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An Okinawa Hai reader has a question about where to go for spray tans and hair extensions:

Hi there- do you know or could you find out somehow if there are any places on the island that do the spray
tan and also hair extensions… I know I sound like a barbie but I have my wedding coming up and I am not
going back to the states before hand so I need to do these things here in Oki… I appreciate any help!!!!

Can anyone help her out?


  1. Does Mora’s do the sew-in beaded extensions or the braided ones? How much do they charge? I really want to get extensions but want to make sure they are a reputable place that will do a good job and make it look natural. 🙂

  2. Hi, I just discovered a small hair and wig store off 58 by Futenma. It’s called “Mora’s Extension” and they have all types of hair and some fun accessories for sale. They also offer hair services, like wig fittings and putting in hair extensions. I don’t think much English is spoken there but I was able to get some questions answered by one of the girls working there. The prices are very reasonable and I actually made an appt. to go back to get some extensions put in. I can’t remember exactly what street it’s on but it’s at the corner by a busy intersection off 58, right after you see the large Futenma Antique mall. Parking was very tricky though, you have to park right in front of the store and it’s really tight. So be careful. Here is the phone #098-897-7806. Hope that helped!

    • Mora’s is fantastic. They have tons of hair and colors, even 20+ shades of blond. Their English isn’t great, but good enough to get by. I had no problem understanding what they were telling me and what they were asking. They can put in the extensions right there; there is a small “shop” area in the back. I have multi-tonal blond hair and they were able to easily blend 3 different colors of hair for the extensions to match my hair perfectly. The shop is a little hard to get to if you try to get there from 58 because it is on the very corner of 81 and is set back from the road and not really acessible from the 58 side. It is much easier to come down the hill from 81 (from KGate 2 or Foster Legion gate turn right on 330 and stay straight when it turns into 81) when you see the 58 intersection sign, there is a small shortcut road on the left that you verge onto at a light. When you get to the bottom of the hilll Mora’s in directly on your left. Just pull onto the sidewalk – that is their parking 🙂 Hope this is helpful – I’ll definitely go again!!

  3. I just wanted to post an update to my last response. Get TanFast-ic has successfully been up and running here on Island for the past year now and I have finally built my operation up enough to be able justify moving into my own location off base.

    I want to send out a sincere “Thank you” to all of my faithful clients, family, and friends for making this possible for me. I couldn’t have done it without you!

    For more information on my new location feel free to visit my web page at:

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    Thank you for your continued support!!

  4. Hi all, I just arrived on island, (however, I lived here for 6 years prior to returning), and will be re-opening my spray tanning service at the end of February… once I get settled in.

    I will be home based out of Camp Lester this time, but will also be offering mobile spray tan service. Check out my website for more information and to keep updated on the latest information regarding my Grand Opening… or feel free to contact me regarding any questions that you may have @ My website is

    Thanks for your support & have a TanFast-ic day!