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If you’re a wine lover, head down to Côte D’or Wine Selection Store.  Open for just over a year, Côte D’or offers wines from Australia, California, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Japan.

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This Japanese wine called Sai Sai koshu is produced using a thousand year recipe.

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There are also several wines from the Nagano area.  If you are looking for a specific flavor, ask one of the expert sommeliers.

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Côte D’or carries an extensive selection of champagne for that special occasion.  There is a chiller offering sake and awamori, and even some fine cheeses.  Côte D’or also has a small variety of Port, Sherry, and liquors.

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Best of all, Côte D’or hosts wine tastings every Sunday between 2 and 7 pm – no reservation necessary.  Prices vary according to the wine tasted.

If you make a purchase, Côte D’or will give you a point card where you earn ¥1,000 discount for every ¥10,000 purchased.  Wines start at ¥800, although most seemed to be in the ¥2,000 to ¥3,000 price range.

Côte D’or

Phone: 098-869-2047

Hours: Daily 1100 – 2100 except Japanese holidays


Payment: Yen, credit card

Address: Japan, 〒900-0006 Okinawa Prefecture, Naha, Omoromachi, 4 Chome−11−36, グランドールおもろまち101号

GPS Coordinates: 26.2276329, 127.69838830000003

Directions: Route 58 heading south towards Naha. From Camp Kinser’s main gate/gate one, go 1.5km and turn left at light (Ameku intersection). Turn right at the fourth stop light just after the Shoe Plaza, approximately 1.5km from 58.  Go approximately .1km and turn right into the parking lot.  Côte D’or is on the left side of this strip mall.  If you pass the Okinawa Kaiho, you’ve gone too far.


  1. I’m not sure if the fourth light wasn’t counted because it’s not a four way light, but it’s definitely the fifth light and the shoe plaza literally says shoe plaza so just look for that and turn right and it’s right there. Also we went on a Sunday around 4pm and asked about wine tasting, the guy looked at us like idiots because he didn’t speak a lick of english…so kinda of disappointed about that. We will see how our wine is when we drink it tonight…

    • We came here on a Sunday and they were closed. We were very disappointed since it was quite a drive from Kadena. I would recommend calling ahead. Does anyone know if they still offer the wine tasting?

  2. You can follow the directions in the post – you’ll just be starting further up 58. The Ameku intersection is the first light after the very long bridge/overpass going into Naha. You’ll see a big blue sign for a Subaru dealer as you’re going over the bridge and the intersection will have a Lawson’s on the corner.

  3. The wife and I spent 3 hours trying to find this. The Ameku interchange off of the 58 wasn’t readily apparent. Take the 58 south past Kinser Gate 1 to 82, and take a left (going southeast). Continue down 82 and turn right on 251 (heading southwest). On 251, you will need to take a left at the 2nd light. (That will be the same road the Ameku intersection would take you on.) From there you will see the Shoe Plaza on your right at the first light. Take that right. Cote D’or will be on your right within a few hundred feet. It has it’s own parking lot in front of the store. It was worth finding. We are happy with the wine we got there.