Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


This question is brought to us by our loyal reader, Arleta.  She writes:

I have been a faithful reader of the okinawahai blog since we got our orders in at the end of July and now that we’re here I want to learn how to make some of these yummy foods here. I have googled my way around to try to find a blog with Okinawan recipes but can’t seem to find any. Are there any cooking classes to take or cooking blogs that you know of?

The only place that I know of that offers cooking classes (in English) is the Okinawa International Women’s Club (OIWC).  It’s an intercultural women’s organization on the island that organizes various welfare activities, social events, trips…and monthly cooking classes.  According to their website, they trade off cooking styles every other month – one month they do Japanese recipes, one month foreign foods.  This is their website.

Also, in JapanUpdate they have a little segment that has Okinawan recipes each week.  I usually don’t take advantage of it because all the measurements are metric and I’m too lazy to make the conversions.  But it’s there.  And if you have the energy here’s a website that will help you with your measurement conversions:

So, how about you guys?  Anyone else know of a good place to learn how to make tasty Okinawan treats?


  1. I don’t see one available in January, but I do know that PSC at MCCS has a cooking class. My friend took it and loved it (also went home with more champuru and shumai than she could eat!). The website to check on is

    There are lots of great FREE classes there. I took & really liked the Japanese Language class, there’s also calligraphy and flower arrangement classes among others. Good luck.