Creators Residence l Okinawa Hai

When I found out that Borders, one of my favorite stateside hangouts, was closing its doors in the summer of 2011, I was heartbroken. I have such good memories of going there for study groups, browsing the travel section Creators Residence l Okinawa Haiwhenever I was planning one of my complex trips, sitting and listening to live music whenever someone was trying to promote their new CD, or even just people-watching with an Irish crème soda when I wanted a break. Those days are now long gone, and although I often desire to find a place similar to it, the only ones I have found are bookstores in other countries with books and magazines in languages I can’t comprehend.

So imagine my joy when I found a place that recreates the atmosphere of Borders! While driving on 58 one night, I noticed a huge sign that said, “Creators Residence.” I recalled one of my students telling me about her father starting a new business with the same name, so we decided to check it out.

His intention in opening this place was to have an environment where creative ideas flow, and people are free to relax, study, and work side-by-side in a warm, comfortable setting. I may have found my new hangout. It has a cafe, coffee house, conference area, movie venue, party area, video golf and more.

The people who work here actually create video games, an added bonus because of their computer genius. You know those games you play on your iPod or Wii? Well, the busy game-makers are on the first floor. It is not open to the public, but just the thought of it is pretty cool. The second and third floors are open to the public, where you can get a drink at the coffee bar, or a meal at the cafe, read a book or two or three (that you will have to bring with you), watch a movie on the huge 250-inch screen TV, or just chat with friends while munching on a snack.

Creators Residence l Okinawa Hai

Or, if you must study, this is the perfect place, and that is what most people who come here are doing. Wi-fi is included in the entrance fee. It’s such a relaxed place, and the décor is beautiful. The atmosphere of Borders lives in in Okinawa!

Creators Residence l Okinawa Hai

So it’s bye-bye Borders Bookstores, but hello to Creator’s Residence!

Hours: 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. daily

Payment: 800 Yen for the whole day, 500 Yen from 5 p.m. – close

Directions: From Camp Foster Commissary Gate, turn right out of the gate, and continue on 58 about half a mile until you see a large yellow building with a curved roof, and a sign reading “Creators Residence.” This sign is not lit up at night.