, according to their site.  I glanced at the hospitals they had listed, decided that Animal Hospital 22 would be the closest, and once my husband arrived, we loaded Buckeye into the car and took off.

Vet 22 Bldg

Once we arrived to animal Hospital 22, we ran inside and told them that we had an emergency. They took one look at Buckeye, swept us into a consultation/exam room, and a vet was there before we could blink. There was a vet tech that spoke English, translating for the Vet. They started an IV, and then explained that they would keep him overnight to give him medication and monitor his condition. They were amazingly informative, and comforting.

On the way out, they told us that they needed a deposit, but that we could decide how much it would be. I asked for an estimate and she told us that the emergency exam, blood work, IV, and overnight care would be 15,000 Yen, and the cost for the next day could range from 10,000 to 15,000 Yen. We left a deposit, were told that we could come back the next morning to visit, and then in the afternoon if he was ready for release.

We received a call first thing the next morning letting us know that he was seizure free and doing well, and that we could pick him up at four o’clock. When we arrived, the tech came to get us, we were led to a room to consult with the Vet, they were very patient and very thorough in the explanation of their care, and what the follow up care would be. The only “issue” with language was when they needed to tell us that one of the medications was a suppository. She had to use her electronic translator, and then we all had a chuckle.  I paid the remainder of the bill on the way out (8460 Yen, the total for all services was 23,460 Yen, less than the lowest estimate they had given us) and we made a follow up appointment.

Vett 22 Inside

We have had our dogs to Kadena for the quarantine paperwork after arrival. We have not been back, due to the fact that it hasn’t been necessary. I know that they are very, very busy. I knew that I should have looked into off base care when we arrived, but let’s face it, there are so many things going on, it just fell by the wayside. I haven’t been to any of the other off base vets, so I am not rating them. I just wanted to let people know that Animal Hospital 22 is absolutely amazing. The facility was clean and beautiful. The staff was friendly and kind. At least five of the assistants that we met spoke English. There were several other Americans in the waiting room, and a gentleman waiting for his dog to come out of surgery told us that he also uses them for routine care. Every piece of paperwork that we received, whether care instructions or credit receipt, was in English.

Vet 22 Receipt

Locations: They have four locations; the one that I am reviewing is on 329 in Okinawa City. The address is 1-2 Yogi Okinawa City Okinawa 904-2174

Phone number: 098-983-8822

Hours:  They are open from 9:00-12:00 and 16:00-22:00.  They are closed between 12:00 and 16:00. If you call them during that time, they will see you for an emergency. Although they advertise that 24-Hour emergency services are available, call first! For instance, in March they were closed on Saturdays, as they had no vet available that day.

Payment: They take Yen and credit cards.

Directions: From Kadena — Out Gate 2 Kadena, straight through the four corners intersection (blue overpass). Go down the hill to Route 329, take a right, follow 329, the clinic will be on the right next to A&W.   From Foster — Out Legion Gate Follow 81 all the way to 329. Turn left. Animal Hospital 22 is on the left hand side before A&W.  From Plaza —  Turn right onto 85. Go straight the intersection, the road becomes 22. Follow 22 to 329. Turn right. The clinic is on the right next to A&W.


  1. The staff at AH 22 are professional, friendly, and they accommodate English speakers very well. When calling after hours, call 090-9786-8822 from a cell phone to talk to the English speaking rep. The service at the hospital is great and relatively inexpensive. The after-hours charge is 10,000 yen, roughly $100.

    I took the “from Kadena” directions listed in the article and found them to be accurate.

  2. Cannot recommend these guys strongly enough! The base vet said they wouldn’t be able to see my two three-week-old former stray kittens for three weeks, but these guys got me in on a same-day appointment. Initial check-up, basic tests, eye drops, and food for both was only about $55. They were super nice, spoke great English, and answered all my questions. Definitely check AH22 out if you have pets!

  3. I just went there last night. They have amazing service and are very nice and equally thorough. The price for the initial visit examination was a little over 1000Y and the Xray for my pup was around 5000Y and her medication which they provided to me on the spot was less than 200Y. As for the wait… I was in and out in less approximately 30 minutes. To be fair though the time was around 9pm… so I highly doubt those are peak hours. 🙂 I will be going here for my needs because I like my free time and sanity!

  4. Animal Hospital 22 was the only place I would take my pup too. It was cheap and the Vets there are AMAZING, they always made sure my baby was taken care and that she was properly diagnosed. I loved them.

  5. I needed an emergency appointment for my dog and Animal Hospital 22 was great. They were the only off base clinic that answered the emergency line and gave me advice. Since it was not life threatening the tech even told me to wait until the office was open for the morning to avoid an extra “after hours emergency charge”. I have never been there before, but I will definitely be back. They were caring, prompt, and thorough.

  6. I just got off of the phone with them! I completely ruined their language- but they understood my asking if they spoke English lol. The woman they put on the phone spoke perfect English and was very polite. I managed to get my dog in to be fixed within 2 weeks- everyone else I have spoken with has given me dates in January and February.

  7. Animal Hospital 22 is Awesome!The office is Very clean and they are Very good with animals! I have nothing but praise for this place! They took great care of our daughter (cat) We will not go anywhere else!

  8. After vomiting and having diarrhea that just kept getting worst, I took my dog to AH22. I’m impressed with how they took care us. Opened at 0900, filled out some paperwork, virus check, x-ray, IV treatment, and a thorough examination. No translator required and very friendly. I felt bad after my dog gave them a parting “gift”. Highly recommend !!!q

  9. We took our dog here after swollowing a toy just a week after arriving on island and they took incredible care of him. They got him in right away, we ended up leaving him there for a few days while they took care of him and felt totally comfortable leaving him with them. They really love animals, i appreciated their concern and desire to be on the safe side with everything. They were so friendly, spoke good English and is reasonably priced. I highly recommend them. We were very happy with them.

  10. We took our dog to Animal Hospital 22 when no other vet here had the ability to treat his advanced heart failure (and spoke English). Their doctors and staff are the best! Our pup received top notch care and medication until he passed away this past January. Highly recommended!

    On a side note, we also had a 14 year old German Shepherd with us when we moved here. Late one night, it was obvious her time had come. I called the Kadena vet clinic and received an emergency number to call on the recorded message. I was met at the clinic by a doctor and a technician who took wonderful care of her. Unfortunately, the diagnostics showed there was nothing they could do and we made the decision to euthanize her. I really appreciated their professionalism and service especially so late at night.

  11. We almost exclusively used Animal Hospital 22 for regular sick call visits and for our one emergency. They were always amazing, and helped us and explained this very well. Follow up appts every few days to be sure that the animal is healing well, plus meds were always very affordable. We have 2 dogs and 1 cat, and each of our kids were seen there more than once. One of the dogs was very sick for a while, We didn’t learn until after leaving Okinawa he had a food allergy. But every time he had an “episode” Animal hospital 22 was there to help.

  12. I have no idea why anyone goes to the vet clinic, other then the cases where you have to. Animal Hospital 22 is cheap, fast, and all-around awesome. (I guess it’s a little far away though.) I highly recommend it and no longer go anywhere else.
    (Occasionally they haven’t had their translator available when I’ve called for an appointment. Just call another time.)

  13. We’ve tried Kadena vet, and got tired of waiting 3 weeks for appointments, only to be told they don’t know what’s wrong, or don’t have adequate equipment. Thats when we tried out Animal Hospital 22 and fell in love. We’ve used Animal hospital 22 for both of our cats when they were sick, and have nothing but praises for them. Even with x-rays, ultra-sounds, and medications, we never have had a vet fee of over 10,000 yen. Given that back in the states just a check-up at our vet was $150, this is amazing to us. Animal Hospital 22 has everything you could need in regards to care, and there’s never been any problem with the language barrier.

  14. Just to make one correction. The vet clinic on Kadena does see emergencies. Their website reads “Due to frequent military deployments of our Army veterinarians and veterinary technicians, we are not always able to offer emergency care or hospitalization and may have to refer you to a veterinary clinic off base.”

    If the clinic is open, there is always at least one doctor there who could see a life or death emergency. They will stabilize the patient and then may refer you off base for hospital care.