DO YOU KARAOKE?, originally uploaded by okimamas&papas.


At a recent girl’s night out, a bunch of us ladies decided to try karaoke. After all, it is Japan and when else will you get the chance to do this? We went to a place near American Village called Big Echo. The karaoke places here are wonderfully private because for an average of 500 yen per person per hour, your group gets their own karaoke box. It’s basically a small room with a sofa, television screen, and karaoke machine. Snacks and drinks are available through the wait staff. They will also supply tambourines and ice water for free. Big Echo does have some English speaking staff but it helps if your group has someone fluent in Japanese as the karaoke machine is labeled in Japanese. However, it’s not rocket science and they have several hundred English songs to choose from.

Suffice it to say that at the end of the evening several of us had gone from stay-at-home-moms to wild things, dancing queens, rappers, and biker chicks. With a healthy dose of the macarena thrown in. I personally had a blast and a few of my shyer friends (not naming any names or anything) completely let loose. I totally recommend it. Go ahead, Release YOUR inner DIVA!

Directions for Big Echo:

Big Echo, located in Mihama’s American Village, across the street from the giant Ferris wheel, is a karaoke box-style club. Here you can rent a private room and sing with friends or family. To get there, head south on Highway 58 from Kadena gate one and turn right at the Jomo gas station near Camp Lester’s gate two, the smaller gate. Make your first left, and Big Echo is on the left hand side.




  1. There’s another big echo by mc t and courtney. you go on the 75 towards kadena and make a right on the 85 going towards the main city mall and when you see the main entrance of the mall on your left you will make a right onto and go down a couple of lights it will be on the left in the same parking lot as Lawson’s. Went with the hubby a couple of weeks ago and loved it!

  2. I went here today to do something for work…Just an update to your directions: At the Jomo Gas Station, you need to make your 1st LEFT and then, it will be on your Left. If you turn in at the next entrance to American Village, at the Four Seasons Restaurant (at this light is where the other gate to Lester is), then you go right and, it will be on the right hand side. Thanks

  3. I’m SO jealous. You live in the homeland of karaoke. I was big into karaoke several years ago. Some friends and I went every Friday… we were regulars at this one place. So nerdy. But it was a BLAST.

    If I ever meet you, Raehan, I will do karaoke with you.