Let’s talk clothes.

I have no idea where they myth got started that there aren’t any cute clothing stores on this island. It’s just not the truth! There is lots of cute stuff here, as my wallet can attest to.

I’ve already highlighted two clothing stores that I like, Roseri and Outlet-J. I’d like to introduce you to another one – Comme Ca Ism.

Comme Ca Ism has clothes for the whole family. Although, I only like the clothes they have for women and children. The male section is a bit metro.

The clothes are CUTE. They remind me of Banana Republic in that they are very basic colors, usually solids and have clean lines. There are also dressing rooms available.

The two locations that I’ve been to are:

Inside Jusco in American Village (Chatan) – next to the Starbucks.

And in Main City Mall (ESU) – the mall is located directly behind Marino’s.

Interestingly, these stores carry only about 20% of the same items. The stores have very different atmospheres. In the Jusco store, it seems to have a more kick-back vibe. The store carries more T-shirts and casual items – casual type skirts and sweaters.

The Main City Mall store has a more upscale feel. Their items lean a bit more towards business attire and party clothes. This store too, has two tables for the smaller kids to sit down and color while you shop (score!).




  1. If you’ve got the time and patience, you can buy very good clothes actually in Jusco and San-A stores, especially the larger stores such as Main Place and Main City. You do have to sift though the bad sizes, the ugly, the inappropriate and the wierd, but once you do you can find many staple wardrobe items in ‘gaijin’ friendly sizes and at very reasonable prices.

  2. Sheena – I have a friend who just went back to the states last month. She is 5’9″ and quite, um, voluptuous. She LOVED shopping out in town. I believe she usually bought jeans on base but everything else she went off base for.

  3. I don’t find this store to run small in sizes. I’m 5’9 and consider myself to be an average size and I don’t have a problem. It’s like any other store in any other place in the world – it works for some people, and not for others.

    As for height, I do run into the problem of the shirts being too short in the waist because I have a longer torso. It’s not that big of a deal as long as you’re aware of the problem and choose shirts to try on with that in mind.

    I haven’t tried on jeans yet anywhere. That’s only because I bought with me several new pairs when we moved and it just cooled off enough to wear them. People do wear jeans in the summer – I have NO IDEA how they don’t sweat to death. I much prefer shorts and skirts.

  4. Just FYI, this store usually runs small in sizes. I’m a pretty petite girl, but I’m lucky if an extra large can fit in certain places. It’s a great store with great clothes, just don’t get discouraged if everything makes you feel huge. I usually tend to shop at Hush Hush, which has a more “regular” size guide. Hope this helps!

  5. Sheena,

    I work with a few tall Japanese women (like American tall), and they are able to find clothes. I’m not really sure where they shop. Maybe someone else can help you with that. But, as far as the weather…in the summer months, I mostly wear shorts and skirts. Right now, though, since Dec. it’s been in the 50s to 70s, sometimes warmer, so it’s been cool enough to wear pants. It depends on the time of the year, and your preference. There are a lot of people who wear jeans in the summer, too. It just depends on how you feel.

  6. I’m kindof a tall girl even for an american (I’m about 5 ‘9). I usually wear a long in pants and I prefer somewhat modest clothing (no tube tops, tank tops, mini skirts, or daisy dukes).

    Is it too hot for pants on the island? Do you wear shorts/skirts most of the time?

    Do you think I’d have any luck shopping in Okinawa? (We arrive in June)

    Thanks for the great post!

  7. UNIQLO! It’s Old Navy-esque. There’s one in the Jusco in Uruma, then there’s one in the plaza near Foster with the large 100 yen store and shoe city.

    Thanks for the sale info! I know where I’m going this weekend!