Okinawa Hai fallback

So, I have this friend.

Hi, Andrea!

When she and her family moved here they were shown housing on Courtney since her husband is based at Hansen. They found a house off-base near Courtney. However, her two youngest kids go to school out Kadena Gate 2. AND her oldest is in school on Courtney.

She spends a huge chunk of her day driving. She’s maybe, possibly, potentially considering moving near Gate 2 where she would have quick access to the preschool and all the goodies on Kadena.

HOWEVER, what about her daughter at school on Courtney? If she moves, can she move her daughter from the elementary school on Courtney to an elementary school on Kadena? Is that allowed? How could she do it?

Please weigh in with all your pretty smartness.


  1. My son is currently enrolled in Casa Di Ninos Montesorri school full time
    I would like some advice as because his teacher he has right now is awesome but he is leaving and im unsure if I want him to stay in this school I am considering moving him into Bob Hope the only problems are is he will be turning 6 in early December and He can already read and is very god with basic maths and is very smart, if I send him to Bob Hope will he be unhappy because I hear that they only start to read in 1st grade but he isnt socially ready for 1st grade but is extremely smart
    please help any advice
    a confused mom

  2. My husband is Army but will be working on Camp Foster. (or right there)
    I have a 6th, 4th, 1st, and pre K. We are excited about coming over. I am wondering about housing and most important to me the schools. I should say we are coming from Louisiana. Schools rank oh I don’t know maybe 49 out of 50 states. (-: Is housing difficult to get on Foster? My husband is an E-8 and we would need at least a 4 bedroom.
    As far as schools, I heard they have elem. middle and high schools there. What is the average student to teacher ratio? Are you happy working there? How is parental involvement? I am sorry to go crazy with the quetions. Trying to figure out if we should live on foster or Kadena.
    Thanks in advance.
    We will be arriving this April.

  3. Well I work at Zukeran, so that is the one that I can give you the most info about 🙂 Does that mean it is the best? I can’t say that because I do not have as much experience in the other schools (I worked in one other one). I have heard good things about the other schools as well.

  4. Hi Andrea, I wouldn’t say that one school is better than another. I have heard positive comments about all of the elementary schools. Honestly, I think we are spoiled here on the island, because the DODDs elementary schools are like private schools in the states. They all offer something special for the students and they happen to have some great teachers. Personally, I am extremely happy with Stearley Heights. My son was visited by the gifted teacher once a week when he was in Kindergarten, and once he reached first grade, was officially tested for giftedness and is now enrolled in their gifted program. All of the staff, from the regular teacher, the gifted teacher, the school counselor, and the school pyschologist, have been working with him to provide him with a learning experience that meets his needs–whether it is academic or social. I have been extremely pleased with the programs offered at the school (culture classes, Spanish language classes, etc.) and the high level of parental involvement. However, I know parents who are just as equally happy with KES, Bob Hope, Bechtel, etc. I think each school is unique in what it has to offer, for example, I think KES has a Japanese immersion program. Hope this helps!!! –Diana

  5. Hello Ladies.

    Its me Andrea..:)

    Another question on the schools. Which schools would you say are the best or more advanced with their educational programs.If you got to switch to any school, which would you chose?

    Thanks all for your input and info..:)

  6. She can always stop in the schools office and ask. Bechtel should have the information. I teach at a school on Foster…I have seen students transfer all throughout the year to a different school on the island.

  7. My first year doing this was two months into the school year and they still approved the waiver. I was told you are supposed to go to the school you would like to attend to ask for the waiver paperwork. However, you could also call the district superintendent’s office, and they can give you the requested information (or confirm where you need to go). Their number is 634-1204.

  8. We are in Bechtel school district as well, but we requested a waiver for my son to attend school on Kadena for similar reasons. You have to submit the waiver at the school you are requesting and they review every year. This is our second year on Kadena that the waiver has been approved. More than likely, she will have to choose from KES or SHES, since Bob Hope is usually maxed out in its’ student population. Hope this helps.