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It can be hard on the wallet but on a typical day I have to get my caffeine fix.  Usually it’s in the form of a grande iced cafe mocha that I conveniently snag from the window of a drive-thru.

If Quickly had a drive-thru though I’m sure that it would be a toss-up.  The first time I had a bubble tea I wasn’t that impressed.  It was a pearl milk tea that I have now grown to love but at the time I didn’t understand what the big deal was.  Well, I went back to the store the next day to try a lychee bubble tea and after that it was all over.  I was back every day for the next month or two.

It’s a little strange to drink a beverage and have these chewy tapioca balls come up the straw with your drink but I’ve grown accustomed to it and even crave it sometimes.  I’m glad that I don’t have to go without bubble teas until I return back to the States.  Luckily there’s a Quickly nearby with a great selection including a yogurt mango drink and green tea shake. For a closer look at their display of drinks check here and here.  My favorite is the Passionfruit Black Tea.  I haven’t gotten around to trying much else as I tend to latch on to what I like and stick with it.  Lucky for my hubby too!

If you haven’t tried one yet and are intrigued there is a Quickly located on the 1st floor of the American Village Jusco.  There is also another one in Naha near the Toys R Us and Pasta Marino’s.  Sorry I don’t have specific directions for that one…I just remember spotting it the last time I was down there.


  1. Hello…I will be visiting Okinawa soon and I am having trouble navigating and searching for recommendations. I know I want to try lychee bubble tea though! Glad I found this page…is there passionfruit bubble tea? I have a friend that said lychee and passionfruit mixed together is to die for!
    I love sushi, is there a fav place near Kadena?

    Thanks for any help!

  2. Kelly,

    I’m not sure about the Quickly here but I’ve seen some bubble teas before that have small colorful strips of what is called konjac jelly. I’ve only had it once and it was a really long time ago so I don’t quite remember the texture. Maybe that’s something you would like better. If I see it at Quickly the next time I’m there I’ll let you know.

  3. I really want to like this stuff, but I just can’t get over the weirdness of the tapioca ball texture. Any suggestions? Is there a tea for “beginners” that you’d recommend?! The fruit shakes sound nice!

  4. My faves are the coffee and mango (minus yogurt) shakes, plus, I ask for extra tapioca (kudasai!), at no extra charge. Don’t even ask me how many cards I’ve filled out! Totally worth my while though… it isn’t easy to cook just a small batch of tapioca pearls. Anyone know where to buy those here in Okinawa??

  5. I personally like the passion fruit frozen shake Quicklys. I tried Julia’s regular bubble tea and was not that impressed (good thing she paid!) but am so in love with the fruit shakes. I give them to my 2 yr old because its just yogurt, ice, and fruit juice. You can get them without the tapioca balls as the kiddos might choke on them.

  6. I totally prefer Quickly over Starbucks. No competition. But what EXACTLY are those tapioca balls? Maybe I just don’t know what tapioca is. They are so delightfully tasteless and chewy. LOVE these drinks. I’m a green tea shake fan. Although the beni imo (purple potato) drink was super too.

    Thanks for sharing, Julia!