Living in Okinawa, we’ve often read some awkward sounding phrases on shirts that made us go, “Huh!?” Sometimes it almost sounds like poetry in a way. Or sometimes, reading certain food descriptions on a menu made us wonder what really is in the food. Other times, we come across a store that has been given an interesting name.  Favori is one of them.  A French place in Okinawa maybe?

Favori Front

After a trip to the House of 66, I took a little walk to Favori—Ladies, Kids and Accessories.  Yet another store that made me wonder why the owner gave it that name.  Did it come from Beethoven’s Andante Favori?  Or maybe she just loves the French culture.  After all, Favori is French for favorite.  Whatever the reason, Favori was a cute little surprise.  The feel-good swing music that was playing made me want me to pirouette around while fingering through the clothes.

Favori Interior

Although the shop itself is not much larger than the living room of our on-base housing, the way the owner cleverly decorated the place, there were things to be found everywhere.  It is a little boutique where there are only a few of everything, if not only one.  There is a little table area for kids.

Favori Items

Everything is just cute and simple, but in a classy way.  Outfits and shoes for babies and toddlers are adorable.  Jewelry is found here and there.  I found some things with leather, some things with fur, and of course, there is a lot made with ‘the fabric of our lives’—cotton. It feels as if I am going through someone’s attic, finding treasures to ooh-and-ahh about everywhere.

Favori Clothes

Favori- still not sure if it has French origins or not, but it is now one of my favorite places.

Directions:  From Foster Comissary Gate, take a left on 58.  Turn left on 81. You’ll see the House of 66.  It’s just on the next block, right next to a shop called Yokohama.

Hours: 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm Monday-Sunday

Payment:  Yen and Credit Cards

Phone:  098-988-3171

Favori Shoes