Thanks to my good friend Julie for showing me this great market. When you get a chance, stop by this fish market for all of your seafood needs, including fish, octopus, lobster, & clams, just to name a few. Here you’ll find fresh seafood of all kinds and a friendly staff to help you along the way. As you can see from the pictures, the market also stocks food and supplies such as rice, spices, and much more. However, it is important to know what you are looking for because the packaging is not in English.


Img_2111Img_2112The market does have a fish chart translated in English to help you pick the right fish. Also, the instructions for buying your fish are in English as well. Basically, you take a number and decide how you want your fish (whole or fileted). They’ll fix it right up for you while you wait and will call your number when it is ready.

Inside the market is a restaurant where you can order a delicious meal. Don’t be afraid of all of the signs and fast paced ordering system. They have a menu in English that the cashier will show you with prices listed. Just pick what you want, pay and when your order comes up, you can enjoy it in the casual dining area (indoors and outdoors). I had the lobster set and my friend Julie had the fish. Oishii!Img_2107_2

Img_2117Img_2116Also, on the outside of the restaurant to the right, you can buy brown bags of freshly fried fish to go! On the left side, you can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables as well as some baked goods.

It’s a one-stop shop and the place to go for fresh food from the sea!

Hours: The market is open daily from 10:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the summer and closes a half an hour earlier in the winter at 5:30 p.m. The restaurant opens daily at 11:00 a.m. and closes with the market.

Address: 1 Chome-11-34 Awase

Google Maps Coordinates: 26.3237320372, 127.834737991

Directions from Kadena gate 2: Get ready for lots of Route 85’s!!

Turn left at the first light outside Kadena gate 2, which is Route 85. Once on 85, go straight until you reach the Ikentou Higashi intersection, which should be the 4th light. At this light you’ll turn right onto Route 85 (if you were to go straight, it would turn into 74 and lead you to Kadena gate 3). Once you’re on this 85, go straight for quite a bit. You’ll pass Marinos and Main City mall on the right. You’ll go through Route 75. You’ll pass Makeman on the left.

Finally, you’ll get to the Maehara intersection. There will be a Jusco on the bottom right-hand corner of this intersection and the Birthday Store in the top left-hand corner. Turn right at this intersection onto, you guessed it, Route 85 (going left would take you onto Route 33)! Once on 85, count 4 lights while passing the Sports Depot and Nitori on the right and Nakagusuku Port on the left.

Once at the 4th light, turn left. You’ll see this building:


If you get to MOS burger on the left and San-A on the right, you’ve gone one light too far, so just U-turn.

Once you turn into the correct intersection, you’ll see the boats docked at port straight ahead and the restaurant/market is on the right. You’ll see a tent on the right before you find parking (see first picture below). Once you park and turn facing towards Route 85, not the sea, you’ll see the building shown in the bottom picture.




  1. The easiest way to get there from gate 2 is just drive straight out of the gate onto HWY 20, cross over 330 and keep going for about 10 minutes. HWY 20 will eventually run into HWY 85 ( there is a San- A on the lower left ( this is the same San-A mentioned in the original directions) and a AU shop on the upper left of this intersection. I

    Take a left of 85 at this intersection and drive down to the next light and take a right at this building


    And the fish market is on your right.

    There you go…… Gate 2 to the Awase fish Market with 2 turns. This website needs to get a map because all your directions are terrible.

    Address for the Fish Market is 11-34, Awase 1-Chōme, Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan 904-2172

  2. Just went to the Awase market for the 1st time. Here are current directions from Koza music intersection outside of gate 2 on Kadena. (20). Go straight thru intersection. After intersection, I counted 16 stop lights and odometer read 5km. The 16th stoplight is 85, but I saw no sign stating that. It was just after a Max Value, KFC and MOS burger on the right. Turn left on to 85. Turn right at the 1st stoplight. This is the entrance to where the market is. I saw no English signs but you can’t miss it. Drive toward the water and the market is on the right. There was produce, frozen seafood, fresh catch of the day and a restaurant. Brown bags with tempura fried sweet potato, seeweed and other items I was unsure of.

  3. Thanks for the helpful posts, guys! I had fun eating lunch there today. I usually go to Naha Meat and Seafood Market in Kokousai Dori, but I figured out that Awase Fish Market is more convenient to visit from Camp Foster.
    Thank you Ashley, I headed out Foster’s Legion Gate and kept straight and I got there in 15 minutes!
    Naha Market has a lot more choices but the ambiance and location of Awase Fish Market on the port side made it more suitable to enjoy the treat of fresh sea foods.

    • Axel: Did you have to make any turn at all before you get to the Awase fish market from the Legion gate? is the market on your right hand? Can you please give some cues that the fish market is ahead? Thank you

      • Big C, the only time you will turn right on a stop light is when you enter the gate of the port. You will see Awase on the traffic sign board when your on the area and the market is a block or two away from Yoshinoya which is a little bit ahead of Eneos Gas Station.

  4. The knife used to fillet the fish is called a Masahiro 240mm mh 41102. It is sold at for $89. I hope this helps anyone who has been desperatly trying to find the name of the knife used in the famous youtube videos at the awase market………………

  5. We’re at Sasebo now, moving to Okinawa soon. We lived at Awase Sept 03-Dec 04. We’re looking forward to going back to this market. They used to have the small lobster, coated/glazed with uni/sea urchin. Hope they still have it. Hope they still serve cold beer too!

  6. The best way to get there is head out Foster’s Legion Gate and keep straight until you reach the intersection with the photo provided in the article. It’s a straight shot! If you hit the San-A you’ve gone too far.

  7. I live right across the marina from the Fish Market, love it. I just recently found out that before 5pm the lobster is offered at a discount price, Y 1500. Does anyone know if this discount price is also good on Sundays? If not, does anyone have a phone number for the fish market?

  8. From Camp Kinser, drive North towards Kadena AB. Drive onto Kadena and drive out Gate 2. Follow directions from there. Or check out the “I’m the Map” section on the top right of this page. It’s a Google map of everything on island.

  9. I love this fish market. I do not speak Japanese at all, but the staff are all so friendly. They pointed out which ones Americans usually like and cleaned the fish for me. Some days they even put out testers. The marinated tuna is absolutely delish! Oh, and the vegi’s outside are so fresh.

  10. The nice thing about this fish market is there are a lot of locals that visit. When we went we were the only Americans and the cashier helped us a lot. My girls (6 and 3) were intrigued by all of the fish sitting in the ice bins! We have bought tuna and red snapper so far, and LOVED them! It is a bit of a drive, not bad at all, but well worth it.

  11. Went there yesterday. It was cold but still a fun time! The kids kept taking pictures of all the fish. A few other Americans were there. My hubby loved to Octopus cooked right there. The tempura fish cooked outside in the brown bags was good as well! We also bought some vegetables and famous Okinawan sea salt. And yes, go straight out Kate 2 and follow directions above. A nice little drive. Will definitely go back when it is warmer!

  12. Just an FYI…If you’re coming out of Kadana Gate 2, there is no need to go on the 85-at all! Just continue on the 20 (the road out Gate 2) for approximately 15 minutes. You’ll pass a Max Value supermarket on your right just before you reach the 85 intersection, where you will turn LEFT. There’s the afore mentioned San A on your left-the Mos Burger is no longer there. There will be a fire station on your right; the entrance to the fish market is immediately after this.

  13. I have just seen the video of the Awase Market tuna filleting, and would really like to know what brand and style of knife they were using and how to get ahold of one. Anyone know or can find out? Thanks,


  14. thanks diana for this very helpfull directions, we will try looking for that market next saturday. me and my hubby been trying to find a fish market for a month now since i got here in kadena but no luck. im a filipina and i used to eat fresh fish…miss eating fresh seafoods. thanks again

  15. Wow, I’ve wanted to know how to find this place for years. I always knew there was a fish market in that area, I just couldn’t find it because the directions I had were pretty vague and I get turned around easily. Thanks for posting specifics for directionally-challenged people like me!

  16. Mmmmmm… You must try their fried Mahi Mahi, it is so good. When we head down to Awase, we always buy two bags. It is perfect for some quick fish tacos. Just get a head of cabbage while your there and remember to pick up some ranch and corn tortillas from the commissary.

  17. Mishka, thanks for the info on cooking fish you buy. That saves a lot of not-so-yummy fish cooked by a not-so-great cook like myself! Akiko, yes, the lobster set was yummy to my tummy! No problem, staci, that’s what I’m here for!

  18. I went here when we lived here last time all the time. You can also have the fish you have just purchased cooked up in the restaurant if you want….oh, and I was told it was best to come in at 10:30am when they open because a lot of the fish is fresh off the boats then….