I recently received the following email from a single soldier wondering about the on-base barracks.  I looked through our archives and though we’ve got LOTS of posts about family housing on and off base, we’ve got very little about the single-member, barracks side of things.

I am an Army E5(P) and I am a MP currently in Iraq. I am due to come to Torii Station just shortly after I return from Iraq. How are the on base barracks for single E5 and E6 soldiers?  Do they have to have a roommate or do they live alone, and can they reside off post?  I see alot of posts about other bases in Okinawa but not many about the housing on Torii Station.  I would love some insight so I can start planning my move.

Please help Gerard with any info you’ve got!!


  1. They are crap. No AC for 6 months regardless of temperature and set to 78 in the summer. Filled with mold and pests. This is not a joke post but the truth. This is a horrible place if you are single as far as accomadations.

  2. holloman

    i do not live in those but i have help a former roommate into one. If u are tlaking about the ones i am thinking about. they are basically a one room apt with no roomate. It is a bedroom, living room, a small but super workable kitchen and your own bathroom. the laundry is down the hall. All in all not a bad place to live compared to want other single E4 are living in. You also might have the chance of living off base as well.

    hope this helps

  3. Yeah- you’ll likely have to live in the Torii Station barracks, possibly in the lower enlisted building, pending availability and promotion.
    That barracks building is old, painted concrete block.
    You’ll get your own standard square room and small bathroom.
    There’s a kitchen, laundry and day room with a TV on each floor.
    There’s the usual Army barracks furniture.
    You can get all the usual stuff for your room- i.e. cable TV, internet, phone, etc.

  4. Housing will put you in barracks rooms if there are any available if not u will have the option to move off base.Promotable is not a rank,you will be given an E-5 room until you get promoted. No roomates for NCO’s