A reader requested that I bring up the wonderfulness of Coco. What makes Coco so wonderful you might ask? Well, as we all know, Coco’s (formerly Hot Spar), Lawson’s, and Family Mart are all 7-11 type convenvience stores. But what Jen wanted to point out is that Coco has the uniqueness of fresh baked goods and delicious bento (not just the quick bento most of the other stores offer, but fresh bento). I have to say, I love this simple convenience.


The baked goods usually start rolling out around 7:00 in the morning, although the one near my house often has a wide variety before that. Then, as the day progresses, depending on what sells, they bake more! Now, not all Coco stores have a bakery inside. There is another Coco in the opposite direction of my house that just offers a meager selection of bento–no baked goods! I don’t frequent this store too often. The store that does offer bento & baked goods is located out Kadena gate 3. Just go straight until the road dead ends into 329. Coco will be on your right before 329. This farmer’s market will be on the left.


Have fun tasting all the yummy baked goods in these stores. I love the egg sandwiches! Do you have one near you that has the delicious bakery? If so, please share the directions!


  1. Nice, Caroline! That’s very true. Many Coco’s. My sister’s name is Koko. 🙂 I noticed Coco opened on 23 sometime last year or this year and now it all explains! I had no idea! I had never put my foot in the store and I wish I did!

  2. From Courtney’s BX Gate, turn left on 75 all the way up the hill until you hit 329 (you can only go left or right here). Turn right on 329 (going north). At the Rt 6 and 329 split (at the stoplight), you’ll see a Coco’s on the left side of the street. They have a bakery and a great selection of bento sets. 🙂

  3. Just talking about Coco’s w/ a Japanese friend the other day. He said “coco” meant “here” in Japanese and the store’s full name is “Coco de Cooking”. So, “Cooking Here” or something like that!

  4. I thought I saw a lot of Coco’s popping up and Hot Spars disappearing a little bit ago, nice to know I wasn’t going crazy and seeing things. I’ll be dropping by one soon so I can sink my teeth into one of those delicious looking bun things.