Complex Spa l Okinawa Hai!

Unfortunately, my last two weeks in Okinawa were spent preparing for our move to Misawa; you know, the paper work, organizing the move, changing the mailing address, taking care of banking concerns, etc. In other words, a few weeks o’ total STRESS! Fortunately, before I left, I had the opportunity to get a massage – a wonderful way to de-stress and decompress.

Complex Spa l Okinawa Hai!My friend encouraged me to try a local masseuse, Yukari Miyagi, who provides an array of treatments for her clients at her spa called Complex. I was immediately taken aback by  Yukari’s appearance. She seemed to be of such a slight build, I thought, “Oh no, I won’t get much out of this experience.” But boy, I was soooo wrong!  She gave me a fantastic, 60 minute deep tissue massage in the privacy of her own home – which is where her businesses is located. In a serenely decorated room with subtle lighting, soft music and incense burning, Yukari began her magic! Her touch was unbelievably strong while simultaneously being tremendously relaxing. I immediately began feeling the tension being released from my neck and shoulders. The atmosphere, along with Yukari’s expert skills, created such a soothing environment, that I found myself drifting in and out of consciousness – I had truly found an oasis amidst the hectic world of PCSing!

After my massage, I continued to pamper myself with a facial. Once again, Ms. Miyagi made me feel relaxed and at ease while she focused on the treatment. I could feel myself being transformed by the experience; by the time she had finished, I truly felt like a new person. I was thoroughly relaxed, yet full of confidence and exhilaration. There is no doubt in my mind, that this is the way to leave the wonderful island of Okinawa! In addition to a variety of services (listed below), Yukari works strictly with women. Her English is excellent and she is extremely pleasant and professional!  My only wish is that I had found Ms. Miyagi earlier during my stay on the island!

Services Include:

*Facial:                            40min/4000yen           60min/6000yen

*Body Massages:             40min/4000yen           60min/6000yen

*Plutonium Course:          20min/10000yen

Complex Spa l Okinawa Hai!*Diet course 4sessions:  (counseling and advice what to eat and exercises, etc. including 60min body massage)     24,000yen per month           

Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Payment: Yen only

Phone: 080-3574-4509

Directions: As you exit Kadena Gate 3, make a right. At first light make a left. Go through the next light (at the 329 intersection). Make next left (at Yokohama Tire). Yoshi Apt. building is on the right after Yokohama Tire on right. Yukari is on the 2nd floor – apartment B 203

Address: B203 Apt. Premeel YOSHI, 6-11-6 Chibana, Okinawa City