Eye Care: Royal Optical Co.


Royal Optical Co. l Okinawa Hai!

Royal Optical Co. l Okinawa Hai!Royal Optical Co, owned and serviced by Shigeo Oshiro-san, was a fantastic find for me when I needed new glasses. I got the glasses I wanted, expert advice and service, had fast turn-around (for glasses with all the bells and whistles), three useful gifts, and a free repair only a week after getting my new glasses (a word to the wise: inadvertent head-butts bend frames); all with a substantial discount. With a favorable exchange rate (I paid yen, cash) and reasonable prices, I saved $40 on comparable glasses I saw in the U.S.

Oshiro-san’s full optical service includes: 1 hour service (single vision), special orders, bifocals, free eye test, wide selection of frames, high index (super thin) lenses, Rx diving mask, sport and safety glasses, rapid repairs, and contact lenses.

If you are looking for a high quality pair of glasses, I personally commend Oshiro-san. You will get specialized care, a great selection, terrific customer service, and a SOFA card-holder’s discount – all in English. He’ll even pay for your parking.

Royal Optical Co. l Okinawa Hai!

Directions: To get to Royal Optical, go out Kadena Air Base, Gate 2 to Hwy 330, turn right. At the second traffic light turn right. You will pass the parking lot on your left but the entrance is around the block, so turn left at the next (narrow) intersection and left again at the next (narrow) street. Turn left into the Grand Parking lot (directly across from the Docomo parking lot). Walk (right) up Hwy 330 two very short blocks; Royal Optical is well-marked on the second corner. Keep your eye out for the very cool Levitron spinning globe and let Oshiro-san know Rosalind sent you!

Royal Optical Co. l Okinawa Hai!

Royal Optical Co. l Okinawa Hai!Owner: Shigeo Oshiro, Certified Eye Care Specialist – AO

Address: 904-0031, 2-1-19 Uechi, Okinawa City

Map Coordinates: 26.332053075513, 127.79748233565147

Phone: 098-932-3919

E-mail: royal.op@chic.ocn.ne.jp

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m., Closed Sundays

Payment: major credit cards, U.S. dollars, yen



  1. I went to Royal Optical because I started having headaches due to my vision Mr. Oshiro-San got me right in and quickly found the correct prescription for me. I had my glasses within days and my headaches went away. I would highly recommend Royal Optical. Mr Oshiro Son was extremely knowledgeable and professional.

  2. Went to his shop this afternoon. Called first just in case we needed an appt. Fortunately, he did not have customers at that time. We use the direction provided by OkiHai. Make sure you park as shown because Mr. Oshiro will give you a free 1 hour parking payment.
    Anyway, he welcomed us graciously and immediately attended to the prescription that we brought along. He showed us a variety of frames to fit our kid’s facial features. He did not pressure us to take the frame he showed us but the quality frames can be just a bit pricey, but a deal when compared to the on-base prices. If possible, ask if he can give you a discount on the frame. Would not hurt to ask. He told us that the eyeglasses will be ready for pick-up in 1 week – that is fast for us. I recommend Mr. Oshiro’s optical shop – at least you can compare as you are not pressured to buy.

  3. We had checked out all the frame places. My daughter has a thin face and all the frames we tried had been too wide. When we walked into Royal Optical. Oshiro-San greeted me by name! It had been 15 years since I had bought glasses at his shop! (We checked his records). He also remembered where I worked! At that time I had to have glasses with a very high prescription. His service was excellent then and also this time as he assisted my daughter to find just the right pair of frames.
    Next time I will not waste time looking other places. Royal Optical will be my first choice.!

  4. I just got an eye exam (5 years overdue) and new glasses that look great and processed fast. Mr Shigeo was fast and thorough. I have custom glasses to take back to San Diego; the gift of sight is a beautiful thing. Thank you! Jeff, not your first International customer.

  5. My daughter needed an exam and we went to Royal Optical on 21-Oct after reading the review. Everything in the review is accurate. The doctor is professional, very nice and they carry a large selection of frames. We walked away very satisfied and look forward to picking up our new glasses next Monday!