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Are you a foodie who loves cheese?  A warmed camembert spread over crusty French bread, a homemade batch of emmental and gruyere fondue, or perhaps a taste of something local?  Cheers!! is the place to find all three.

Cheers!! offers both the well-known varieties of cheese including parmesan, gouda, brie, camembert, blue, boursin, havarti, and fresh mozzarella, plus a few new to me, such as caciocavallo, red cheddar, samsoe (recommended for fondue), Stilton (and other strong smelling cheeses), and a creamy Dutch variety with wasabi that compliments beer.Jan 15 2010 007
Special offerings include cream cheese from Ishigashi Island in leek, black pepper, parsley and garlic, rum raisin and hot chile flavors.

Not to be missed is the kanyuuso, a caramel-colored, smooth yet sweet tasting cheese that simply melts in your mouth – do not leave the store without trying it!Jan 15 2010 029
There is also a small selection of caviar, prosciutto and salami, “American-style” cream cheese in honey and nut, mixed berry and plain flavors.  Olives, oils, vinegar, jams, dried fruit and meat, and crackers from Europe and Asia fill the rest of the shop.
Jan 15 2010 008 If you enjoy a drink with your cheese, visit sister café and bar called Tingara on the fifth floor.

Cheers!! Cheese Shop

Hours: Cheers!! 1100 – 2200 daily. Tingara 1400 – 1800 (cafe time), 1900 – 2300 (bar time). Both closed Tuesdays

Phone: Cheers!! 098-862-8942, Tingara 098-862-2858

Address: 2 Chome-4-39 Mekaru, Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 900-0004, Japan (Tingara)

GPS Coordinates: 26.2306388, 127.69960659999992

Directions: Route 58 heading south towards Naha. From Camp Kinser’s main gate/gate one, go 1.5km and turn left at light (Ameku intersection). Turn left at the fourth light (Shintoshin Park intersection) – approximately 1.3km).  Cheers!! is .3km on left side of road.  There is a Max Value across the street.  Parking is in front of the store.


  1. Well, I just got back from Cheers. The variety they offer is amazing. Pricy but amazing. I bought seven different cheeses and a package of prosciutto. Total cost was about $55-60.
    Tingara, on the 5th floor, is really nice. I had a glass of red house wine with a tray of five different cheeses, a few slices of baguette, a few slices of a thin sourdough cracker, and two thin slices of fig. The Ishigaki cream cheese w/rasins was fantastic! Total price in Tingara was about $15 but worth every penny.
    Next I’ll have to see what happens at Tingara at night. 🙂

  2. WHOOO-HOOO! I heard about this place a couple of days ago and am going this weekend. No more will I have to be “creative” with Kraft Cheddar and Sargento Swiss out of the Commissary. Finally some real cheese!!! And prosciutto??? I may as well go shopping for a bigger belt on the way home!

  3. Hi everyone, I’m pregnant too… but will definitely try it out as soon as my little baby girl is here :o)
    I’m a little confused with the directions… so is it on 58 towards Naha ? how far from Kadena Gate 1 ?
    Thanks a lot…
    Cheese lover !