I used to say that the way to my heart was through my hair and it might be at least partially true.  When my trusted Okinawan stylist recently transferred to a new salon in Urasoe City, I was heartbroken.  I really didn’t want to have to drive that far.  Could it be possible that there is someone else I could trust, who has a salon nearby?  Could it be?  YES!


Enter Yukari Kobayashi and her brand-spanking-new salon, Borjan.  She has recently opened for business right on the Sunabe Seawall and her appointment book is quickly filling up!  I found several good reasons for this.  The salon is nice and cozy and Yukari is a talented stylist who also happens to be warm, friendly and chatty.  I found her to be very knowledgeable and full of ideas on how to solve my oh-so-many hair issues.  And I really love the color she mixed up for me – it’s a delicious, shiny, deep brown.  So if you’re in the market for a great new stylist, I highly recommend giving Borjan Salon a try.


I was able to get an appointment easily, though Yukari-san is a one-woman show right now.  Be sure to call early and check out her informative website below.


Borjan Hair Salon


Phone: 098-936-6400


Address: 1-64 Miyagi, Chatan-chō, Nakagami-gun, Okinawa-ken 904-0113, Japan

GPS Coordinates: 26.3283292, 127.7448178

Directions:  From Hwy 58 turn at the Hamagawa intersection, traveling toward the seawall.  You’ll pass the Pizza House on your left and the big tanning salon on your right.  Go through 2 lights and follow that road along the seawall.  Borjan will appear on your right, soon after you pass the first Chateu La Mer building.  If you get to The Source surf shop you have just missed it.  As always, parking is a hot commodity in the Sunabe area.  There are a couple of spaces in front of the building but you may also need to be prepared to cruise the neighborhood a little bit to find another open space.


  1. Yukari is amazing. I was nervous at first because the last review was back in 2014, so I was pretty much going in not knowing much about her or about her work. Anyway, I had her balayage my virgin black hair with some rich caramel brown! I was not disappointed in what she did. It all blends in so naturally. I will definitely be going back to go even lighter! She’s such a hardworking woman and is always booked up during the weekends! I highly recommend calling to set up an appointment if you’re planning to get your hair colored.

  2. Does she dye hair with human hair extensions in? I just got them and i had my hair color with them in.. I have ombre now but i want to go dark and I’m scared to dye it myself with the extensions in.


  3. I have never left a comment on this site before even though I use it all the time. I have been on the island about a year now and one of my biggest frustrations has been finding a great stylist. I have went to Earth which is a wonderful salon but expensive and there is the scary language barrier. Tried the BX a few times but wasnt too impressed and can never get the same person. I searched on here and found Borjan. I am so glad I gave it a try! I have definatley found my place! Borjan is a cute and quaint salon close to base, Yukari is wonderful!! She gave me exactly what I wanted, I enjoyed our conversation and I felt totally comfortable. Her prices are very resonable, I highly recommend Borjan!! I know I wont go anywhere else now!

  4. Hi, does she do Brazilian blow outs? I have heard of the Japanese Straightner but am looking to try something not as permanent to see if I like not having my curls. Or does anyone have another suggestion? And as far as the Japanese Straightner, does anyone know how long it would be until my hair got back to normal? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  5. I am PCSing in a week, and this is the only business I am determined to review before I leave the island.

    I made the mistake of straying away from Yukari at Borjan with good intentions of supporting another military wife or hiring a hairstylist that would come to my home for convenience. All BIG hair mistakes and I am having to fix with Yukari’s help.

    Borjan was the first salon I tried after doing a lot of research online and after hearing great things word of mouth from American women. Her salon is beautifully decorated and clean. Very easy to use website, fair prices, and an easy schedule to work with. She speaks English impressively well. Why would I try another salon…?? I am stil asking myself this question, lol 🙂

    Well, I did use another stylist out of convenience. It was a disaster. Then, I went to another stylist to try to remedy my hair because there was no way I was going to let the first one do any more color. Then, I went to a Japanese salon that is known for its pampering and bells & whistles … Disaster, even with a pricey top stylist. So finally, I came crawling back to Borjan with my crazy bleached hair — Expecting her to say something like “That’s what you get for going elsewhere!” … Nope! None of that 🙂 — She gladly began the process of fixing my hair.

    After my last, amazing appointment today, I felt like I needed to tell the rest of Okinawa that doesn’t already know that Yukari is amazing at what she does. She has years of experience, and is a true, professional hair stylist. My husband has complimented my hair 3 times by now and I’ve been home for only a few hours, so in my book, she is the best! I wish I could take her home with me.

  6. I went to Borjan this week for an asymmetrical bob cut. Yukari was awesome! I walked in with my first on island haircut that was an absolute embarrassing mess and she transformed it in 30 minutes into a chic well cut style. The light, clean, comfortable interior of her ocean front shop is straight out of an Anthropologie catalog.

  7. I went to Borjan last weekend and had Japanese straightening. Yukari was amazing. She is super friendly and really makes you feel comfortable. This was my first time getting my hair done since arriving on the island and I plan on making her my stylist while I’m out here. I first heard about Japanese straightening in the US but couldn’t find a salon that I was confident in. I love my new straight hairstyle. I don’t have to blow dry and flat iron my hair every day and it stays straight and frizz free. I am very pleased with my results. I am going back to Borjan to have my highlights touched up in a few weeks. I highly recommend Borjan!

  8. I have been going to Borjan for about a year. Yukari is amazing! I have had the straightening done and she does my color and cut. She is truly an excellent stylist, a super sweet person, and her salon is so serene and relaxing.

  9. Yukari did such a good job on my hair! I am very blonde and very picky, so I haven’t had my hair done since before I left to move here in February:S
    She was so nice and did an awesome job. She definitely got close enough to the roots and the color is exactly right. SO happy I don’t have to worry about having my hair done now!

  10. I had an appt. w/ Yukari at Borjan about 10 days ago. I wanted to wait awhile before posting, you know, just to make sure I would still love it after a week or so 🙂 Anyway, I went and Yukari cut my hair and did a permanent straightener. I am absolutely amazed!! I swear she is a magician. I went in w/ kinky, curly, crazy-thick hair that was completely out of control thanks to Okinawa’s high humidity and came out with board straight hair that lays perfectly. For the first time in my life I am now able to leave the house w/ wet hair and no product and not look like I’ve been electrocuted 😀 Thanks Yukari!

    • Alesha, when you say kinky and beautiful thick hair, do you mean the same texture as an African American (I am and I just wanted to see if my great curls can benefit from the Japanese Straighter. As I know in the States, any ethnicity can get the Japanese Straighter)
      Also, how is your hair still holding up more than a year later after the treatment?


  11. I went to Yukari about a week ago and she did an awesome job! I was a little nervous at first, but when she was done, the color was excatly as i wanted! not to mention i got the best hair cut i’ve ever had! she is a super nice lady. I was 30 minutes late for my appointment because i got lost and when i called, she stayed on the phone with me while she gave me directions and met me outside with a smile 🙂 I’m very happy i went to her!

  12. I went to Borjan to get highlights put in on top of hair that had been dyed dark for two years. I left with blonde-highlighted roots and the rest of my hair was still dark. In all fairness, she told me this could happen but I was not happy. I went on Camp Foster to a new girl Erica who hooked me up and corrected it…she is awesome! I’m blonde all over now…like I wanted.

  13. It takes me some time to warm up to a new hair stylist, but I immediately felt “at home” with Yukari. After a couple of botched haircut experiences at certain on-base facilities, I decided to give Salon Borjan a try. I am now a faithful customer of Yukari’s for the rest of my time here. She gives the best scalp massages/shampoos EVER. I highly recommend the “Head Spa” treatment when you go in for a cut- soooo worth it. Yukari will turn you into putty- I practically fall asleep with her awesome scalp massages. She is a one-woman shop, so she is oftentimes booked solid. Just be sure to call a week in advance for an appointment with her- she’s totally worth the wait!

  14. I just came back from having my hair cut and hi-lites(low-lights, too)at Borjan. I am sooo pleased! She did an amazing job. Yukari was so patient and I felt so comfortable talking with her about what I wanted. I have had my hair done by numerous people in the last year and she is the best!

    Thank you Yukari!!

  15. I love Yukari! She’s the third stylist I tried on the island and is the last one I will use during the rest of our stay. I go every five weeks for a touch up and cut and my hair is healthier now than it’s been in a long time.

  16. I really wanted to love what Yukari did with my hair, I really did; she is such a nice person and the salon is beautiful! Sadly, the color was all wrong (too orange-y), my hair is terribly damaged, and another hair stylist confirmed my suspicion that one side was a good deal longer than the other. I have very thick hair with a slight wave. I appreciate the effort Ms. Yukari put forth but am still searching for the perfect hairdresser

  17. I just had my hair cut and highlighted by Yukari at Borjan and I am so pleased! First off, her salon is decorated beautifully, the view is spectacular and the ambiance is relaxing.

    I have very thick, naturally wavy hair. It can be deceiving for someone the first time they work on it. But she took such great care and seemed totally at ease. I could definitely tell she was a professional and knew what she was doing.

    The result is awesome! My highlights are the perfect shade of blonde, my hair feels healthy and she was able to cut it so that more of my wave shows through…exactly what I asked for! LOVED this experience and will be going to Yukari for the remainder of my island-stay! Thank you, Yukari!

  18. Yukari, How nice of you to reply right on okinawahai! I think it’s neat when business owners or relatives of business owners add comments to their write-up as it gives it a very personal feel. I will definitely make an appointment for you to do my hair!

  19. After seeing someone on the island with cute hair, I asked her where she went (assuming she would say somewhere in the states). She didn’t though…she went to Borjan! So, I made an appointment and Borjan did a great job! I will definitely go back!

  20. Yukari is great! She speaks English well, has worked all over the world, is very friendly and talkative, isn’t affraid to give her opinion or offer advice if you need it on a new style, and most importantly, she cuts hair very well! I had gone to Earth Salon once before and got a nice haircut, but I always have trouble explaining how I want my bangs. Yukari did the best job! My hair looked amazing when I left! I am thinking about going back to her for color (I usually use a box at home). Don’t be nervous to try her – she told me 95% of her clients are Americans – I know she has great experience!

  21. Thanks Yukari!!!!!! Having moved here 3 weeks ago I had no time to get my hair done before I came to the island. Roots were starting to show, I was so scared and skeptical about getting my hair done and I must say very picky about my hair (now this is someone who would fly to a different state to get my hair done cause I loved my hairstylist after I moved)

    I had such an awesome experience at Borjan, she made sure what you wanted and even offered her expertise advice.

    When it comes to color she is such a professional,I wanted my base color light brown, great job mixing it just right, I was even shocked I have naturally dark hair and no one could ever achieve that light brown color on my hair without it turning red(brasy) but she did!!!

    Highlights were just right on and she does use toner if needed too! Yukari is truly a master of stylist in the work she does and not mention such a nice down to earth person, she makes you feel so comfortable!!! Im so happy I will get my hair done by her for the next 4 years Im here.

  22. I had a wonderful experience at Borjan! Yukari was fabulous! I just moved here 2 months ago and was so nervous about getting my hair colored and trimmed because I didn’t know who to trust with my hair. After hearing about all the wonderful experiences everyone has been having at Borjan I decided to try it out. I am a natural brunette and need it colored every so often to get the brassy color out. She did a beautiful chocolate brown shade (exactly what I wanted) and trimmed just enough to get the split ends without taking off much length (since I am trying to grow out my hair). I definitely recommend Borjan!

  23. I also didn’t have a great experience…Salon and Yukari are great, great massage, but my highlights were awful. She put too many in, and they weren’t even close to the roots, so immediately looked like there was a lot of regrowth. Be careful, alot of Japanese cannot do highlights very well, and are not comfortable doing them.

  24. I have trusted Okinawa Hai for restaurant recommendations for a time now and have never been disappointed. So, naturally, when it came time to find a new hair stylist, I knew where to look. I booked an appointment at Borjan. I am happy to report that I am so very pleased with Yukari-san. I needed only a trim and reshaping this time, which she did beautifully. (I have fine hair.) She did outstanding work on the highlights as well. The color she mixed up was perfect. Beyond her technical competence, Yukari-san is a beautiful woman inside and out: Kind and resepectful, interesting and friendly. I would have no problems walking into an appointment and putting myself–and my hairstyle–completely into Yukari-san’s hands. I know I would walk out with amazing hair.

  25. I went a few weeks ago to get my color fixed and my roots dyed. I loved my stylist back at our last base but when we went on leave on our way here i went to my moms stylist. He went from light brown to platinum blond when all i needed was a touch up ( had for gotten the picture but it shouldn’t have been that hard).

    When i read the reviews of Yukari i was excited! So i went in there with the same picture as before. So all i wanted was to go back to the light brown and get a cut. I walked out of there a new shade of the platinum. When i got home i decided to give it a few days to see what happened once it had time to set. I knew i could in no way go back to light brown, but maybe i would at least like the color. When i was getting out of the show two days latter my husband pointed out that i needed to go back in to get my roots done. I had been so busy taking care of things that i hadn’t had time to worry much about my hair for few days after the appointment.

    So if my husband noticed it had to bad. I went in and she touched them up. She didn’t match the color and my highlights look like they have already grown out because of the way she did the touchup. I have been trying to conditioning my hair every way possible to make up for the horrible damage she did. The cut isn’t bad, but i had to direct her as she cut the one side to match the other.

    I am not one to post much, but my hair is so bad that i am most likely going to have it died back to my natural color and leave it alone for a while; there is so much damage.

    Good luck and i hope everyone else has a good experience with her because she is really nice and give the best head massages. Now that is something i might go back for!

  26. I went to Yukari a couple of weeks ago to get my color touched up, and she did a PERFECT job! I have highlights over base color that covers my gray, so touching up the base color only can be tricky. She matched the base color perfectly and the highlights still looked great afterwards. We just arrived in June and I was nervous about finding a colorist/stylist because I am VERY picky about my hair. I will definitely be going back to Yukari!

  27. I was referred to Borjan through a friend of mine, after I had experienced several scary hair coloring appts gone bad. Yukari’s salon is perfect! A great view of the beach with a very talented stylist. She corrected my hair and gave the best scalp massage ever. I will be going back! Thank you Yukari!!

  28. I just went here today and I am hooked. This salon is a great find for so many reasons. I had her reshape my hair that I am growing out. I also had her fix problems I created by coloring myself and sun damage. She is a pro at both color and cut. The location is also amazing. 1/2 block south of Cocok’s on the seawall. She has extended her 20% off promotion until the end of August.

  29. I got my hair cut there in late May and love it! I’m no muss, no fuss type of gal and Yukari gave me a style that is good to go. I have my next appointment in ealry August and can’t wait for the wonderful head massage/shampoo!