Should You Bring The Kitchen Sink?


A few moons ago two wonderful ladies, Sue Hoppin and Tanya Biank, reached out to us and said nice things about our little blog. They sent us love across lakes, rivers and one ocean straight from the United States. We welcomed the love and we loved the love. Then Tanya wrote an article for the Military Officers Association of America web site and she mentioned us among many other great military blogs. The article made the front page of their website.

This is likely to be the pinnacle of my fame.

So, ahem, I’d like to thank each of you AND the Academy for this opportunity. This has been nothing short of a team sport. Blogging, friends, it’s the wave of the future.

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  1. Well that is some pretty nifty stuff, I must say. Happy to see that OkiHai is so “hip”! I’ve loved watching this vision of yours grow. And so, so happy that I’ve been able to tag along for the ride. So, thank YOU, Meredith.