For all you parents looking for a preschool that suits your kids, we’re hoping to add a little something to aid in your search. Parents of children who attend various preschools on island have filled out a series of questions about the schools for the benefit of the rest of us. We welcome more than one voice on each school since everyone has a different experience, so please feel free to add in your two cents in the comments.

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Name of School: Cherry Blossom Preschool
Address: No. 1823 Parkside Terrace, 269 Ogido, Kitanakagusuku-son
Phone: 098-935-2780
Ages Accepted: 2 months to 3 years
Ages of Your Kid(s) in this School: 3


What is the maximum number of students that your school has? 35-40

What is the current number of students? 36

Is enrollment open/year-round enrollment or per semester? Open year round but it tends to fill up in the Fall.

Does my child have to be potty-trained to attend? No.

Can I bring my child in for a pre-enrollment visit? Yes.


What are the school’s hours? Full Day 8:30-3:00; Half Day 8:30-12:00.

Is the school on a Japanese or American schedule? DODDS schedule.

How flexible is the school with pickup and drop-off times? Flexible but with a 350 yen per hour charged outside of regular hours.


What are the registration fees? 15,000 yen.

What are the tuition fees? Full day 40,000 yen; Half day 30,000 yen monthly

If any, what are the assessment and school supplies fees? 20,000 yen.

Are any discounts offered for referrals, siblings, volunteering, working there, etc.? There is a sibling discount.

Is there a late-pickup fee? 350 yen per hour.

How and when does the school require payment (in yen, dollars, etc.)? First of the month in yen.


Does the school encourage spontaneous visits from parents? Yes, parents are welcome anytime.

How do you communicate with parents? Is there a regular newsletter, or a notice board? There is a notice board for events and announcements. Parents can speak with the teachers before and after class anytime.

Is there a daily report or other process for informing parents of what children did during the day (naps, BMs, snacks, etc.)? You usually have a verbal report of what happened.

Are there parent/teacher conferences? Yes.


How are the kids grouped? mixed ages / grouped by age? By age.

What’s the teacher-child ratio in each group? 18-20 to 2.

How many full-time teachers do you have? How many assistants? Four full time.

What is the school’s educational philosophy? Is the school program developmentally-based or does it have an academic focus? Academic.

Is there a playground for the children to play on? Yes and many toys and riding toys.

What do the children do on any given day? What’s the general schedule/routine? Music and singing, playtime, lesson or experiment, and worksheets.

Are there extracurricular activities or field trips? Yes.

How does the school discipline children? Generally time-outs are given.

How does the school comfort children? Hugs and comforting words.


Cherry Blossom and more specifically its leader, Miss Tita, are very concerned with providing the best education for your child possible. The school itself may look humble, but the learning of the children is not. My daughter started at age three, and did not really know her letters yet. Now she knows all of them and the sounds they make.

For the Christmas pageant the older children had memorized songs, musical performances and dances. I was so impressed with what they were able to accomplish in a short time. There is music every morning and my daughter is constantly singing new songs.

When my daughter developed some behavioral issues early on, Miss Tita worked with us to achieve some changes for the better. She only wanted the best for my child and was supportive about the things I needed from her to help my daughter in school and at home.

In sum, I highly recommend Cherry Blossom to any parent searching for an academically oriented pre-school.


  1. This school is fantastic! The teachers are wonderful. They love the children and teach a structured curriculum. Report cards are issued and there are even parent-teacher conferences!

    There are three teachers who have a wide range of teaching experience ranging from counseling to teaching middle school! They have been teaching PreK for years and love what they do. It is evident upon meeting them. They are genuine.

    The school itself is near Foster, but worth the drive for anyone not living on or near the Base. If you would like a loving, educational environment for your child…then this is the place!

  2. I cannot say enough good things about this school!! The teachers are amazing and so loving. It’s like a little close knit family. my daughter was so prepared for kindergarten. she is actually very advanced because of the great eduction at Cherry Blossom. Go visit the school and teachers. I know about 20 different families who have sent their kids there over the years and I’ve never heard one negative comments. You will love it!!

  3. The start up fee is not $1000, it is 10,000 yen which is about $120 with the current yen rate. After that it is 350 yen/hour. I checked it out and I am going to go with it. I spent 30 minutes there and hid while my 7 month old played. She seemed to enjoy the place. Whenever she seemed to panic because I wasn’t around the staff easily soothed her. Also they have a quiet and dark napping area.

  4. Kim- I used the directions and it also turned into a 2 hours of me driving around like a chicken with its head chopped off. I got lost and then more lost and then cheered for joy when I finally found a road I recognized. Had all three of my kids with me, and decided to go home without looking for the school again. Then I met a lady whose son attends Cherry Blossom. I follwed her and thought of how close I was, but had no idea.
    Ultimately I decided against it. The start up fees were too much Like $1000 before they even start. We went with Kuwae on Lester. We are happy with it. It is annoying that the days are only 2.5 hours though. One more year until I have 2 out of three school agers, lol. Can’t wait until this never ending search of a preschool is over.

  5. Ms. Tida has 3 spots left for the part time preschool which Kelly mentioned above. It starts Sept 1st and will be MWF 8:30 – 3:00. There will be around 6 students with one teacher. My kids have been going to Cherry Blossom for a few years now and I cannot say enough great things about it. You can call Ms. Tida at 098-935-2780.

  6. I tried to get there using these directions and what should have been a 4 minute trip from my house turned into two and a half hours of insanity. I wanted to offer alternate directions. Once you turn onto 146 (the road off of 81) go straight until you see a huge sign on your left for the Onishi Golf Course (there is also a light at this intersection)and make a right. The road quickly comes to a fork, keep right, it quickly comes to a fork again, keep left. Then take the first left and you will come to the preschool. The toddler center is a few houses down to the right of the school. Hope this prevents anybody from going through the ordeal I did!

  7. Does anyone know if this preschool offers a discount since the year is almost done? We just moved here in Jan and I need to put my 3 year old in a preschool. Will I have to pay the full registration and supply fees?

  8. Ms. Tita has just announced a new opportunity for a part-time preschool program 3 days/week with the option of half days (8:30-12:00) or full days (8:30-3:00) for 2-3 year olds. The program is located at the Toddler Center just down the road. This is a great option for parents who are not ready her 5x/week program. I double-checked with her this afternoon – it is preschool with an academic, as well as, social focus in a separate classroom at the center. Ms. Tita can be contacted at 098-935-2780.

  9. 1823 Parkside Terrace, 269 Ogido, Kitanakagusuku – If you were going out the Camp Foster Legion Gate, you would go straight (81? – towards Comprehensive Park) and take a right at the second stoplight (gate 1B is on your left); go over the bridge and just past the “on”ramps for the expressway, take a right (right before the hill); follow the twisting/ turning road up to the top of the hill (yellow house/ building on your right) and take a right; then take an immediate left – the school will be within eyesight and the daycare is just around the corner. There is a some parking in front of the school and in a gravel area next to the that area. There are some signs, but they are a bit hidden at this time by trees and grass. It’s a great preschool, but a little “tricky” to find the first time because of the lack of street names, but you’ll find it more easily with these landmarks. My son loves this school!

  10. FYI: One of the ladies who heads the preschool also opened a day care just down the road. They offer part-time and full-time care for younger children (I think between 1 and 2-1/2 years of age).