My husband even loved it. Granted, he didn’t get to experience all that those amazing women can do with one little paint brush (he thought that might be a little over the top), but the 45 minutes leg and foot massage just about transported him straight into heaven. “That was all right” — HIGHEST praise from my husband — was repeated a number of times over the rest of that day.

I didn’t go to Cocok’s until I’d been here about 7 months. I had heard all these great things, but was happy going to the salon I had found on base. I’ve never been back. Whether it’s the lulling sound of water falling down the fountain, the delightful iced tea served, the big comfy chairs, the pages and pages and pages of nail art to choose between or the incredible massage — I don’t know. But Cocok’s is a dream.


And evidently you think so, too. My inbox was inundated with pictures upon pictures of all the fun you have obviously had pampering yourself at Cocok’s. Here’s a little of what you’ve had done (click on any to enlarge):


But that’s not all… There are also incredible fingernail art options as well:


Cocok’s also offers body massage, facials, steam baths, as well as a full service hair salon. Please comment if you’ve experienced any of these as I’ve only been for the TOES!

Prices (from the Chatan Cocok’s website):

Pedicure (which includes art on all toes) – 3990Y
Child Pedicure (11 & under) – 2625Y
Manicure (base color only) – 2625Y
Finger nail art – 105Y per nail
There are cheaper prices for just getting nail art done — no massage.

Facials range from 3990Y up to 6300Y. Body massage from 3150Y up to 8400Y. And 45 minutes in the steam bath is 3150Y.

Cocok’s has two locations that I know of — one on the 23 in Chatan (098-936-7807) and one near the Seawall(098-921-7280). Both are open from 10am – 8pm. Maps can be found on each website. The Chatan Cocok’s also has a kid’s play area (though Sunday’s are now NO KID days). The seawall Cocok’s does not have massages – only nails. I’ve only been to the one on the 23, so would love to hear from those of you who have been out to the Seawall for Cocok’s fun. Gift cards and coupons are not interchangeable between stores.

Thanks to Kelly, Claire, Kristin, Nikki, Jocelyn Cambria, Lindsay, Jessica, Hollie, Dana, Ashley, Mark, Kassia & my hubby for the great photos!


  1. Came to this Cocoks by the sea location and got an immediate infection on my big toe. Has been very painful! Doctor had to give me an antibiotic. Said it was due to improperly cleaned tools. Something to think about. Perhaps the standards are not the same as the U.S. Although I’m sure this could happen anyplace I wanted to share so you all are aware and hopefully don’t have any issues like I did!

  2. A coworker of mine received a gift certificate for her and her daughter to go get pedi’s as a treat for Christmas. She wanted to go when the weather was nicer so she was waiting go. Last minute, she went back to the states. She tried to make and appt before she left, but there was no availability so she requested an extension on her gift certificates (they were only good for less than 6months from purchase) and they refused. She gave me the certificates to see if I could use them while she was gone. Again there was no availability to make an appt. I asked what she suggested after explaining the situation and was told that “just can’t use them.” Obviously, this business is too busy and doesn’t need anymore business right now.

  3. I have been to both locations, and I will never go back to the one on 23. When I called to schedule the apt and when I checked in the lady was rude. She acted as if I was bothering her and waved me off. She reminded me of an American working a dead end job at a gas station stateside, who act like you are the reason for their misery.

  4. Hi, everyone! I’ve been to the one on 23 (near Kadena’s gate 5) only. I’ve had a pedicure done a long time ago and it was well worth the almost $40 you’ll spend.
    I also go there once in a while for a massage. One anniversary ago, my husband came home with a bouquet of flowers, a card and a Cocok’s menu. He didn’t know what package I would like, so he decided to get a menu and enclose it in the greeting card. I tried the facial and body massage and really loved it. It was very relaxing. From then on, I would go once in a while for either an upper body massage or facial & body massage.
    You can ask for a Member’s Stamp Card. When you earn enough points, you get a gift certificate. They also give a birthday discount – the stamp card says 20% off and you can use it a week before or after your birthday.
    I tip at Cocok’s after I asked the ladies at the front desk if it was ok. They said I can if I want to, so I always tip from then on. 🙂

  5. Tipping at Cocok’s They say you dont have to tip out in town but I tip when I go and it is about 500 to 700 just depends on the art work that I get they take there time I never feel rushed when I go ….I have never been to the Spa on Foster but since it is on base I guess you would tip …..

  6. Man I should have loaded all of the ones I have had done insted of just one lol. The girls that work there are AMAZING! They can do anything with that paint brush. Sitting here reading this makes me want an appt lol. Has any one else heard that they use Lipton tea w/ lemon? What ever it is yum :}

  7. Love the post! I always get nervous about having to pick out what I want for my manicure before I get there, so I get the Nail books that you can buy at bookstores in Jusco or San A. Among my favorites are Nail Max, Nail Venus and Nail Up! Just FYI. Then I pick out what I want before I go.

  8. Also, if you bring a design with you (like a picture), they may also be able to put it one your toes. A friend of mine did this whenever it was college football bowl season. She took her a picture of her favorite teams “symbol” and they painted it on her toes. Just FYI! 🙂

  9. Great review! Seriously there’s no place like Cocok’s. I went to the one up the hill and got a fantastic haircut and color. I forget the hairdresser’s name, but she is the only female hairstylist. I thought I would never find good highlights on this island, but she did a great job. And it was not that expensive (can’t recall – I think $60 for both??) Anyway, I highly recommend, and the Cocok’s on the seawall serves cocktails and is really the ultimate girls day out!

  10. I love going through the little books and deciding what nail designs I’m in the mood for this time around.

    If I had pictures of all the art I’ve had on my feet, I could probably tell you what was going on in my life at that time. They are like little documents of my time here.

    See those black flowery nails underneath the toeringed girl’s. I got those done right before my baby was born. I called the same day the “period of reflection” was over, so that the first thing my child would see was some lovely Japanese toe artwork. Is that crazy? (And I ended up wearing socks when I delivered him…oops!)

    The picture of the two flip-flopped feet. That’s me and my mom. We got those during her visit here and hemmed and hawed about which of the several sunflower designs was the perfect one for her.

    Oh Cocok’s, historians of my Okinawan life, you! I’m already nostalgic for your toenail artistry, and I still have a year left on the island.

    PS Ahhh…and the foot massages!!!

  11. Laura- that info is on the Cocok’s site that Joelle linked to, here:

    It’s 3,990¥ for an adult (with the massage and the pedicure+art) and for the kiddo for the nail art (of course they do soak and trim and file, etc.) it’s 1,050¥.

    I wasn’t going to give this away – but the Cocok’s by the sea wall has cocktails – wine and liquor drinks. (Lucky for me, I can walk there and back!) It also has a heavenly view as it’s upstairs. They only do nails there though – it’s small, no hair & massages & such.

    FYI, gift certificates are ONLY good for the Cocok’s they come from, not interchangeable with the other location.

  12. We’re moving to Okinawa in July and I just showed my dd (12) these pictures and she said she was going to save her money so she could get a pedicure when we get there! Could you please tell us about how much the pedicure and nail art costs? Thanks so much!